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■Isetan Men's Building 8F = ISETAN Men's Residence
Person given Item that buyer of ISETAN men's selected from exclusive WEB site is system which can choose one point of thing you like freely. We offer 3 course according to price range to be able to choose according to budget.
We give "happiness that is man"

ISETAN men's to send world men's fashion, and to pursue "happiness that is man."
It is ISETAN MEN`S WEB GIFT to give selection of having a practised eye by buyer of ISETAN men's in style of new gift.

On theme "that "we prepare" moment to feel happiness that is man and "are concerned" and enjoy", it is suggestion with brand story of product and various scene. More than style of conventional gift such as bridal and O-chugen (Midsummer Gifts), O-seibo (Year-end Gifts) is "form of new gift" of only one in personal, and given takes in hand more, and see, and read, and open pleasure to choose.

We do thought of to give to "want important person whom we want to give discerning gift in peace to satisfy heartily" in form and send to given new discovery and impression more than things.

COURSE SELECTION course selection

You can see catalogue contents when we click the following.

Indigo indigo dyeing course 6,048 yen (product price 5,400 yen + system charges 648 yen)

We fix appearance beautifully
Clothing Accessories and self-care goods,
We direct individual space
As for the desk accessory,
Every day that does not change all the time
We prepared Item to finish in good quality.

Seagreen SEA GREEN course 11,448 yen (product price 10,800 yen + system charges 648 yen)

We choose as accent of the daily clothing
Tie and boutonniere.
We wear casually,
Fragrance which we hid story in.
In expressing quality of oneself
We expanded Item concerned with.

Eggplant egg plant course 22,248 yen (product price 21,600 yen + system charges 648 yen)

We pursued beautility in detail
Dress shirt and leather goods,
We attach color to interior
Preserved flower.
Comfortable space and time
We collected Item to enjoy.


Request main state

  • According to budget, apply for course desired.

  • Hand card which listed exclusive site URL, ID, password to destination.


  • We access login screen of exclusive site from PC or smartphone,
    Please input ID and password.

  • Please choose one point of thing you like among list of products of WEB site.

  • After confirming choice product with cart screen, please input designation with destination input screen.

  • We deliver everywhere in the whole country in approximately two weeks. In addition, we send by simple packing.
    ※Delivery is limited to Japan.

The purchase is this


※System charges 648 yen (tax-included) is included in amount of money of each course.
※It is product targeted for MI CARD special treatment. In addition, MI CARD special treatment is applied only to the product price.

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