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Farmers creation Floor Guide

Agricultural event space "Farmers creation" to introduce producers cultivating vegetables in original agricultural methods to for a limited time.
Exclusive space "Farmers Flea stage" of young person Farmer to set up at one corner. With new sensitivity, we do with place of dispatch of work and thought of young person Farmer with dream and hope and are project connecting the taste with the future.
More deliciously than Haat kokorozashi dispatch ground ... of Farmers Flea stage - young person farmhouse more for relief, smile of dining table in the future.
With Farmers Flea stage

Taste of vegetables which equalled Japanese dining table has been supported by effort and challenge of many farmhouses. Young farmhouse is beginning new approach now in each place in order to raise thing which ancient people built in further height.
For meal in the future of Japan.

Isetan wanted to try to support kokorozashi of young farming families with every effort.
It is Farmer drawing out Japanese agriculture in the future.

The first: Shimotsuke-shi, Tochigi <Akiyama farm> Naomi Akiyama

Naomi who took post of sales people of real estate in Tokyo until approximately five years ago. She who saw agriculture that was business close from the childhood period, and was brought up came back to the parents' house someday and seemed to want to do agriculture.

<Akiyama farm> Naomi Akiyama

With your parents who are teacher

Is independent, and begin work of farmhouse; and four years. We looked at your parents than before and understood with great work, but the importance seemed to be more than expected.
"Nature including weather keeps company. We say, we were now glad now sad at it only in what we cannot assume first. "But there is no help for it already recently! We say, we were used to be able to finish breaking this with smile. We are wrestling now while still seeing work of parents to learn basics of agriculture well. It is only to learn from parents who are teacher, but has will saying not only "we learn for experience and sense, but also want to study to the agriculture theory". We aim at improvement of further technique while exchanging opinions with book and other young producers.
We laid emphasis on paprika cultivation, but did not seem to do well this summer. We already think what it was caused by and only show enthusiasm to make delicious paprika on the next time.


When ask about future aim, what "at first come to be able to make what's called "agriculture" into. And thought same as father who is teacher realizes what is succeeded to naturally saying it is to have you say that all the vegetables to cook are delicious.
And you were able to say, "we want to become able to cook vegetables that shoulder was set beside parents!" powerfully.

"Work" whom we gave hot thought to

The second: Matsudo-shi, Chiba <Takei farm> Toshinobu Takei

Make shuno; and 11 years. Your parents studied language study in spite of being farming family, and Takei reason that changed various work including the secretary to president and dealership, agriculture of business seemed to be "work that they did not want to do most". Meanwhile, after beginning agriculture saying "we want to cook delicious vegetables", we fell into the profundity.

<Takei farm> Toshinobu Takei

We continue trying new kind


Vegetables which dealt with more than 300 kinds. It is land which is not so large, but, in residential area of Matsudo-shi, runs agriculture all alone now. Way of thinking, agricultural methods are unique. Efficiency is given priority in all because we perform all alone. As for plowing farmland and the semination as for the crop. If we study agriculture effectively alone, we say that general agricultural methods do not pass. We learn all by self-education and inspect and are improved every time. In that way we seemed to think out original method.
In addition, vegetables to cook are individual. Vegetables which we have not looked at and kind that we have not heard are cultivated in multi-kind in small quantities. Green eggplant and purple tomato…. It seems to be only thing cultivating for the first time this year. We can have in our hand in last year and may not cultivate popular thing by all means in the next fiscal year either. If there are new kind and interesting thing, we continue trying it.


To such Takei, various people bring species wanting you to cultivate. "Kind selling in catalogues is already old." It is about Takei style that we challenge thing of there. But the choice is severe, too. We study system and kind of kind and cultivate only thing which thought that good thing is made. Still we continue looking for new thing and the possibility every day through Web and original network without being satisfied.
It is such Takei, but policy of agriculture does not have blurring at all. "Faith of farmhouse is important not at hand sales. We do not harvest on rainy day. Thing which insect ate is not sold. Thing which remained unsold does not transfer. At a loss thing is not sold. Possibly are vegetables of Takei such things if they sell them?…This continues being thought of all the time by customer." We bag by one to take good care of that splinter, and cucumber seems to be less than for three minutes at time when rape is exposed to atmosphere, too.


We always talk to ourselves saying "it will be with vegetables which are high level". As while Takei sees shipment history, change the contents of vegetables into personal customer of Web order every time; put effort. We invite chef of restaurant to farm well and seem to have you check taste of new kind. Such as kind or size of vegetables to go to restaurant, and to do oneself, and to make refer to. There will be very few farming families who cultivate vegetables while imaging dishes cooked on the dish.
The feelings over there. Package is important in selling vegetables. For reason to "differentiate vegetables which oneself brought up carefully from vegetables of other farmhouses", seal and logo are feelings as they have you finish for designer. Postcard which designed vegetables is thing as collector feeling is tickled.

