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Seven-Five-Three Festival plan of Formalwear Rental, beauty, photograph

Seven-Five-Three Festival plan of Formalwear Rental, beauty, photograph

■Reservations acceptance period: Formalwear Rental: Formalwear Rental: From Thursday, May 10 to 14th (Mon), from Thursday, June 7 to Sunday, November 25 Beauty, photograph: From Thursday, May 10 to Friday, November 30 ■Sagamihara Store 5F = Formalwear Rental Grandjour / Isetan Photo studio, the sixth-floor = Beauty salon TAYA ※Venue of (Mon) becomes Sagamihara 7F = banquet room for from Thursday, May 10 to 14th.

For celebration and taking a ceremonial photograph such as the Seven-Five-Three Festival, graduation ceremony, coming-of-age ceremony, <photograph + beauty + Formalwear Rental> offered Facial mask in high quality that it was in one in <Isetan Photo studio> that trust was high by Beauty salon <TAYA> with reputation, reliable filmcraft by professional in popular Formalwear Rental <Grandjour> and superior beauty technology by various assortment of goods in advantageous season.
Formalwear Rental GrandjourBeauty salon TAYAIsetan Photo studio

During the following period, it is fine sunlight of customer who made a reservation at period of apparel rental and beauty, photography.
(※ we heard Reservations at any time during this period.)
As we offer advantageous early special Facial mask, please see list of charges in detail.

Normal plan: From Saturday, September 1 to Friday, November 30
Early special Facial mask: From Sunday, July 1 to Friday, August 31

In addition, before Reservations application on the day, we actually hold "Seven-Five-Three Festival Formalwear Rental display advance order fair" that you can see apparel in venue. As you can try on, please use.

The second Seven-Five-Three Festival Formalwear Rental Reservations society ※Complete Reservations system

From Thursday, June 7 to 10th (Sun) ■Sagamihara Store 5F = "Formalwear Rental gurannjuru"

You can try on Formalwear Rental in venue.
Complete Reservations system. Apply over telephone by all means beforehand.
We make Reservations in the following from Thursday, May 31.
※Try-on of apparel of per person one hour 30 minutes need reservations, but may have to wait.

■Reservations acceptance period: From Thursday, May 31 to Sunday, June 10 ■Time in: From 10:00 to 6:00
[Reservations, inquiry] telephone 042-740-5272 (directly) 042-740-3359 (number for exclusive use of reservation):

We accept Reservations of Formalwear Rental of from Monday, June 11 to Sunday, November 25 in Sagamihara Store 5F = Formalwear Rental Grandjour and guide sequentially.

Flows from Reservations to apparel return
5F, the sixth-floor floor Map
Catalogue request form
We mail Seven-Five-Three Festival catalogue.
Application from this.

※Price is all tax-included.

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