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Floor Guide Men's Building 5F

5F Business Clothing
We aim at sacred place of business floor for business man and positioning, establishment of "tailor closing" of world NO.1 floor.
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▶ Men's Building 5F

Business Clothing

It is for floor constitution that "order" makes say Men's Building 5F in all saying "suit" is in "new business-style". We plan yugo of European and American suit culture and Japanese suit culture and are particular about suit thoroughly and create new standard of business suit represented by jacket slacks.

Custom Made

We have domestic and foreign suits on overwhelming scale to meet request of visitor with ISETAN men's. In addition, we introduce procedure about custom-made shirt.

Custom-made shirt
Custom-made shirt procedure
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A lot of custom-made shirts-style

▶ American style ▶ yellowtail tissue-style
▶ Milan-style
Custom tailoring
Custom tailoring
Maid toe measure
Maid toe measure

Formal Wear

Formal wear to wear depending on TPO, and to distribute. In morning dress, director's suit, black suit, tuxedo, Tail coat and time when we come to call, we show around style appropriate for time including formality of place.

We wear depending on time and place and situation and distribute formal wear.

We wear in time and distribute.

There are daytime formal dress and night formal dress in formal dress and chooses clothes in total at the end time of meeting using the time as an indication at 6:00 p.m. (in the winter season 5:00 p.m.). But we can wear black suit without distinction of the night and day.

We wear in simplified form of place and distribute.

We choose clothes of status of meeting place where there is division of original formal dress, associate formal dress, abbreviation formal dress sequentially having high status, status deserving to be depending on scale of meeting, style of event as formal dress.

We wear in situation and distribute.

We choose high clothes of status so that relations with the leading role are deep so that one's situation is near the leading role. General attendance prevents you from wearing clothes that it is higher in status than the leading role.

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