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Baby stroller rental reservation shopping service Web in shop is reserved

It is fun by shopping of all the buildings
Baby stroller rental reservation in shop

By advance reservations, please enjoy shopping with child relaxedly. Rental is the 1st floor of the Main Building parking side information desk.

Please read before application.

※It becomes Reservations acceptance until the day before last for two weeks of the use day.
※The use of baby stroller is limited in shop.
※The use of baby stroller should be 24-month child state from one month after birth.
※Depending on status, please note that you may not attach to Time & Date you like.
※Depending on contents which you made a reservation of, please note that you may contact by method except E-mail.
※Reply is similar for less than two days, but may receive the days from reply of reservation reconfirmation email at the time of congestion. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※When it is past Reservations time and cannot come, we may cancel. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※We may not make Reservations for New Year holidays during clearance sale period.
※Please note that you cannot make Reservations over telephone.

Please input Time & Date than the following form you like. We give reservation reconfirmation email in reply.
(it becomes Reservations completion by reservation reconfirmation email. As you are not completed only by application form transmission, please be careful)

※This is required item.
●Day when wishes to reserve※ MON SUN
※Reservation, please input the former date after 3rd (include today) from today.
●Phone number※ - - (half size)
●Cellular phone number※ - - (half size)

※Please input for confirmation once again.
●Age of child※
●Do you have I CARD?※
  Yes No
●Remarks (less than 1,000 characters)
Suppose to confirmation screen after agreement in the following [in privacy policy]; please finish.

[in privacy policy]
Of allied plan future as for the information that had input other than contact about reservation refer to. In addition, our site protects information of customer by SSL coding communication.
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