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ISETAN beauty park 1.2

ISETAN beauty park 1

It is compound facility to put the beauty together from hair, eyelash, nail, every side of tea scare, and to produce.
To parts care who wants to obtain the beauty in one step by enhancement.

TEETHART whitening spa

In the same way as skin, it is salon for customer who pursues beauty on tooth. Re-in bed belonging to flavor and Bodysonic of essential oil, relaxation goggle tori; enter, and can receive surgical operation for unhurried feeling. We check state of tooth by counseling of expert and can go ahead while talking about method of whitening with customer.

●Blight white (20-24)
●rumahowaitoningu (from six)

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3352-4618 (directly)


Nail house yasu*ko

We cannot enjoy any celebrity salon without superior technique and safety heartily. It is nail salon of Akiko Kimura produce to play an active part from Japanese nail Genesis. In space where adult is relaxing relaxedly, please thoroughly enjoy full-scale nail service by list of first-class manicure.

●HAND care & enamel KOLOR
●HAND care & KOLOR gel

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3350-5456 (directly)


Kesalan Patharan Eyelash Designing

We thoroughly analyze eye forms of each customer over 24 factors. We add request to eight "standard forms" led by the result and customize.
We design eyelashes of `only one'.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3350-1949 (directly)



hiakaaveda is concept salon which inherited straight basic concept of aveda based on natural plants ingredient practicing "the beauty and science that came out of pure flower and plant essence". Let alone offer of hair style reading atmosphere of the times, we provide design and service on chest in thought, "it wants to be time and space where each customer can feel with relax and comfort".

●Full SPECTRUM deep hair color
●botanikaruhea & scalp spa

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-5341-4862 (directly) / 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard)


ISETAN beauty park 2

Six sections that are cozy slowly on the first basement.
We perform full-scale skin care and treatment by full-time engineer.
At place of healing that is available easily while 1F spending space, time luxuriously, and being high-quality,
We provide esutitikkupuroguramu of haute couture sense.

cle de po botesaron

Basic concept provide beauty and relaxation in a short time. cle de po In addition to product of bote, we realize treatment which we put together on each skin by cosmetics and surgical operation that we developed for this salon. There is value of experience in spacious cozy personal room. MENU is fulfilling including shinerujikkuekusupuresumenyu (60 minutes) which can feel charm of salon in a short time, too.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3350-1621 (directly)



To me who am new dramatically?
We lead parts of one one to beauty only for you,
Compound model parts beauty salon "INFACIOUS."
We suggest eye where experienced specialists matched each one in the eyebrows, eyelashes, each field.
"The beauty dwells in the details". Words this as for INFACIOUS
It is salon which you can realize.

●Eyebrow treatment (the first time)
●Eyelashes extension (100 one eye 50/ eyes)

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3358-8112 (directly)



[MARYCOHR brand introduction]

MARYCOHR is aesthetics brand born in France Paris. With the history more than 35 years, we get high support from women of the world. "Basics of beauty want to lead beauty of skin of woman by skin care not the beauty of the bare skin and the transient beauty that only decorates the cause, the surface of way of thinking to be healthy with too many things above all."

[MARYCOHR treatment introduction]

Treatment to quality with original development machine "mosquito thiobiTal lift" of skin and trouble is popular among facial treatment of MARYCOHR. In addition, we offer not only machine but also hand treatment of original technique. As for the MENU for exclusive use of leg curious including treatment that body treatment is available for three simultaneous approaches by original machine "tekunisupa." Please experience the world of MARYCOHR which cares while both facial and body heal mind and body.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3355-0056 (directly)



The first COSME DECORTE salon. We counsel slowly while looking at each person's "unit skin" using skin counsel apparatus.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3350-2285 (directly)


De La Mer

We install change of clothes, private room for makeup in treatment cabin which imaged the world of the fantastic sea. We can realize effect of De La Mer by original method to the maximum.

●The radianto (80 minutes)
※In addition, we show around course.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-5369-2972 (directly)



We establish apparatus "BISPRO" (screw pro) for counseling that made full use of technology. We advise care method that fitted each one in spacious space.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3351-8070 (directly)



Sisley original treatment using essential oil which we chose to skin state. There are three kinds of paid services (basic treatment, whitening treatment, aging care treatment for each 60 minutes).
※Skin care which accepted age with aging care

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-5368-6270 (directly)


cle de po bote

cle de po Characteristic big each person's "ONE TO ONE" which overflowed in hospitality in botekaunta counseling.

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3353-9032 (directly)


ISETAN beauty park 3

As for <Institut Clarins> of the first basement, beauty treatment salon of Paris begins in 1954.
We enslaved skin of many women in original hand treatment.
In one seeking true relaxation bringing feeling of happiness in skin and heart.

Institut Clarins

Beginning of CLARINS is beauty treatment salon of Paris for 1,954 years. Using product which condensed aroma and treatment ingredients of plant, we care for in "CLARINS touch" to perform "only by CLARINS original hand" treatment.
As we choose course that is good to purpose by polite counseling to trouble of skin and body of each customer, please consult by all means.

●purovizajutoritomento (60 minutes)

[Reservations, inquiry] 03-3355-1681 (directly)


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