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ISETAN MEN'S Reflexology Floor Guide

Isetan Men's Reflexology
■Under Shinjuku Store Men's Building 8F = ISETAN men's reflexology Reservations acceptance
Relaxation of supreme bliss healed heart and soul in space filled with remote comfortable eases by the urban noise.
In technique of high quality by specialist, we perform treatment to request of customer including head and hand mainly on foot reflexology.
In which fully receives deluxe surgical operation from one that wants to be refreshed using slight time, and wants to feel at ease in earnest. We offer MENU which is full of All-Rounder. In addition, reflexology is available regardless of man and woman. Please feel free to contact.
Surgical operation becomes Reservations priority.
[Reservations reception desk, inquiry] for exclusive use of Shinjuku Store Men's Building 8F = ISETAN men's reflexology telephone reflexology: 03-3350-8017
GIFT CARD gift card

All course has foot wash (while washing the hands treatment), vatikarurifurekusoroji (reflexology to receive with standing).

Basic course
Foot reflexology from sole to calf
regyurarifure (30 minutes)In one limited to of 3,780 yen time.
eguzekutiburifure (60 minutes)…7,560 yen basics course. Full reflexology from calf-length to sole.
roiyarurifure (80 minutes)…It is course with oil treatment in course for 60 minutes of 10,044 yen basics. We are refreshed in oil treatment.

yuaserekuto (60 minutes)…8,640 yen
yuaserekuto (90 minutes)…12,960 yen
yuaserekuto (120 minutes)…17,280 yen
We add the following select MENU to foot reflexology. To preference, original course only for you is assembled.

Select MENU
Treatment of heddorifure neck, shoulder, scalp.
Reflexology from hand reflexology palm to elbow.
Oil treatment from oil treatment sole to the knee circumference.
We cope with trouble that is reflexology state state according to trouble.

※Reflexology is available regardless of man and woman.
Time in of reflexology varies according to courses. For more details, visit to person in charge.

GIFT CARD gift card Menu

ISETAN men's reflexology gift card
Mind and body in spacious space offer gift card of reflexology which can be relaxed together. To that one that always tries present on special day hard, how about relaxing gift? We offer each course.

[one corresponding to contents less than may decline.]
1.Skin disease (including athlete's foot, inflammation) to be transmitted with symptom
2.One with inflammatory part
3.Person who has liquor
4.Angina with disease experience
Person who has suffered from some kind of diseases such as thrombosis, cerebropathy within 5.1 years
6.Person who feels fever
7.sho which bone father carries
8.One having tattoo (tattoo)
9.During the pregnancy or pregnancy with possibility ※But person of pregnancy 6-9 months accepts only regyurarifure (30 minutes).
10.Childbirth (less than 45 days), postoperative one
※When you do unpleasant act or annoying act for other users of reflexology or surgical operation person, please leave this reflexology.
※Even if trouble occurs after the confirmation, please note that you cannot take responsibility at all in our salon.
In addition, person having uneasiness feels free to contact physical condition, and please appear.
(please let person of heddorifure know use or nonuse of contact lense)

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