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We evolve by the manufacturing method born in ISETAN<br>SCOOP<br> deep FILE<br> Japan! <br>

We evolve by the manufacturing method born in Japan!

■Deli et vous orchid Julie

 <richuerurugurandobure> with French traditional bread technology made challenged bread using "the hot water class manufacturing method" in Japanese preference in total. And what was created by repeating trial manufacture "bread which is loved by Japanese" such as everyday baguette in the French.

 We taught Hokkaido wheat "dream power" by 100% errand, the hot water class manufacturing method. "Dream power" having abundant gluten is sticky, shittori. There is easy sweetness.

   RITUEL eating raw bread
     (one loaf) 421 yen

※It is only for 50 points of every day

Domestic coffee grew up in ISETAN<br>SCOOP<br> deep FILE<br> Okinawa. <br>

Domestic coffee grew up in Okinawa.

■Chefs selection

 Coffee production place, Okinawa a little in Japan. Security that charm of Okinawa coffee which Miyazato cooks does not use pesticides, freshness of country distribution and taste that is mild, and is faintly sweet. Taste without the corner only by domestic production is going to enlarge the world of coffee now.

Coffee which was cultivated among Okinawa Motojima in northern district. Flavor with subtle sweetness is calm, "it tastes Miyazato reason of producer like Japan".

   Miyazato farm coffee from Okinawa
     (50g/ bean) 1.620 yen

※It is only for 40 points of every day

kitchen stage kitchen stage

Ningyocho <ireru Ningyocho> owner chef Tetsuya Shimada

Ningyocho <ireru Ningyocho> owner chef Tetsuya Shimada

■From Wednesday, April 11 to Tuesday, April 24
16 seats of from 10:30 to 8:00 (last order: at 7:00) / seat every day

Bistro which featured the theme of "nature and simplicity" that dishes which we made use of Japanese seasonal material in good for your health and organic wine which selected carefully from all over the world could enjoy. As lunch sales people are not going now, it revives in particular on kitchen stage. We introduce course to be able to have seasonal vegetables and good-quality French using fish in style only by bistro casually this time.

+ main (per person) in the bloom of three kinds of appetizers
Fish course: 2.916 yen meat course: 3.024 yen

[three kinds of appetizers assortment]
・Terrine of roasting salmon and vegetables
・We put CONSOMME jelly of spiny lobster, and pureed cailiflower comply
・Mousse of ham

[main] You have a choice between fish or meat.
(fish) pureed powareshukuruto and garland chrysanthemum of sea bass
(meat) roast Honey and coriander flavor of duck breast
    With red wine kimpira

※We become sales people from 12:15 for seminar holding on Friday, April 13, Saturday, April 21.
※A part of the MENU may be changed by convenience.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※As you are available in limited quantities, forgive gnarl out of stock.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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