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  • Wednesday, June 28 issue

    / japansensuizu / here antenna shop Festival / summer special sale / TOPICS during O-chugen (Midsummer Gifts) gift center establishment

  • Wednesday, June 21 issue

    Summer cosmetic festival / dainty food festival / just season selection / size art exhibition / Ladies formal sale / TOPICS

※By circumstances of diversity, we may change exhibition period.
In addition, we may not offer some publication products. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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  • By the Isetan I CARD store enrollment, we present <br>1, 000 yen coupon! <br> summer new enrollment campaign

    By the Isetan I CARD store enrollment,
    We present 1, 000 yen coupon!
    Summer new enrollment campaign

    ■From Thursday, June 1 to Monday, July 31

    In one that had you enroll new during period at store in Isetan I CARD,
    We give shopping 1, 000 yen coupon without exception.
    Furthermore, from the day when we had you enroll, it is privilege of 5% point!

    From Click here for details>>

  • Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Isetan.

    Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Isetan.

    All the visitors
                              Shizuoka Isetan
    We give employee of Isetan and we say with "there is person who is going to do shopping using card of visitor" and telephone and say with "we let you contact from bank association as card of visitor may be used illegally" more and get banker of visitor, account number, password persuasively, and fraud to visit home, and to keep bank cards occurs frequently.
    Caution (Please be careful…) enough from our employee or person giving Japanese Bankers Association not to make any telephone and certainly teaching account information such as passwords even if we have a visit, and handing bank card.
    Emergency, such a telephone if have a visit, notification, please talk with the nearest police station immediately.

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