"We want to raise position of farmhouse in society more and yet more! To that end, I run out more. We want the same young person farming family to want to be." There seem to be many young person farmhouses which pattern that is experience of ten years still loves Takei, and ask for teaching. "We tell know-how including how to choose sales system and kinds frankly. We only laugh do only these (we all do it alone) agricultural methods serve as a reference?.


Words to be given like favorite phrase were good to vegetables and package and way of life saying "parenthesis is good!". It is already already farming family like leader while being young.

The third: Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa <Honda farm> Masahiro Honda

After starting agriculture; and ten years. There are young farmhouse, Masahiro Honda having confidence toward tomato and cucumber in Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa.

<Honda farm> Masahiro Honda


We were interested in thing about meal from the childhood period and were thinking that we made such a work sometime soon. University advanced to Tokyo University of Agriculture, but, to be frank, oneself was not accompanied by actual feeling to become "farmhouse". However, there was opportunity to receive training at "judicial agricultural union Japanese-style volost garden" of Chiba where we came across in the case of job hunting, and consciousness to "agriculture" increased by having touched real agriculture. We learned thought called "agriculture as management" and, as for management, the night of greenhouse culture (including house cultivation) vegetables, we visited farming family in the daytime and learned technique and hammered in experience and theory well. At the age of 25 years old that three years were over, rest is necessary from injury and will come back in hometown. Taking the opportunity of it, we decided to begin agriculture in hometown.


But how is it good that we begin as the parents' house is not farmhouse? I jump into JA Komatsu-shi and talk and may borrow facilities. At first we begin production of tomato which we worked on in the training, but are not readily brought up well. When we went to person who was taken care of at the time of training, we learned and looked up at instruction such as manure or moisture management in local senior farmhouse. Acting power and single-mindedness were realized and, in the third year, they built house by oneself and came to cultivate. We look back toward thing at that time saying "we were extremely glad of having done the completion in one of eyes as we built by own power.". When shuno five years passed, we acted as the chairperson of local association of tomato and cucumber and came that duty as young leader was left afterwards.
We look back on those days, and Honda says, "there was all mentor around.", but is not exaggeration even if we say that own acting power and single-minded posture made the relationship.
The points made with vegetables "do soil analysis, and think about compost and Balance of manure. We talk about pet theory saying we can make the stable crops of taste and quality not to depend on weather if we do so either.


Honda saw figure which explained own tomato and cucumber in a certain business talk society, but smile that was full of life, and was refreshing was impressive the other day. We do in the tenth year, and personality as acceptance of the training of young farming family and senior farmhouse teaching to has already already come out.
"Agriculture is totally different from the open front in impression after the experience. Agriculture to run was difficult and said, we realized that you should not merely cultivate vegetables and told, "there was that we thought that it was hot a lot, but is glad of seeing figure which purchased thing which we made by oneself if customer was delicious above all!" with smile. At first we aim for becoming farmhouse loved by local person, but we will make high-quality vegetables which can play with "Honda brand" in the future and say powerfully when we aim at "world HONDA" in agriculture world.
As for the pattern that is still shohinshu including tomato, cucumber, evaluation from various quarters increases for each one vegetable dealing steadily mainly. It may be said that faithfulness made with the vegetables is his faith.

The fourth: Inzai-shi, Chiba <shibakainoen> Hiroya Shibakai

Hiroya Shibakai and all the staff

We did shuno and, for five years, had various experiences.
In the second-year summer of 2010, vegetables which we cultivated in record intense heat die more and more, and it is in a situation that we are eaten immediately exhaustively by insect even if we root, and it is said that shunogo tasted strictness of natural world immediately. "Technique of cultivation is not enough to oneself." We say that it gives life to experience that realized inadequacy then in now.
It is said that we wanted to be way of agriculture because parents are created through farming family cultivating tomato and give life all the time, and live kito came on seeing figure coming in contact with customer happily. We have the effect and are thinking about "touching customer directly" this in the first. It "is worth doing above all to understand the person eating vegetables which we cooked. In addition, we can dig up needs of customer by doing so. We are thinking that it is important to continue exploring unprecedented original product."


