Help of Heartful Station wonderful comfortable happy silver life

True heart puts the "daily life of smile" making of and helps. In Heartful Station, we value communication with customer, and variation has life Accessories or care article "doing wear and shoes, everyday living "making outing scene fun more splendidly" comfortably more easily" wealthily. In addition, specialized salesperson accepts your consultation.
Information for each store

■Tachikawa Store 6F = Heartful Station
Toll free number: 0120-826-820

■Urawa Store 5F = Heartful Station
Toll free number: 0120-599-303

■Sagamihara Store 3F = Heartful Station
Toll free number: 0120-166-115

■Fuchu shop 6F = Heartful Station
Toll free number: 0120-885-564

I want information to want to talk more, and to be helpful
We accept consultation about care from selection of product of daily life to spend every day to be able to live on smile for.
Counselor specialized in welfare tool

Isetan <Heartful Station> catches "specific welfare tool sale designation office" authorization. Counselor (person in charge who attended class of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare authorization) specialized in welfare tool accepts consultation about welfare tool (※ Sagamihara Store, Fuchu shop is excluded).

Please value various things in living.
In spite of being acceptance, true heart loads with the making of in "every day of smile" and helps introduction of product to do daily livings more wealthily and consultation "more wonderful" of customer "is more comfortable" and to meet feeling in Heartful Station "happily".
Information for service
Customer having rental of pillow, mattress service MI CARD can purchase after having you try some products of pillow, mattress of <tempyuru> for one week.When you want stick adjustment, rubber chip follow service stick, we do size adjustment and cut. In addition, to wanting customer, we do notification of rubber chip exchange of stick point.It is wide fitting room which is available with wheelchair which convenient facilities offered.
Handling product
Clothing Men's and ladies' shoes Stick Shopping car rollator
Pillow, mat cushion Accessories connection Healthy appliance Meal
Wheelchair Shower bath items Portable toilet Paper diaper
Hearing aid

※Tachikawa, Fuchu shop
The handling in this


※In Tachikawa, Fuchu shop
The handling

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