"Milan-style" of elegant, soft impression model. Large collar, high inside collar, silhouette to fit clearly are characteristic.

<ISETAN men's Milan-style>
From custom-made shirt newly made 15,000 yen + tax
※Handing over plan: After approximately four weeks




Bio Wash Service

Shirt of this side made processing of washing on back shirt.
To the price of normal order, it is possible with up CHARGE of 5,000 yen + tax.
※There might be shrinkage, discoloration by material.

Product washing processing of custom-made shirt which washes product, and ready-made clothes of processing are not rare, but was made to own size is right the world's first attempt. In form to personalize biowash technology, we were able to enjoy tasteful state from the completion. Even Order-made Shirts washes product, and please enjoy processing.

※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive gnarl out of stock.