We are cultivating 60 items a year of small quantities multi-kind now without using pesticides or chemical fertilizer in Inzai-shi, Chiba. Discerning vegetables itself is healthy for the making of manure and soil, and vitality practices cultivation method that there is. Not only Marche and direct marketing direct sale place but also offers to restaurant increase and get favorable reception from many customers. When oneself acted in restaurant after the graduation from university, it practices that discerning vegetables of producer cannot finish meeting needs which consumers demand by oneself to talk with thing and chef coming in contact with customer directly because we felt and seems to continue making vegetables satisfied with.


About future dream, "become agriculturist representing Japan. At first, want to have work in <shibakainoen>; as for that is; talk.
For sale in this Shinjuku Isetan; and with all efforts. "We use up power to be able to have now! And we want to pay attention in the future of young farmer whom we want many customers to know <shibakainoen>, and to says powerfully.

The fifth: This Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki <field> west exit Shoji, Toshio who goes

Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki. The end of December of last year when winter blue sky opens as for what visited the cause of Nishiguchi couple. In field which overlooked beautiful mountain, Mount Tsukuba of Kanto in the north side, carrot, Chinese cabbage, turnip met season. Toshio is at the height of harvest of cabbage in field. However, until one year ago, Shoji performed all of farming with one woman.

This <field> west exit Shoji, Toshio who goes

In field where drainage was blessed with the soil well,
Vegetables which were brought up slowly,
It features natural sweetness.


"We were particular about woman one shuno until we got married. If it is said that woman is concerned with agriculture, is it not image of "help" of wife of farmhouse? When it is not only it, the present agriculture is reckless, and accelerator cannot go through brake though we can step (Shoji) and.
By marriage with Toshio engaged in greengrocery wholesale business with Tsukiji, agriculture of Shoji begins to show Change.
"We became two and, not +1, became 2 to take. Viewpoint called distribution increased (Shoji).


"Agriculture was my dream, but work was considerably hard when, actually, we were engaged. When we looked at straight child who took care of the crops thoroughly and thought whether you could not turn more having room, we thought that it was kept alive what I did (Toshio).
And Toshio is in charge of sale to increase sales and reclaims new market including Marche of the downtown area. The figure may look like support of Shoji, but feels like being form of fundamental woman characteristics called Toshio who social positively, leaves with Shoji to lay the crops, and to bring up, man characteristics.
Beloved daughter, sprouting child (niece comes) is born in last November, and we are taking a break at one time, but, as for Shoji, the area of the field is going to widen farming more in this year, too. New agriculture of three people begins.


So that even woman is easy to work
Shoji as for the improvement of machine
We went by oneself.

Toshio appears in field; and approximately one year.

We use neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizer
We cultivate approximately 50 items a year.

The sixth (extra): Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka <light volost castle field breast> chumurakunshi

Not introduction of young vegetables producer, we run seed and sapling business producing seed and seedlings this time,
We heard story from chumurakun (realize).

<light volost castle field breast> chumurakunshi

When Nakamura wants to leave in future
Kind to think about

<Shizuoka / light volost castle field breast>
18 kinds of species (for each one bag) which we want to connect
…From 315 yen
※Price includes tax (5%).
Consumption tax rate is changed from Tuesday, April 1, 2014.
Sales price is different from notation after the application of new tax rate.



Nakamura is the third generation of seed and sapling business <light mainly usual vegetables town castle field breast (kougoseihafuu)> which we perform until production of seed and seedling, compost and manure in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka. It is the first person who came to sell seed of native species, fixation class when we want more people to know traditional vegetables which thought about genuine article, essence. You were able to approve of this sale when you wanted vegetables to feel in own thing that they brought up by hand closer.


Japanese usual vegetables which inherited kind for a long time, and formed food culture in Japan. We endured the selection of nature while many kinds became extinct with time and left the seed by strong vitality. Such a kind is endangered in now, and Nakamura reason is, "deadline approaches".
Thing inherited for some time disappearing to several generations in our generation. That seems to mean that farming families cultivating the vegetables disappear. As for the usual vegetables, producers seem to decrease for color and size, form, crop time or yield not being more efficient than vegetables brought up now in the mainstream. We know taste of more vegetables to leave earlier, and it is said that we want you to be interested more from now on.


"We want you to remember vegetables which you ate in a childhood. It should have been more individual form and taste. We want to connect vegetables with power in the future. Taste is really different. At first Nakamura says, please have. In addition, as "usual vegetables have vitality, is easy to bring up even private vegetable garden. Time suitable for sowing seeds in spring in March. We bring up everybody by all means and want you to come in contact with vegetables and soil. We seem to feel big expectation for this approach saying we judge easiness of germination rate and bringing up, taste generally this time as well as time and choose 18 kinds of kinds and pulled.


