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Service guide: Showroom / visit service

Passing asks other than store

We ask home of guidance and visitor to various showrooms.

Guidance to showroom

Guidance to showroom

atendo Main Building 5F free of charge to furniture, curtain carpet showroom

■Main building 5F = furniture, curtain carpet

We go together depending on hope of visitor to showroom and help with selection of product.
※We talk about Time & Date of company.
※It is limited to showroom of brand with the handling in shop.

Introduction Main Building 5F free of charge of bed showroom

■Main building 5F = bedroom

We introduce Seelye, Simmons, Japanese bed, France Bed, showroom of bedclothing manufacturer including tempyuru. You can actually try much mattress, pillows in spacious environment.
We heard the receipt of money in MI CARD.
Please inquire for other privileges. (03-3225-2669 bedclothing direct telephone call number)
※It is limited to showroom of brand with the handling in shop.

Visit service

Visit service

Check and advice Main Building 7F free of charge of kimono that chest diagnosis of kimono is unexploited

■Main building 7F = KIMONO

The specialized staff visits home and diagnoses kimono lying in the depths of chest. We accept consultation such as care, storage, recycling.
※Visit Aria ask person in charge in detail.

Visit Main Building 5F free of charge about Return gift for funeral offering

■Main building 5F = gift salon

The experience-rich staff asks home of visitor and, until rearranging on list and making of greeting card, selection of article, accepts consultation about Buddhist memorial service.

Flower arrange park city 3.1 floor reservation system pay at place that we arrange, and service home wants to establish of flower

■Park city 3.1 floor = Daiichi Engei

<Daiichi Engei> kohenyu*shi of Isetan Shinjuku exclusive belonging flower designer asks home and place of designation, and arrange seasonal flower, and coordinate.
※Acceptance place: Shinjuku-ku, Suginami-ku, Shibuya-ku, Nakano-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Minato-ku, Chuo-ku
※It is limited than straight charge for geisha's service 21,600 yen.
※Ask person in charge about the details.

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