ISETAN house

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About "FUN"

Password of this new place "FUN."
We want to send shopping original "FUN" in thing and thing to enjoy fashion and expression freely.
In such thought from Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the first basement of new Landmark "large Nagoya Building" in front of Nagoya Station on 2F above the ground
"ISETAN house" will open. House (HAUS) is "house" in German.
The whole building where likened various shops in floor to room, and those rooms were gathered as HAUS,
We introduce higher-grade lifestyle.

  • Kohei Nawa
  • "ISETAN house" art direction: SANDWICH Inc. (representative Kohei Nawa)

    Platform for creation that "SANDWICH" was born as renovation did sandwiche factory sign along Uji River of Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi in 2009.
    Sculptor, the cause, Aristrist and designer of direction of Kohei Nawa, creators of various genres including architect gather and develop collaboration in open network. Various projects are in progress for all-at-onceness including Residence program that ULTRA SANDWICH PROJECT where student plays a key role and domestic and foreign creators stay.
    • Main project

      "KYODO HOUSE" design of a house (Tokyo)
      "NEMIKA Hiroo Store" interior design (Tokyo)
      "IMA Concept Store" interior design (Tokyo)
      "FUTURE CURATION" Isetan Shinjuku (Tokyo)
      "KOHEI NAWA | SANDWICH exhibition (Tokyo, Kanazawa)
      "White Pulse" DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza (Tokyo)
      "INTERIEUR 2012 Design Award" receiving a prize (Belgium)
      "COMME des GARCON 2012 S/S Collection" (Paris)
      "ANTEROOM | SANDWICH (Kyoto)
    • ISETAN HAUS X SANDWICH/ Kohei Nawa campaign site starts!

      Site mainly on artwork by creative platform "SANDWICH.Inc" which Kohei Nawa leads in charge of art direction of ISETAN HAUS for a limited time is open.
      We regard "crystal" which is concept of store design as "kind", and "MONOGATARI" (show) is developed by wall paper which is one of interior erementsu of ISETAN HAUS so that bud appears from kind.
      In addition, by number style of handwriting made from real chandelier layout, the time elapsed is counted up graphically by site establishment. Kohei Nawa interview is published, too, and site itself becomes art work.


  • <un deseo> POP UP STORE
  • <un deseo> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 25 to Tuesday, April 14
    ■The first-floor = ladies' goods

    Pray for "un deseo" "in Spanish;". When I wear and have brightness, request of person wearing realized shiningly, I make accessories of <undeseo> one point of cause of thought one point.
    We have popular star from motif tota Item to colorful Item like spring.


ISETAN house


3-28-12, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi University Nagoya Building Shops&Restaurants B1-2F

TEL: 052-224-2222 (main switchboard)

Store opening hours From 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Open throughout the year (according to large Nagoya Building Shops&Restaurants)

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