"Please call out at store if there are thing and trouble not to understand." During exhibition period, you come from Hamamatsu, and please explain cultivation methods.


Until because "choosing" "eats vegetables," "we bring up." Please expect in corner of new fruits and vegetables.

The seventh: Uto-shi, Kumamoto <producer Special Forces U.T.O.>

Uto-shi that faces Gulf of Ariake in the western part located at the center of Kumamoto. By climate that is warm through one year, agriculture is prosperous area mainly on fruit tree.
Team organized in young producer called <producer Special Forces U.T.O. (yutio)> which started in October, 2013 is in such Uto-shi last year. Young producers who ran agriculture in Uto-shi gathered saying "we cannot often do it in one producer". We are crossing team now in five producers.




Captain (how to call reader in <U.T.O.>) is Eiichiro Saito. It is the first elder, but thought on this approach and cultivation of vegetables is the hottest. "We want to succeed to attractive agriculture in the next generation including own son. Therefore we revolutionize for charges of oneself and say better form, you must do now.
It is said that the name puts tomato which Saito cooks in the bag which designed own face as "tomato of Eiichiro" and may sell. "It should lead to consciousness of reliable security for customer. But we say, oneself did not come to be able to cut corners with a laugh.


Horikawa who cultivates Hirano cultivating Kuwamori, asparagu and cherry tomatoes cultivating Komori, navel orange and strawberry that member (name except leader) cultivates tomato and persimmon, long eggplant. Above all, tomato "dancing girl" of Komori is introduced in Isetan Shinjuku last summer later and wins favorable reception from good taste. Dancing girl is brought up by cultivation method that only share that is necessary for water gives with quantity of minimum soil. Tomato which strongly grows up in the severe situation only touches hand, and mellow flavor understands. Thing named nearly 10 degrees has sugar content, too and features good taste.
By this precedent, motivation of other members strongly increased, too. Each person said, "it becomes more delicious next if we did it this way more!" hot.


The best land where groundwater from "roar water source" where land of Uto is chosen as warm climate and Japanese famous clear water 100 selections as well as original fertile fertility of soil rotates. Invention and effort of each producer are one and may greatly differentiate vegetables original potential from high, others.
Group <U.T.O.> which is not worth yet in start half a year. Approach of each member of this year should accomplish big change and quality improvement in the future. They who put on matching original parka and cap in the body in the near future sell vegetables in the whole country and attract attention, and it will be to hero for young person producers and children next to them carrying the next generation.


The eighth: Aichi <Yoshimi farm>

<Yoshimi farm> producer, Masato Imakita


Yoshihiro Miyamoto (popular name, shrine grandfather) of Aichi <Yoshimi (joy) farm> saying, "we want to convey splendor of agriculture to support importance, that of meal in the world of rich meal in the next generation." Youths sympathizing with such "shrine grandfather" gather in farm and are wrestling for agriculture utilized the working of nature now.


Masato Imakita of the shuno fourth year is the one, too.
We work on a farm while repairing old agricultural machinery or car by oneself, and it is said that we run the car and go to Marche of each place.


"We want to send delicious vegetables. And Imakita who is eager in direct marketing appears in Farmers Flea stage saying we want joy to sympathize with customer. We sell fruity tomato of pride that we brought up with the cause of theme to "be departure in the bright future", Grandpa shrine.


<Yoshimi farm>
Yoshihiro Miyamoto (popular name, shrine grandfather)

Send favorite car, midget,
To Marche of each place

Specialty fruity tomato.
Because we harvest after ripening fully
It is sweet and is strong!

The ninth: Matsudo-shi, Chiba <*shimanoen> Hiroyuki Majima

<*shimanoen> Hiroyuki Majima

In residential area of Matsudo-shi, Chiba. There was Hiroyuki Majima who succeeded *shimanoen which led to field which spread out in front of big mansion for several generations.


After beginning agriculture in earnest; 15 years, present 43 years old. There were the times that we served as public employee when we did not want to inherit agriculture. However, in impression for agriculture cultivated on seeing parents in childhood and impression of agriculture to feel after oneself actually attending society, and coming to work, we came to learn sense of incongruity. We talk about determination at that time saying "we came to feel charm for agriculture to play in own product".
We visited the cause of influential person of each field and turned around mainly to acquire further ability while learning agriculture from father. In addition, we worked on form to send to direct consumers without depending only on market distribution.
We challenge new thing positively and are always looking for vest for oneself still more.


We tell, "after all agriculture is only serious" laughingly while talking about worth doing saying "we are glad of being able to have evaluation for hearty work directly from various places of consumers as we make thing which everybody puts in the mouth".


