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Ma Patisserie A

<Daisen / yerba mate riel>

<Daisen / yerba mate riel>

■From Wednesday, June 21 to Tuesday, June 27

Under the theme of "with French cake which makes use of the subject matter, and fits Japanese climate, culture," we set up shop in Daisen, Itabashi-ku <yerba mate riel>. "Yerba mate riel" is French; "material." Please enjoy clean aftertaste and lingering sound while drawing flavor of various material.
Particularly, recommendation "vowaiyaju." It is soft fresh sweet of the orthodox school to be hard to fall apart, and not to care about carrying around.
It is Cheesecake style which "vowaiyaju Fromage" repeats souffle thick rare cheese cream and cheese dough, and added refreshing feel in lemon flavor.
"vowaiyaju chocolate" is chocolate cake of taste that is heavy, and was refined that gave orange flavor with enclosure, two kinds of cloth between two levels of caramel chocolate and objection chocolate.

vowaiyaju Fromage / vowaiyaju chocolate
    (for each one) For each 2.200 yen

  • From Wednesday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 4 <Kakio / yl feh Joule>

Ma Patisserie B



■From Wednesday, June 21 to Tuesday, July 11

Grilled confectionary <bloom> in town, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo of sweets. We bake by hand of craftsman carefully one by one and, using materials which selected carefully, are crowded. We draw powder and flavor of butter to the maximum by baking both tart and baked goods deeply well, and being crowded. We bake apple, and, as for "CLAN Boe apple tart," flavor using high quality butter and almond with skin is crowded with high almond creams.

CLAN Boe apple tart
     (1 cut) 400 yen

  • From Wednesday, July 12 to Tuesday, July 25 <TAICHIRO MORINAGA>

※Price is all tax-included.
※There is thing limited in number. Forgive on absence of goods.

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