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Floor Guide Men's Building 8F

8F Isetan Men's Residence
Under the theme of "men's life space," we suggest good-quality lifestyle.
Lifestyle promotion
▶ Men's watch
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It is careful selection with men's watch handed down under the theme of thyme reply more than well-established brand, independent horologer, the times including vintage watch. In addition, maintenance and winder, clock-related article including Collection box are enriched in [watch around], too. We have discerning Item for man who wants to create quality of oneself.

▶ Library
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What imaged "men's hobby" and "the men's study." From camera, Audio to eyeware, we prepare Item to stimulate men's feelings by total. In addition, we expanded trial space that wrote, and experienced the world that opened earlier of thing including Counter of pen.

Home around
▶ Home around
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We introduce "ISETAN men's WEB gift" which had gift Item of Men's Building selected carefully in men's gift salon expanding connection with room fragrance and person coloring room. Flower corner <Nicolai Bergman Flowers & design> by Danish designer is attention, too.

Lifestyle promotion
▶ Lifestyle promotion
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"sarondoshimaji" where we collected hobbies of men. It is former chief editor of weekly, monthly, and, in shop which Katsuhiko Shimaji playing an active part as writer produced, we add cigar bar now, and ISETAN MEN'S performs close-up of feelings of Shimaji from stationery to grooming, single malt whiskey and suggests men's lifestyle.

▶ Relaxing

"ISETAN men's reflexology" which expands daily livings under the theme of "wellness & relax." In which fully undergoes deluxe surgical operation from one that wants to be refreshed using slight time, and wants to feel at ease in earnest. It is available regardless of man and woman.

▶ Dining

Luxury cafe "re-gigue" for man with feelings to "genuine article." MENU has alcohol, light meal or sweets such as soft drinks, wine such as coffee or tea. In addition, we create a time when discerning comfort is good for interior, BGM, service.

ISETAN men's D spa

The details of watch from this

The Gentlemen's Watch
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