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Isetan MANA bieye

Isetan MANA bieye
The Isetan Shinjuku head office which aims at world shop which there is nowhere as "fashion museum." It is "learning" that we let arts fuse with fashion, and we whom we give meaning to who are new suggest next there. Is unprecedented, can have first experience. Of new every day is the highest, and can touch earlier than anyone else. Polish sensitivity from intelligence of fashion. Raising own sense. Doing each person's lifestyle wealthily from there. We make use of strength as department store where people gather more than generation and make place increasing pleasure of the life by customer being connected, and learning. While praying for the future trading that your world spreads out from another relation with Isetan Shinjuku Main Store called "learning." We are waiting for all people thinking that we want to study the newest learning.
Two "Isetan MANA biI" am born on ISETAN KAIKAN 5F on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.
  • cocoiku
    We begin new learning project "cocoiku" for child. The totally new fourth place different from home and school and schoolchild childcare in it for child. With program to acquire skill and power to survive information-intensive society full of sense of speed, we bring up power that power to bring about not past learning called accumulation of knowledge creates. cocoiku focusing "creativity." It is power that can step forward to one step with Courage Skills in the unexpected situation. Creators playing an active part in the front line will bring up "creativity" which is really necessary by telling their professionalism to children as lecturer. Children who repeated experiences here surely change the world future by the social future.

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  • otomana
    We make place of learning of adults. The first experience that what is sent from here is unprecedented. Of new every day when can mention earlier than anyone else is the highest. You polish sense, and always send curriculum full of sensitivity that you can experience to people who live while raising oneself with a feeling of mode and sense of speed and global feeling because it is Isetan. And doing each person's lifestyle wealthily. There is encounter with person with same will and sense of values there, and there is stimulation. We learn with connection with person beyond generation, and there are go igaari, the world spreading out. So that people who learned here can change each future splendidly.

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Isetan MANA bieye
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