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Isetan Shinjuku art exhibition guidance

Main building 5F = art & frame

News from flower calendar of Minoru Tsuchida

  • "Be wrapped in small flower" (flower of May 2 apple); picture in watercolors 24*28cm 48,600 yen

On color that is gentle in flower and rabbits

Minoru Tsuchida who describes animal, scenery of rabbit and forest in rich hue of picture in watercolors.
We described drawn rabbit in gentle color that writer was good at this time with floral calendar in May.
Please enjoy a feeling of world full of story characteristics such as expression and picture book having a gentle small creatures of forest.
[writer visit autograph session] 29th (Sun) from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

Minoru Tsuchida Yutaka Tsuchida

It was born in Tokyo for 1,957 years. Tokyo art university ceramic art department graduation, the university's academy completion.
Through ceramist, Sue painting lecturer, we begin production of watercolor in 2002.
After that we hold watercolor exhibition at any time in department stores of the whole country.

Main building 5F = art & frame

verrier handcrafted
verie visit to Japan exhibition

  • "After all it must be ISETAN!" Art print with glitter
    43*53cm 45,576 yen

We sell long-awaited visit to Japan, Isetan-limited pattern.

Mr. Ashley verie which started art product mainly on greeting card with mother.
Illustration which decorates bright Neon and glitter to base, and finishes hand writing is work full of New York tastes.
Following very popular exhibition, we perform autograph session this year last year.
It is gorgeous, and, at this opportunity, please see many works full of senses of fun by all means.
[writer visit autograph session] 5th (Sat/holiday), 6th (Sun) every day from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

Ashley verie Ashleigh Verrier

It was born in San Francisco for 1,981 years.
We break through taking the opportunity of collection that is a graduate of prestigious school "PERSON'S school of design" of NY having purchased in popular select shop and found own brand "verie" in 2006. We deal with various art products in brand "verrier handcrafted" which we launched with mother, Jude, and oneself describes fashion illustration, and original greeting card which accent of Neon pop KOLOR and glitter handcrafted in studio of Union Square of NY worked for gains popularity.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Shiraishi wisdom exhibition

Mr. illustrator Shiraishi wisdom to plurally play including cut and company poster. It features nostalgic design such as European picture book and pretty character. In addition, coloration and composition with design give off refined presence and enhance a feeling of story of work. Please see many works full of senses of fun mainly on New Item which we drew to this display by all means.
[writer visit autograph session] Saturday, May 19 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

"Cat and coffee"
Acrylic 52*40cm 148,932 yen

Shiraishi wisdom Chie Ishihara

It was born in 1982 and is from Yamaguchi. The present is residence in Osaka-shi.
March, 2003 Osaka designer one technical school, graduation best among irasutoreshonko. We participate in plan exhibition after the graduation a lot around Kansai and perform private exhibition positively. Accessories presents own illustration and sells Accessories at 5 stores of Kansai including museum SHOP in Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Masahiro Kasai exhibition

  • "Light I on the sea" glass picture 41.5*53cm 129,600 yen

Masahiro Kasai who describes under the theme of water and light, Wind and rhythm of natural world including wave. We express beautiful moment and dim Change that nature shows as clear color in line. A lot of writer silkscreen works printed by hand introduce mainly on New Item of popular glass picture last year this time.
[writer visit autograph session] Sunday, May 27 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

Masahiro Kasai Masahiro Kasai

It was born in Tokyo for 1,954 years. After Tokyo Gakugei University graduation, we visit France. We are resident in Tokyo after returning home.
We produce in silkscreen. We participate in Biennale in Croatia, and evaluation in foreign countries is high commencing with receiving a prize by Krakow international print triennale for 2,000 years, too. It features style to match modern modern life space.

Main building 5F = art & frame

MICAO exhibition red cowl and delicious friend

Display that it becomes popular embroidery writer, Isetan two years of Mr. MICAO since the last. Works which assumed vegetables and fruit, dishes using it which red cowl raised in field motif are fun and, under the theme of "meal," introduce many appetizing works this time. In addition, we display and sell the embroidery original picture of bellows picture book "yorimichikomichi" of writer treasuring. Please see work full of unique, warm warmth of Mr. MICAO by all means.
[writer visit autograph session] Sunday, June 10 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

"Let's go to eat vegetables paradise - field rice! ~"
Embroidery 51*47cm 270,000 yen


It was born in Hyogo for 1,967 years. We are resident in Kobe-shi.
Kobe University Business Administration Department graduation. We learn dyeing, sewing by self-education after duty as financial analyst in foreign-affiliated manufacturer. We wear and become embroidery writer representing picture, embroidery illustrator by sewing machine embroidery that is Aya and freedom. We are active as cover picture, cut, advertisement of magazine "ukatama" "persona communication", illustrator including collaboration product with manufacturer.

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