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  • Wednesday, October 24 issue

    Both season, city / nutrition and taste are the first now new sen! Therefore "seasonal ingredients" delicious. 30 laps of / food special sale / Tohoku fair / <Toshin Suisan> bluefin tuna (culture) dismantling demonstration sale / MI CARD commemorative MI CARD positive new enrollment campaign

  • Wednesday, October 10 issue, 17th (Wed)

    Niigata, Nagano product exhibition / gentleman fashion sale / Isetan Fuchuu Each Floor information
    Let's begin new thing. Newly U.S. special sale where face of festival sports Festa / accessories & jewelry sale / producer of the adult-style / beauty and health is seen

※By circumstances of diversity, we may change exhibition period.
In addition, we may not offer some publication products. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

NEWS���m� point

  • <Tara Blanca> Autumn & winter collection

    <Tara Blanca> Autumn & winter collection

    ■From Wednesday, October 17 to 23rd (Tue)
    ■The first-floor = season Accessories
    Original stole brand <Tara Blanca> which plays the original world.
    It spreads through the sky of pink purple in connection with winter theme "MAGICAL DREAMS" in the autumn of 2018
    We introduce hand embroidery stole of New Item reflecting the image of flowers.

  • Beat; DE monte

    Beat; DE monte

    ■The seventh-floor = import Toy
    "We beat, and DE monte" intended toward child and the protector until - 3 years old and a half for approximately four months,
    It is experience-based classroom based on montessori education.
    In relation that know interest and stages of development of child through imminent toy, and is appropriate child
    Please sense state to change bodily.

    Reservations, inquiry: Telephone 042(334) 1290 (Toy Counter direct communication)

  • Pez rock X LeSportsac

    Pez rock X LeSportsac

    ■Wednesday, October 17 release
    ■The first-floor = LeSportsac
    Collaboration Collection with LeSportsac and British Accessories brand <Pez rock>.
    We made yugo of portrait of pet even with pop culture in popular style of LeSportsac.

  • <AGIO> Halloween buffet party

    <AGIO> Halloween buffet party

    ■Tuesday, October 30 from 6:00 to 9:30 (5:45 - opening)    ※Reservations in shop
     For taking a seat buffet party, please be reserved in time you like after 6:00.
    ■ajio in the ninth-floor = EAT PARADISE
     You disguise yourself, and do you not enjoy Halloween together?
     Come in "disguise" (even as for the one point, possible) as dress code.
     The staff disguises himself/herself, too and invites all of you♪
     (on the day as we offer fitting room for disguise, we come to the store and are after
      Change of clothes is possible, too.)

    ☆Entrance fee: Only as for 4 belonging to adult free drink, the 000 yen dishes, it is 2, 800 yen
         Primary schoolchild free drink 1, 800 yen (as for preschool child (6 years old or younger), free) belonging to
         Child event as for "seize of cake" in fun!

    ★Buffet MENU : Caesar salad, marinade, deep-fried chicken of sumokusamonto,
     Ton NART sauce of navy bean, Halloween pizza, spaghetti peperoncino,
     Risotto, heap of Italian cheese and roasted pork, Halloween DOLCE
    ★Free drink : Sparkling wine, white, red wine, highball, cocktail,
     Soft drinks
    ※Dishes contents may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

    Reservations, inquiry : 042-351-9135 (a geo-direct from 11:00 to 9:00)



    ■From Wednesday, October 10 to 23rd (Tue)
    ■The third-floor = authentic salon AMACA
    It was light and had outer including coat of good double-faced cloth made and coat that fur errand was elegant abundantly. As for the design, it is checked KOLOR color with the freshness with boldness like this year
    We offer Item.
    During period, we hold campaign that gift is toward the Purchase more than 32, 400 yen by lot
    We do.

  • <POLO RALPH LAUREN golf> Introduction of New Item Collection of the autumn of 2018

    <POLO RALPH LAUREN golf> Introduction of New Item Collection of the autumn of 2018

    ■From Wednesday, October 10 to 23rd (Tue)
    ■The fifth-floor = POLO RALPH LAUREN golf
    <POLO RALPH LAUREN golf> Autumn/Winter Collection has including pants and outer of Black Watch print of this for 2,018 years whether it is full of All-Rounder including logo with sense of fun.
    In addition, other than gray and navy that are refined as for KOLOR at Bordeaux and coming time including green
    We introduce good color.

  • News of the Isetan Fuchuu business end

    News of the Isetan Fuchuu business end

    Isetan Fuchuu which had all of you favor will finish business on Monday, September 30, 2019.
    For a long time, we express sincere appreciation for customer who had you favor until now and,
    We will cause trouble by this business end very much and I really am sorry and sincerely apologize.
    In addition, do not change as will meet request of customer sincerely until business end day in order to appreciate patronage to all the employees this; please favor.

    September, 2018
    Mitsukoshi, Ltd. Isetan

  • <Slice Of Life> New Item introduction

    <Slice Of Life> New Item introduction

    ■From Wednesday, September 19 to Tuesday, November 13
    ■The second-floor = jeans
    We introduce New Item autumn than <Slice Of Life> treating life Accessories doing comfortable arrival at daily life and living wealthily.
    During period, we give gift to the first 20 people of Purchase more than 21, 600 yen.

  • "Isetan store application" began.

    "Isetan store application" began.

    Shopping application of Isetan began.
    We will tell by notice of push including real information of favorite store and advantageous coupon.
    Downloading method is easy. You can read from the left QR cord.
    For happily more convenience more shopping. Please use.
    ※About downloading, the use of application, registration of personal information is unnecessary.
    ※The use of Mitsukoshi, Isetan online store needs registration of WEB member.

  • We do it Isetan Fuchuu LINE @!

    We do it Isetan Fuchuu LINE @!


    We send information of event and LINE @ limitation of Isetan Fuchuu.
    When search by "ID" from "friend addition" of LINE application in "@ isetanfuchu", immediately
    We can register♪

  • Formal wear

    Formal wear


    ■Fuchu shop 3F = Ladies formal wear
    We introduce New Item Item of this season and Item various to component suit which can choose black formal, design and size of Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited, size-rich ensemble, underwear. We introduce by bridal guestware and occasion wear, various assortment of goods including introduction of interview suit which you can put on at place of ceremony. In addition, we hold event & fairs for a limited time.

    From Click here for details>>

  • Heartful Station

    Heartful Station


    ■Regular acceptance ■Fuchu shop 6F = Heartful Station
    We heard introduction of product to do daily livings more wealthily and order over telephone "more wonderful" of customer "is more comfortable" and to meet feeling in Heartful Station "happily". We put true heart and help with the "daily life of smile" making of.

    From Click here for details>>

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