Sign "improving position of agriculture, farmhouse more." Disappointing words seemed to have been played before by passing children. Thereafter we aim at it being for occupation that it is longed for children who agriculture sticks out its chest, and can wrestle.


"We have customer of professional and gourmet of meal have on selling for the first time this time in Shinjuku Store and are delicious "! Saying want to be recognized as "; as for Majima who is smile, and says that is.
Please appreciate vegetables which are going to aim at vest more from generation to generation while inheriting style of *shimanoen which spread out.

The tenth: Burgeon Okayama-shi, Okayama <; farm> Naoko Okamoto

Burgeon <; farm> Naoko Okamoto

There are young producer of woman who is going to reach the shuno second year in Okayama, Naoko Okamoto (hisako).
More than 20 years, we worked at house manufacturer as sales representative. However, we begin to be interested in "meal" and know "diet cure" and realize that it is that it "is valid to eat". We feel "importance of meal" while we practice it, and it is said that we came to work on the making of vegetables. During two and a half years, we performed the agriculture training by farmland of Kyoto, Kobe and we borrowed field at the parents' house of farmer with a side job and "we gave and built up farm" in the autumn of 2012.


"We were made to help with agriculture of the parents' house in a childhood and avoided agriculture. But time when we were able to harvest vegetables which wrestled newly safely says with greatest joy and worth doing now.
It is policy there are limitlessly few pesticides, and to draw vegetables original taste. The present trouble is heat of this summer. However, we do not have time to take a rest when we cultivate multi-kind in small quantities of 100 items. Besides, we perform sales system in form to come in contact with customer by oneself as we like business and sale probably because of former work.


When it asks to to remain in impression most, when "child who liked tomato bit at tomato (burgeon farm), hand of child stopped. Saying when heard that was saying "what happened", was really glad when was said that was, "was surprised to be delicious!"; as for saying is; said with smile.


"Dream……Still a secret. Because as it is yochiyochino new rice farming family, we are too ashamed even that we talk here"


A lot of colorful carrot and zucchinis of various forms stand in vegetables. It features the making of vegetables utilized "woman viewpoint" to "want you to make dining table with color".
Vegetables form a line in Isetan Shinjuku for the first time in summer of such her.

The eleventh: Miyazaki <farmer corps>

Yuki Taniguchi

Traditional vegetables "spool daikon" of Miyazaki

There is producer group working on traditional vegetables reproduction energetically in Miyazaki. A lot of young farming families in their twenties are 25 producers in Miyazaki, and member is managed.
Establishment is 2001. The history of "farmer corps" began in direct sale place of 13 producers and, from 2011, started full-scale cultivation of traditional vegetables.
We do that "tradition vegetables conveying food culture of Miyazaki are on the verge of extinction" in one of eyes, and Hirotoshi Taniguchi of representative is tasty, and it is said that what we began to protect tradition vegetables having traditional taste is opportunity.
It is revival of "Sadowara eggplant" to have wrestled first. Sadowara eggplant is cultivated around Sadowara-cho of Miyazaki from the Edo era and features fluent taste and good sweetness of article. However, because they were poor at disease, cultivation was difficult, and farmhouses to cultivate in uneven thing seemed to gradually decrease. We made an effort for bringing back eggplant of Miyazaki characterized by the softness that melted away in fresh and young texture and mouth.
Besides, we wrestle in cultivating tradition vegetables of all over Japan including "seimamoriindaikon" (Kyoto) and "Tono kabu" (Iwate) "Kamo eggplant" (Kyoto) "bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans grass" (Ishikawa) in the ground of Miyazaki without being contained within traditional vegetables of Miyazaki such as "spool daikon" or "sun Boletopsis leucomelas pumpkin".


"Taste improves year by year when we repeat cultivation with traditional vegetables of various parts of Japan in the ground of Miyazaki. After all saying proper resultant and vitality of vegetables which rooted in in the ground of Japan are great; as for saying is; Taniguchi says.
It is independent, and Yuki of son manages approach, vegetables to cultivate in multi-kind in small quantities now, too. In addition, we direct view of the world that is art using tradition vegetables in the prefecture when we want many people to know splendor of traditional vegetables and begin to wrestle for enforcement shitarinado, the enlightenment, spread activity by talk session.


Yuki "has many people know this tradition vegetables and wants you to taste. We show this sale enthusiasm saying we want to send to customer of Tokyo.


As well as having good quality, timing which we can ship only changes because it is originally cultivated in different area. It leads to delicious vegetables being sent to many customers. Approach that we began with "to protect traditional vegetables" is going to begin to create smile and joy of many customers now.

Members of <farmer corps>

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