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Is it HOW TO CHOOSE RANDOSERU? How to choose school bags Floor Guide

Size of school bag

Do you know that school bag becomes big little by little during these past several years? Elementary schools using A4 clear file increased, and size of school bag has begun to grow big in form with it. In addition, there seems to be school using A4 flat file which is one size bigger than clear file recently, and school bags of A4 flat file correspondence model increase, too. But it seems to vary according to schools. It may be good to ask senior mother of acquaintance.

Basic type

Cube type

School bag of traditional cover. If A4 clear file is refreshing, too. It is model which is called Gakushuin type.

Size that cube type that the side does not have irregularities contains A4 flat file. As we finish by special sewing, appearance size spreads naisun while being the same as basic model so that A4 flat file enters.

Should it support A4 flat file?

It is different whether entrance into a school of higher grade planned school uses A4 flat file. In where brothers come to, opinion of big child should be taken into account.
Actually, there are more customers choosing A4 flat file correspondence model for reason why a lot of big one begins.

Material which is used for school bag

As for the material used for school bag, clarino (artificial leather), cowhide, three kinds of CORDOVAN are the center. For example, there are many school bags of design which was elaborate because we are easy to embroider on clarino (artificial leather), and it is basic daringly to keep leather quality alive to nature leather, and there were many school bags which we finished, and model which we put together in each material characteristic is founded.

(artificial leather)

(natural leather)

(natural leather)

At point of lightness, clarino is the first. We are strong in both water and dirt, but may be inferior only to artificial leather a little at point of texture such as natural leather. Model full of design including embroidery increases.

It is characteristic of cowhide that it is high-quality visually, and is superior in durability. Leather textures increase with time and become tasteful expression. There is mask to be vulnerable to water, but there is much water-shedding finish and appears.

About leather of buttocks of horse, it is very precious. Fiber density is high, and is strong in wound, occasion rijiwamotsukinikuidesu. Weight is heavy, but the unique texture is particular.

Which material is popular among cowhide and clarinos?

Because cowhide is strong in durability, it is popular among child and active child of boy. Clarino is light, and care is easy; of girl, child and small-sized child, is popular with child with distance to school.
In addition, there are many school bags that clarino was full of design.

Purchase time of school bag

At purchase time of school bag, we become early year by year. Then when should we actually buy school bag?

From March to May: We check curious school bag on catalogue and website.
We will see catalogue, homepage of school bag manufacturer and store. It is characteristic of school bag of these days that variation including color and design is abundant. We check by catalogue and become easy to choose when we image desired thing beforehand.

From June to July: We weigh while looking at real product in shop and are decided!
When it is this time, school bags begin to form a line in store. We go to shop and take curious product in hand and will actually try on. Please check size and material, difference in warm specifications.

From January to March: If school bag which ordered arrives; to family announcement & taking a ceremonial photograph!
School bag which handing over became for the future at this time when entrance ceremony finally approaches begins to reach. We show school bag look to grandfather, grandmother, and we take a ceremonial photograph in photo studio, and let's leave for memory.

There are many products which handing over becomes depending on product for the future. Person having you find plans such as souvenir pictures while having you confirm comes.

Other Q&A

There is lot and cannot squeeze! How should we choose?

We will decide color first. If even color you like is decided, we can strongly narrow down kind of school bag.
Then, please choose to preference such as material or design.

Can school bag of gorgeous design last to sixth grader?

Attachment seems to add to school bag which child chose by yourself as we repeat school years. Regardless of design, there is much child employing carefully for six years.

If we use and are broken, after the purchase, can you repair?

We accept repair after the purchase.
It may become free about points to use every day such as metal fittings, but may become charged about leather exchange and trouble by intentional trouble. We rent substitute school bag during repair. For more details, please refer to store which you purchased.

Name of school bag

Many parts are used for school bag, and the name varies, too. Finally we explain name of each part while looking at image of school bag. When we look at school bag, we pay attention to these parts.


Part called face of school bag.
Durability degree and feel of a material vary according to material.


●Rim roll

We cover leather edge of the body with artificial leather.
In pattern maids as for the coloring
You can choose.



Model mounted with one-touch rock increases recently.



From voice of mom to be easy to have school bag
Carried model increases recently.


●Back perception

Recently from part of the root three-dimensionally
Thing of specifications that stood up is mainstream.


●D perception

We use to lower security buzzers.


●Chap snap

It is part which one side opens and closes.
Let's use depending on use.

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