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<Cartier> watch Collection

■From Wednesday, April 18 to Tuesday, May 1 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

Santos do Cartier made for adventurer Alberto Santos = dumon in 1904 is heritage in maison. To mind of the times, we carve with new chapter during evolution, history for several decades.
During period, we introduce Cartier watch Collection mainly on New Item model of Santos.

"Santos do Cartier LM"
(SS case :/ self-winding watch attached to 39.8mm X 47.5mm/ date indication / leather strap)

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The Graff Stud Earrings Collection

■From Wednesday, April 4 to 17th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / graf

Jeweler <graf> which sent many historic diamond off in the world.
We hold "The Graff Stud Earrings Collection" for a limited time.
Classic stud bolt Pierced earrings of <graf> is the finest jewelry praising everlasting beauty of rare diamond. Variation more-rich than U.K. own country, during period, offer diamond stud bolt Pierced earrings of various shape including emerald cut full of round brilliant cut brilliant beautifully and thymeless beauty. Please enjoy the world of Wulfspade III of diamond <graf> of the 21st century at this special opportunity.

Stud bolt Pierced earrings…From 1 million yen


<koji mitani> promotion

■From Wednesday, April 4 to 10th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

Place where it is full of nature of Shikoku Tokushima that design is created of <ricemalt Mitani>. Design of design is born from everyday really casual moment. As for polishing jewel in shape desired from high quality Slug for ultimate beauty…. Generous trouble and passion draw beauty and individuality of stone to the maximum. Please see jewelry for adult who is not seized with common sense by all means at this opportunity.

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<Minoru Miki> fair

■Currently held - Tuesday, April 10 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / international selections

We demand expression and technique of new jewelry, and the high technology is always appreciated. Above all, we take form in special technique, and, as for natural series "NAZUNA" `shepherd's purse', flower, leaf, fruit of real plant is designed, and jewelry having the mysterious presence attracts many fans.
When we put on in the body, please see product which comfortable, kind feeling that we seem to mention directly naturally does at sehikono opportunity.

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<FRANCK MULLER> vanguard collection is fair

■From Wednesday, April 4 to 17th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

New coloring is born for "vanguard". Stainless steel and hue of pink gold bring about a certain three-dimensional impression active impression more. We seamed rubber together in Crocodile and lining in Outer Material in strap by hand and realized a feeling of refreshing wearing.

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<POIRAY >Le Printemps de Poiray

■From Wednesday, April 11 to 24th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

New Item changer Boe watch "ma pre-Ferre" of <POIRAY>. Art deco-like design which we made godoron decoration of refined round face on increased yellow gold & SS case which was chic.
During period, we present "enamel strap" to customer of Purchase with clock of <POIRAY>.

Watch "Ref. 81334"…885,600 yen


■From Wednesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 8 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

We took in modern element in traditional image of pearl
We lead and sell new collection of M/G TASAKI & Co. "MERGE".
Please enjoy innovative Collection which rose elegantly coloring beauty of woman that pearl and material which we used including gold do harmony =MERGE (merge) wonderfully, and various expressions were drawn.

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Mikimoto Petales Collection Les Petales de Ginza

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Mikimoto

Ginza where eminent high quality boutique sets up shop in the world. It is design which had the name of the town where Mikimoto who is haijuera on behalf of Japan sets up main store more than 100 years.
Diamond studded with by petal of pink gold dancing lightly overlaps with image to glitter of Ginza and is jewelry full of activeness in refined brightness.

Pendant (K18PG/ diamond)…518,400 yen

<monikkendamu> 2018 ear jewelry "white posy"

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / monikkendamu

It is jewelry in year in 2018 of <monikkendamu> which is British well-established diamond cutters brand. Bouquet which posy is small, and is round. We compare diamond symbolizing "everlasting love" to white flower and are imagination of posy which let fresh and young brightness bloom.

"White posy" necklace
(Pt/ diamond 0.3ct/ chain approximately 60cm in total)…410,400 yen

<BREITLING> Kurono mat JSP

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / BREITLING

<BREITLING> which continues catching hot eyes from clock lovers of the world since the formation in 1884. Including stole toss gray clockface of "Kurono mat JSP" which condensed charm of Kurono mat, we have rich lineup limited model implication including everlasting masterpiece "navigator timer 01".

"Kurono mat JSP"
…From 756,000 yen

Clock repair kit Collection

■From Saturday, March 31 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry & watch studio

Periodical maintenance and everyday care become important to have you use clock habitually for a long time.
In clock repair corner of Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch, we have kizumi (loupe) and serito (cloth) which are useful for care of clock let alone overhaul from battery exchange.

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※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Jewelry & Watch Information
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