For a limited time

Winter recommended MENU

□November 1 [water] -30 days [tree]
※Some dish content may vary according to the situation of the stocking.

  • <Tenichi> Autumn special low dining table 2,214 yen
    (Tempura (prawns *2, autumn salmon, kinmedai, eggplant, lotus root, chestnut, mushroom), salad, small dish, rice, miso soup with fishmeat, pickles)

  • <sei*tei> Winter western dishes plate 1,836 yen
    (with hambagusutekimaderasosu winter field greens, gratin of queen crab, lady daikon and colorful salad yuzu pepper dressing of lotus root, potage, rice of pumpkin or staple grains rice or bread, coffee or tea)

  • <Ginza Aster play Aya> fried rice set 2,160 yen of Uchiko of prawns and crab
    (prawns and fried rice of Uchiko of crab, seasonal soup, pickled vegetables, with fruit almond jelly)
    ※It becomes MENU only for noon.

  • <Lushan> Sasanqua 1,944 yen
    (you finish from Chutoro, salmon, white, glistening-skinned fish, red prawns, squid (life, and expand), egg, rose crab, salmon roe small bowl, torotaku roll (half), chawanmushi, wooden bowl, desert)

  • <Utaandon> Bright moon on a frosty night set 1,890 yen
    (sashimi, fried food, small dish two points, domestic beef sukiyaki white tab sause, seasonal rice, chawanmushi, miso soup, pickled vegetables, sweetness)

  • <Kihachi Italian> deraito 2,700 yen
    (selectable appetizer, selectable pasta or main dish, focaccia, dessert, coffee or tea)
    ※It becomes MENU only for noon.

  • <Sarashina Horii> Kenchin-soba 1,555 yen

  • <Moretto> set 1,296 yen of takana greens pilaf and salt malted rice pork
    (takana greens pilaf (crepe Zanthoxylum Fruit, takana greens, egg), Obanzai, grilled salt malted rice, salad, soup, drink of Tanba Heights pork)

  • <ISETAN dining> crab handbill low dining table 1,566 yen
    (Tempura, chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles, fruit of crab handbill, queen crab and mushrooms)

  • <sosonjie> mushrooms cheese beef bulgogi small kettle set 1,520 yen
    (mushrooms cheese beef bulgogi small kettle, salad, chijimi, kimchi, rice)
    ※It becomes MENU only for noon.

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