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Ma Patisserie A

<Nakameguro / patisurikakaoettopari>

<Nakameguro / patisurikakaoettopari>

From Wednesday, October 18 to Tuesday, October 24

The tart Tatung Co. plan second to make with new thing apple introduces "modern apple Tatung Co." of <patisurikakaoettopari> and "classic apple Tatung Co.".
Tatung Co. of Jonathan apple, cinnamon cream caramel of yogurt, layer of bubble of apple are piled up in "modern apple Tatung Co." on the greening puree. Sweetness and acidity, body and flavor that each layer has when we mix the whole are connected with each other exquisitely and can thoroughly enjoy frank taste although being complicated.
"Classic apple Tatung Co." is tart Tatung Co. which taste of condensed Jonathan apple can enjoy with Mascarpone SHANTii cream, caramel cream.

 In image: Modern apple Tatung Co. (nothing) 601 yen
 Bottom out of image: Classic apple Tatung Co. (nothing) 1.242 yen

  • From Wednesday, October 25 to Tuesday, October 31 <Himonnya / patisurijunujita>

Ma Patisserie B



From Wednesday, October 18 to Tuesday, October 31

<Minimal> Oh, we go to visit cacao farms of the world directly and manage all steps before choosing cacao bean of good quality, and there being chocolate bar rate from cacao bean in the stocking, company studio and are "Bean to Bar Chocolate" producing specialty store. We make use of individuality of cacao bean and are particular about expression of cacao bean original taste and flavor thoroughly.
"FRUITY BERRY-LIKE" (Vietnam) has acidity and bitterness, and strong drink and affinity of fruit taste are good, and pairing with herb tea, *iri ri coffee or wine is recommended. At the time of feeling that wants to be refreshed in strong fruit, please enjoy with solid wine.

     (50 g) 1.296 yen

  • From Wednesday, November 1 to Tuesday, November 28 <shortbread house of Edinburgh>

※Price is all tax-included.
※There is thing limited in number. Forgive on absence of goods.