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Isetan Shinjuku shopping service Web reservation

Isetan Shinjuku shopping service Web reservation

■Each Shinjuku Store Each Floor = shop
The staff who had technical knowledge of each field to have you enjoy shopping more in Shinjuku Store helps shopping in request in total.
Service of each shop is available by Web reservation usefully.
To use, please inflect.

It is fun by shopping of all the buildings

Store attend service

Information for shopping over plural floors by experienced exclusive duty staff "store attendant."

We help with Ladies' Clothing, ladies' shoes, shopping, care for beauty item in each shop

Ladies' shoes Shoo counseling service

Counselor Shoo helps with selection of ladies' shoes.


Information for product mainly on main building B2F, the first-floor skin care.

Chinese medicine consultation

Registration sale person introduces Chinese medicine which customer had.

Ladies' small-sized strawberry
Consulting service

We help with styling looking good on customer of strawberry size (3-5).

Clover of Ladies large size
Consulting service

We help with styling looking good on customer in large size.

Ladies' wear Remake

Consultation and acceptance of Remake repair of Ladies' Clothing.

Ladies' Clothing floor
Attendant service

I look for article of request, and it is helped with shopping by the whole Ladies' Clothing floor.


Lingerie concierge helps with selection of Lingerie.
※We are suspending Web reservation now. In addition, we heard Reservations over telephone.
[Reservations / inquiry] Main building 3F = Ma Lingerie telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard)

Shoes of gentleman, help of shopping of beauty Item and consultation of styling

Men's shoes
Counselor Shoo service

Counselor Shoo helps with selection of men's shoes.

Maid toe measure
Visit reservation form

Maid toe measure suit which meets expectation that is personal of customer.
We accept various requests, questions about order suit. Please make a reservation casually.

Shirt tie season Accessories
Reservations form

We hold pattern order fair of domestic and foreign special dish brands in Accessories corner in shirt tie season. There is visit of designer and director from foreign countries and, to personality of customer, chooses article which accepted advice of selection of cloth and request.

It is fun by meal more and yet more

Selection of sake by master of 唎 liquor (we joke and perform work)

Master of 唎 liquor helps with shopping of sake.

Selection of tea by tea adviser

Tea adviser of association of Japanese tea authorization helps with selection of tea.

<Andersen> Brett master

Suggestion of way of enjoying bread by Brett master of <Andersen>.

Cooking advice by chef

Selection of meat and cooking advice by <I's MEAT SELECTION> (meat corner) exclusive belonging chef.

Japanese green tea consulting service

Japanese green tea instructor and Japanese green tea adviser help with selection of Japanese green tea.

Selection of wine by sommelier

Sommelier helps with selection of wine.

Catering service

We cope with arrangement of Lunce of party produce, specialty store, long-established store and all kinds of Trickster. Various services, please feel free to contact, too.

Bridal-related guidance

Wedding dress try-on reservation

Main building 7F ISETAN bride
We make try-on reservation of wedding dress.
※Some handling brand is changed.
For more details, please refer.

Try-on reservation of rental bridal costume

Park city 3 2F Formalwear Rental Grandjour
We make try-on reservation of rental apparel.

Bridal ring attend service

Main building 4F jewelry & watch
We accept consultation about bridal ring.

buraidaruringuatendo &
Visit Reservations service

Main building 1F accessories
We accept consultation about bridal ring and introduction of brand.

Consultation of consultation, bedclothing of watch


The experienced staff accepts consultation about watch.

Watch maintenance acceptance service

Main building 4F jewelry & watch / watch studio
We started new watch maintenance service.

Bedclothing consulting

Consultation of selection of bedclothing for comfortable Sleep.

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