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  • Wednesday, December 12, 19th (Wed)

    / Isetan Fuchuu Each Floor information / baby, child clothes sale / Triumph sale / Ladies Nightwear that wonderful memory makes the future, underwear sale / Ladies cold protection Accessories sale / food sale
    "+2%" of Ladies specialty store sale / <Maruzen> sale book & foreign book sale / MI CARD in Christmas / small-sized Ladies' Clothing strawberry sale / winter to enjoy in my home point up campaign

※By circumstances of diversity, we may change exhibition period.
In addition, we may not offer some publication products. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

NEWS���m� point

  • <KUUSI6> Period limited sale

    <KUUSI6> Period limited sale

    ■Wednesday, December 12 - 18 (Tue)
    ■The first-floor = wallet
    We had bag and hat using wool felt felt with warmth by wool felt writer, Kumi Dairaku by "manufacturing felt", "it was slightly simple and is warm" by concept.

  • <Maruzen> Fun Science!

    <Maruzen> Fun Science!

    ■Until Monday, December 31
    ■The seventh-floor = Maruzen
    Hourglass of unique movement to be able to enjoy mysterious chemical change and phenomenon as interior is colorful, and thermometer of pop glass float introduces.

  • <Lucia> Christmas fair

    <Lucia> Christmas fair

    ■Until Tuesday, December 25
    ■The fourth-floor = clock
    Christmas limited item which 12 crystal glass which featured the theme of "we give oneself this winter" glistens with
    nado is various and has and introduces.

    Right wing radio time signal / stainless steel (partly pink gold-colored plating) 70, 200 yen

  • Albert Elba X LeSportsac

    Albert Elba X LeSportsac

    ■Wednesday, December 12 release
    ■The first-floor = LeSportsac
    Collaboration series with Albert Elba of fashion designer.
    Quilting design of trendy metallic and rich impression comes up this season.

  • <PETIT BATEAU> Christmas fair

    <PETIT BATEAU> Christmas fair

    ■From Monday, December 10 to 25th (Tue)
    ■The seventh-floor = babyware
    Pretty dress or cardigan which were most suitable for Christmas gift were prepared.
    During period more than 16, 200 yen to the first ten people of Purchase <PETIT BATEAU> original bag
    We give.

  • <CITIZEN> Cloth sea fair

    <CITIZEN> Cloth sea fair

    ■From Wednesday, December 5 to 25th (Tue)
    ■The fourth-floor = clock
    <the atessa X cloth sea> From two series, the first limited pair model appears.
    Under the theme of "starlit sky," it features rich blue dial reflecting the image of winter night sky.

    Eco-Drive radio time signal / titanium for each 108, 000 yen

  • <Beith Lee> Warm pants campaign

    <Beith Lee> Warm pants campaign

    ■From Wednesday, November 21 to Tuesday, December 25
    ■The fourth-floor = Beith Lee
    <Beith Lee> Then warm pants to get cold, and not to know were prepared mainly on popular "double warm pants" with outstanding warmth abundantly.
    During period, it is gift with pants or card mirror original in shoes toward the Purchase
    We do.
    ※Number includes limit. Forgive on out of stock.

  • <mikihouse> Christmas fair

    <mikihouse> Christmas fair

    ■From Wednesday, November 14 to Tuesday, December 25
    ■The seventh-floor = mikihouse
    We suggest Item that is most suitable for duffel coat and knit accessory of Trad-style, Christmas gift including toy.
    During period, one presents blanket toward the Purchase more than 32, 400 yen in picture book or greeting card toward the Purchase more than 16, 200 yen.

  • News of the Isetan Fuchuu business end

    News of the Isetan Fuchuu business end

    Isetan Fuchuu which had all of you favor will finish business on Monday, September 30, 2019.
    For a long time, we express sincere appreciation for customer who had you favor until now and,
    We will cause trouble by this business end very much and I really am sorry and sincerely apologize.
    In addition, do not change as will meet request of customer sincerely until business end day in order to appreciate patronage to all the employees this; please favor.

    September, 2018
    Mitsukoshi, Ltd. Isetan

  • "Isetan store application" began.

    "Isetan store application" began.

    Shopping application of Isetan began.
    We will tell by notice of push including real information of favorite store and advantageous coupon.
    Downloading method is easy. You can read from the left QR cord.
    For happily more convenience more shopping. Please use.
    ※About downloading, the use of application, registration of personal information is unnecessary.
    ※The use of Mitsukoshi, Isetan online store needs registration of WEB member.

  • We do it Isetan Fuchuu LINE @!

    We do it Isetan Fuchuu LINE @!


    We send information of event and LINE @ limitation of Isetan Fuchuu.
    When search by "ID" from "friend addition" of LINE application in "@ isetanfuchu", immediately
    We can register♪

  • Formal wear

    Formal wear


    ■Fuchu shop 3F = Ladies formal wear
    We introduce New Item Item of this season and Item various to component suit which can choose black formal, design and size of Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited, size-rich ensemble, underwear. We introduce by bridal guestware and occasion wear, various assortment of goods including introduction of interview suit which you can put on at place of ceremony. In addition, we hold event & fairs for a limited time.

    From Click here for details>>

  • Heartful Station

    Heartful Station


    ■Regular acceptance ■Fuchu shop 6F = Heartful Station
    We heard introduction of product to do daily livings more wealthily and order over telephone "more wonderful" of customer "is more comfortable" and to meet feeling in Heartful Station "happily". We put true heart and help with the "daily life of smile" making of.

    From Click here for details>>

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