160-0022 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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Ma Patisserie A

<Himonnya / patisurijunujita>

<Himonnya / patisurijunujita>

From Wednesday, April 18 to Tuesday, April 24

We open in Himonnya, Meguro-ku in 2011. It was reopened in 2017 and came to be able to enjoy homemade chocolate newly. Let alone baked confectioneries and raw cake, we prepared abundantly Item including Pom Ponette and homemade tablet chocolate according to production center this time. You see and eat, and please enjoy.

Pom Ponette (with eight) 2,420 yen

Tablet Costa Rica (nothing) 897 yen
Tablet Brazil (nothing) 897 yen
Tablet Tanzania (nothing) 897 yen

  • From Wednesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 1 <Hoya / arukashon>

Ma Patisserie B



From Wednesday, April 18 to Tuesday, May 15

Fromagerie "beiyuveru" setting up approximately 60 stores in France strikes Isetan Shinjuku. Let alone a lot of much-talked-about Fromage and fermented butter, we introduce sweets such as pretty butter sand "sand o Bour" using existence salt fermented butter.

Sand o Bour (/5 class / for each one made in Japan) for each 540 yen

  • From Wednesday, May 16 to Tuesday, May 29 <eshiresharetto>

※Price is all tax-included.
※There is thing limited in number. Forgive on out of stock.