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Ma Patisserie A

<Iigura Katamachi / Chianti>

<Iigura Katamachi / Chianti>

■From Wednesday, August 23 to Monday, August 28

Please enjoy well-established cake with play heart of founding <Chianti> in 1960 made for adults and children with heart of child with heart of adult. Chocolate cooky lets chocolate dough feel autumn opening in walnut and deep taste using raw sugar. Lemon cooky can have fresh acidity of lemon and moderate sweetness of white chocolate in the lingering summer heat deliciously. It is recommended assortment in autumn to have you enjoy in summer.

Mixed cooky
    (one set) 4.104 yen

  • From Wednesday, August 30 to Tuesday, September 5 <Chuorinkan / mezonjibure>

Ma Patisserie B

<Nishiogikubo / makaroneshokora>

<Nishiogikubo / makaroneshokora>

■From Wednesday, August 16 to Tuesday, September 5

"Macaron bolo" which Tetsuya Miura who showed arm as shiefupatishie of store specializing in macarons <makaroneshokora> produced when we had me taste macaron more easily. We squeezed macaron dough small and baked in mild texture quickly. Strawberry, citron, cocoa, flavor including pistachio are various and are addicted taste.

Macaron bolo MIX
     (35 g) 648 yen

  • From Wednesday, September 6 to Tuesday, September 12 <Jiyugaoka roll shop>

※Price is all tax-included.
※There is thing limited in number. Forgive on absence of goods.

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