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Feeling meal feature of thanks to give deliciously to convey

Feeling meal feature of thanks to give deliciously to convey

From Wednesday, April 18 to Tuesday, April 24

To that person who cannot usually say, "thank you." We may be informed slightly embarrassed words if we give words with delicious Item. We introduce maid conveying feeling of such thanks with meal with food Collection of this week. Please try at this opportunity.

■<denchuzukebutsuho> Plump tomato
 One 540 yen

■Other exhibition brands
<great good luck store> Long-term fatting Oomi beef
<the orize main office> Enzyme food
<kyurasaki> hana* & flower star (oyster oil pickles)
<wealth spring tower> Sharkfin siomai
<bamboo virtue kamaboko> Stewed egg dumplings
<Miyamoto store> Tamba finest grape black soybean
<Ginkaku-ji Temple Onishi> Beef yakiniku lunch
<itariambaruaruteshia> Lasagna
<we do> Seasonal nature grip
<we hit Hakata river> Karashi Mentaiko
<cafe true body beauty (sammi)> Enzyme dressing
<crepe Zanthoxylum Fruit 10,000 quadrillion> Crepe Zanthoxylum Fruit

  • From Wednesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 1 
    Breeding born in ... Japan in Japan, all western dishes feature ... liking

    ■Exhibition brand■
    The yakiniku dining former, sammi Takamatsu, Quartier Latin, deep-fried chicken father of the Imperial adviser, epubantaiyu, Demi Ann, higonosuke, Kim cutlet
    Blossom & bouquet, pasta sauce kitchen, rim veil patisserie cafe, supaisu, open fine weather bower

※Price is all tax-included.
※Forgive on out of stock.

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