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Do you not feel shop to be closer?
"TSUDOIBA" (tsudoiba) is company COMMUNITY site that Mitsukoshi Isetan makes with customer together.
It is shop and is shopping and is living. Word leads to intellect.
It is place of gathering that shop strongly gets closer to with customer.


"TSUDOIBA" is online COMMUNITY site that Mitsukoshi Isetan which started in December, 2013 runs.

There is circle such as "meal" or "adult woman" to COMMUNITY and can participate in interesting topic by comment and contribution, applause of sympathy freely when we have you subscribe.

Through "TSUDOIBA," shop and customer, please enjoy information exchange between customers again. From upper button "peeping out", please see state in site.

※Registration to "TSUDOIBA" needs registration to Web member, Web MI CARD member.

"TSUDOIBA" newly registration gift

From one that had you register by the end of March, 2018 from October 1, 2017 "1,000 points of MI Point" is presented by lot by 50 people!
※I send Isetan gift certificate 1,000 yen to person who does not have MI CARD.

※Gift draws lots in the beginning of April and sends email to visit destination toward the election.

It is limited at the time of new registration,
100 COMMUNITY point
We present.

Privilege 2 participation gift

When we participate in COMMUNITY and do actions such as contribution of comment, vote, applause to en quete, COMMUNITY point collects.
Do six months with 1 season; at the time of the season end 50 points for one share by lot to 60 people
We present wonderful prize.

W gift

Is lottery from one participated in in circle; to ten MI Point 3,000 points
We present.
To person who was elected in "new registration gift" and "circle activity participation gift"
There is chance.
※I send Isetan gift certificate 3,000 yen to person who does not have MI CARD.

Flow ... of ... newly registration

It is ... for Web member, Web MI CARD member of Mitsukoshi Isetan

We enroll   We do not enroll

"TSUDOIBA" new registration
& We advance to login page

※For new registration of Web member, Web MI CARD member
Subscriber ID is necessary.

Please enroll in Web member, Web MI CARD member.

Web member ・
Of Web MI CARD member
Guidance, new registration

If registration is completed, in TSUDOIBA
Please enjoy communication.

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