Craftsmen of "country of the hand"

□November 1 | Water | 14th | Fire | □Isetan Tachikawa = Each Floor

    1. Akiko Kikuchi who played an active part as actress, model made "always favorite denim-style" with Mitsukoshi Isetan. We put together and introduce Item that is good to denim.
    2. Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited denim pants
      21,600 yen (100% cotton /XS - M)
      ※Others are not for sale.
      Akiko Kikuchi and denim four sisters
      □November 1 [water] - 7th [fire]
      □The first-floor = fare side mall
    1. Hane Hands
    2. It is founded in Tokyo in 1973. We introduce product made in Japan bag of the good-quality finish that Italian taste that evolved shines in color and form using leather made in Italy.
    3. <Wings hands> bag 51,840 yen
      (cowhide /27 *30*4cm)
      <Wings hands> period limited sale
      □November 1 [water] - 7th [fire]
      □The second-floor = NEW'S SQUARE handbag
      Service ...
      During period, we give name case free to product of Purchase free on the spot.
    1. SAKKA no ZAKKA
    2. We set up shop in Kunitachi that had work of writer playing an active part led by Tama Aria <SAKKA no ZAKKA>.
      We match with sale of work and hold workshop.
    3. <SAKKA no ZAKKA>
      In the left: A lot of accessories for each 2,600 yen lower left: From broach Pierced earrings 1,500 yen
      The right: A lot of handkerchieves for each 864 yen
      <SAKKA no ZAKKA> shop for a limited time
      □November 1 [water] - 7th [fire] □The third-floor = station side mall
      The making of EVENT botanikarukyandoruhoruda
      □November 3 [gold, celebration], 4th [soil] every day from 12:00 to 1:00, from 2:00 to 7:00 (time required approximately 20 minutes)
      □Entrance fee: 1,800 yen (it includes material cost) □Occasional acceptance
      ※You may have to wait by the situation of congestion.
    1. Edo & Musashino shokunin
    2. With the skill of craftsman from Tokyo led by hometown, Musashino Aria together.
      Including tool of living, we introduce articles that delicate technique shines.
    3. The top: <MONTBLANC Yamaguchi> Ladies fraying weave umbrella three points limit 22,680 yen (outer rib 58cm)
      The lower left: <Otori bamboo temple> arrow holder Basho five points limit 19,440 yen (weasel Wool / smoke-stained bamboo, ebony)
      The lower right: 248,400 yen (approximately 22*33.5*11.5cm) <sunlight> only for one point of ostrich indigo dyeing finish bag
      Edo & Musashino craftsman exhibition
      □November 1 [water] - 7th [fire] □The sixth-floor = station side mall
      [other branches] <-based pine> Edo member of a group, <Arai Mfg Co., Ltd.> cutting board, <aNYthing> apron
    1. Asakusa Bunko
    2. In adding color that is bright in technique of "model yuzen" and "freehand drawing yuzen", and putting model push for leather which tanned in pure white from Himeji more three-dimensionally individually.
    3. <Asakusa library>
      Breast wallet 21,600 yen ID case 7,560 yen
      <Asakusa library> period limited sale
      □November 1 [water] - 7th [fire]
      □The second-floor = NEW'S SQUARE season Accessories
      EVENT freehand drawing yuzen demonstration
      □November 3 [gold, celebration] from 12:00 to 5:00
    1. Giemon
    2. Of popularity by casual Item using Kurume cloth with splashed patterns <giemon>. Arrival at luxurious daily life finished in technique that is certain while making use of feel of a material on splashed pattern.
    3. <giemon> dress 23,760 yen
      (100% cotton / one-size-fits-all (M - L))
      <giemon> period limited sale
      □November 1 [water] - 7th [fire]
      □The fourth-floor =
      NEW'S SQUARE tops & bottoms

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