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  • Wednesday, December 19 issue

    Gourmet selection / Santa Claus comes over in Christmas! / Ladies sweater coat sale / Triumph sale / Ladies Nightwear, underwear sale / greeting the New Year art exhibition / Ladies, Men's Sportswear sale

  • Wednesday, December 12 issue

    Of "reward to oneself" selection / 2018 Isetan is public performance in concert / winter in Christmas with / Tokyo net heart girl junior high school, high school during present O-seibo (Year-end Gifts) gift center establishment! Each Floor "cold protection" topics / gentleman fashion sale / MI CARD positive new enrollment campaign Currently held!

※By circumstances of diversity, we may change exhibition period.
In addition, we may not offer some publication products. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

NEWS���m� point

  • Patisserie mode of December

    Patisserie mode of December

    ■From Saturday, December 1 to 31st (Mon) (excluded on Tuesday for ※ from Friday, December 21 to 25th)
    ■Isetan Tachikawa basement = Western confectionery / patisserie mode
    Patisserie mode to introduce patissier to for a limited time every month.
    We introduce <Nihonbashihamacho / patisserie ISOZAKI>, <Hanakoganei / patisserie do flannel>, cake of <Higashimurayama / le furezariapatisuri> in December.
    We introduce shortcake and chocolate cake, all 18 kinds including supesharite of chef. Please drop in.

    Product of image
    <Hanakoganei / patisserie do flannel>
    Royal (Tachikawa Store first appearance)
    584 yen

  • <hantsuman> Pattern order party is fair

    <hantsuman> Pattern order party is fair

    ■From Wednesday, November 28 to December 24 (Mon/substitute holiday)
    ■Isetan Tachikawa 5F = formal wear
    Bespoke tailor which continues tradition and innovation that London was established in Savile Row in 1849.
    We adopt original needlework in Japan and pursue good comfort.
    In the fifth-floor = formal wear, we hold tuxedo of <hantsuman> and formal wear pattern order fair for the party scene.
    During period, customer who had you accept an order of <hantsuman> pattern order accepts optional rate one point free.

  • [request] Pet to customer of companion

    [request] Pet to customer of companion

    [in pet to customer of companion]
    ●Please refrain from food floor RESTAURANTS, Each Floor tea room, companion of pet to food-related PROMOTIONAL HALL. In addition, about entering a shop that you are accompanied by pet to floor except the above, please close cover and zipper in state that completely put whole body in the carrier bags of size to be able to progress by hand. I would like consideration so that other customers do not come to trouble.
    ●Guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog can be accompanied in all facilities.

  • We accept consultation of Remake such as clothes, bag

    We accept consultation of Remake such as clothes, bag

    ■Isetan Tachikawa 4F = Remake salon
    You might have a problem what it is, and leave it to me in <Remake salon> with clothes, bag.
    The professional staff accepts consultation so that favorite clothes and bag are reborn more splendidly. (estimate, measuring for free)

  • "Isetan store application" begins

    "Isetan store application" begins

    ■From Wednesday, January 24   
    Shopping application of Isetan begins.
    We will tell by notice of push including real information of favorite store and advantageous coupon.
    Downloading method is easy. You can read from the left QR cord. For happily more convenience more shopping. Please use.
    ※About downloading, the use of application, registration of personal information is unnecessary.
    ※The use of Mitsukoshi, Isetan online store needs registration of WEB member.

  • <HUG oar> general purchase consultation desk

    <HUG oar> general purchase consultation desk

    ■Isetan Tachikawa 6F = gift salon
    To place having you hug thing which you did not use again. We connect to the next owner by selling valuable thing, and parting. General purchase service to help with such a rich lifestyle starts.

  • Course various from Wednesday, August 22 for application reception desk start "back order gourmet flight" from September, 2018 to February, 2019

    Course various from Wednesday, August 22 for application reception desk start "back order gourmet flight" from September, 2018 to February, 2019

    ■Application reception desk: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 ...
    ※Cut-off varies according to courses.
    We select carefully in seasonal taste and popular gourmets chosen from all over Japan.
    We send special taste every month in rotation.
    Order takes order at telephone, FAX, the Internet, store of Isetan Tachikawa.

    From Click here for details>>

  • Formal wear

    Formal wear

    ■Tachikawa Store 4F = Ladies formal wear
    We introduce New Item Item of this season and Item various to component suit which can choose black formal, design and size of Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited, size-rich ensemble, underwear. We introduce by bridal guestware and occasion wear, various assortment of goods including introduction of interview suit which you can put on at place of ceremony. In addition, we hold event & fairs for a limited time.

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  • Under Isetan Tachikawa shopping service Web reservation acceptance

    Under Isetan Tachikawa shopping service Web reservation acceptance

    ■Isetan Tachikawa Each Floor
    The staff who had technical knowledge to have you enjoy shopping more in Tachikawa Store helps shopping in request in total.
    Service of each shop is available by Web reservation usefully.
    To use, please inflect.
    From Click here for details⇒

  • Heartful Station

    Heartful Station

    ■Regular acceptance ■Tachikawa Store 6F = Heartful Station
    We heard introduction of product to do daily livings more wealthily and order over telephone "more wonderful" of customer "is more comfortable" and to meet feeling in Heartful Station "happily". We put true heart and help with the "daily life of smile" making of.

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