Semiannual Wacoal big bazaar

It is finished at 4:00 on the last day of 14th [fire] on November 8 [water]
Isetan Tachikawa 7F = PROMOTIONAL HALL

Visit small present gift

During exhibition period, please show this screen at Tachikawa Store 7F = PROMOTIONAL HALL cashier.
We present small present to the first 100 people.

※Per person one point limit. It should be finished as soon as we disappear.

  • Hotchpotch advance Bra

    Increase enhances breasts from base in "hotchpotch advance sheet" which let you connect strap from cup side.
    Brassiere 4,320 yen (B C) ※More than D cup are 4,644 yen shorts 1,296 yen

  • Side refreshing Bra

    Wide side Shay is soft-headed; in side refreshing silhouette. Burden to shoulder points little wide strap, too.
    Brassiere 3,780 yen (B C) ※More than D cup are 4,104 yen shorts 1,080 yen

  • Underwear

    Under tops for each 3,024 yen
    Under bottoms for each 1,728 yen

  • Shorts

    A lot of shorts 1.2.3. For each 1,080 yen 4. 864 yen
    5.1,620 yen with manipulation function

  • Girdle

    Girdle 1. 2,700 yen 2. 3,780 yen

  • Body suit

    Body suit 7,020 yen


  • Pajama 4,212 yen

    1. Men's pajama 5,292 yen

    2. Kids' underwear and pajama are various.
      Man and woman child pajama for each 4,104 yen

Purchase from 5:00

    1. ■November 8 [water] 10th [gold]
      Every day 5:00 ...
      During period, we give beauty roller gua sha plate toward the Purchase in venue.
    2. ※Per person one point limit.
      ※It should be finished as soon as we disappear.
    3. 8th [water]: 40 points of limits,
      9th [tree], 10th [gold]: It is only for 30 points of every day

Autumn New Item introduction

    1. We increase nanotape raising skin of lower body in quantity. We realize beautiful silhouette in nature.
    2. From SUHADA skin lift addition 6,264 yen
      (semi-high waist long length)

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