8F Elegant udon dishes, soba dishes Utaandon


  • [Ash] December low dining table one portion 2,580 yen
        Seasonal shellfish with Japanese pepper and ginger boiled in sweetened soy sauce that Matsusaka beef using yellowtail is deluxe in winter in the future
        Of tuna winter yellowtail sashimi seasonal vegetables cook, and put together
        It is set such as scallop rice liking mini-pan udon of yellowtail in winter

Spring is taste calendar the winter warmth for coloring, summer cool air, autumn crop seasonally.

We mind flavor and are proud of original udon and Japanese dishes for taste. Kuwana Main Store of Ise founded in 1877 became stage of masterpiece "Utaandon" of Kyoka Izumi. [Utaandon] We succeed to taste and flavor of noodle shop (current Utaandon) which this rains off and on for Tempura, finish that we fried to strong udon of waist nicely, and appears in novel called chazuke. As there are private room of moat kotatsu type, large room, please use for Trickster such as hospitality of the important congratulations or condolence, dinner meeting, welcome and farewell party in families by all means.

An example of MENU plan


  • 980 yen

Grand MENU

  • 1,420 yen

  • 1,470 yen

  • 3,890 yen

    ※Photograph becomes two portions.

  • 6,000 yen

    ※Photograph becomes three portions.

  • 6,000 yen

    ※Photograph becomes three portions.


  • Beer mug 670 yen out of draft beer Kirin

  • Others

※Price is all tax-included.

Store information

Store opening hours

From 11:00 to 22:00
※Please refer to the following Store hours for the details.

Phone number

03(3341) 1116
The number of seatsAll 48 seats
MENU for childNothing
Private roomExistence kotatsu set in the floor type Japanese-style room
(possible to 22 people)
Entering a shop with wheelchairPossible
Smoking sectionExistence (but entirely non-smoking until 14:00)
Store opening hoursLunch from 11:00 to 16:00 <LARA strike order 16:00>
Dinner from 16:00 to 22:00 <last order 21:30>
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