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Winter Doyo

Winter Doyo

■Fresh market
Sale period: Until Friday, February 2

 Opinion which idea man Gennai Hiraga of Edo spread custom to eat eel on day on summer Doyo is famous,
In fact, season of natural eel winter (Gennai Hiraga is terrible!) .
On Doyo, Sunday, January 21, two Oxes are Friday, February 2 one 2:00 a.m. in this winter. Natural eel of Shizuoka Hamanako which fully saved nutrition for cold. Taste that we did with wall thickness unexpectedly plainly is Nara in winter. Affinity with discerning sauce is outstanding, too.

   / nature eel long roast from Shizuoka
     (140g/1 tail) 6.480 yen

※Image is image.
※By circumstances such as weather of the arrival there may not be.

Winter Doyo

Winter Doyo

■Sweet no taste
Sale period:
From Wednesday, January 17 to Sunday, January 21 /1 31 days a month from Wednesday to Friday, February 2

 Secret noted product on day on Doyo Doyo rice cake (ankoro rice cake). In manners and customs to come to Kansai and Hokuriku, as for the rice cake, adzuki bean is said to be "strong person" to be turned on to good luck charm when we can spend in perfect state of health when we eat.
Having been continued since 1716 from Kyoto confectionary. Is smooth with tender rice cake; went, and wrapped in bean jam.

   ankoro rice cake
     (1 piece) 270 yen

kitchen stage kitchen stage

Ginza <aroma FRESCA> owner chef Shinji Harada

Ginza <aroma FRESCA> owner chef Shinji Harada

■From Wednesday, January 10 to Monday, January 29
16 seats of from 10:30 to 8:00 (last order: at 7:00) / seat every day

Popular shop which can sense Italian food which is contemporary that <aroma FRESCA> of Ginza with store's name of meaning of "fresh flavor" is oriented to material bodily with Gokan. It is luxurious course appropriate for this time when we had chef Harada devise the first kitchen stage in 2018. Pia Myrvold Dena of peeler salad and koppa of colorful vegetables to have in Botargo Bagna cauda sauce, course to begin to three articles, and to complete in biankomanjare of melty minestrone with full of potherb. Please have gorgeous Italian food at the start at eating out.

[course MENU]
ANTIPAST + main + DOLCE (per person)
・Pasta course 3.240 yen
・Risotto course 3.780 yen
・Meat course 3.564 yen

[ANTIPAST (assorted three kinds alignment)]
・Peeler salad Botargo Bagna cauda sauce of colorful vegetables
・Pia Myrvold Dena of koppa
・Aroma FRESCA style minestrone

[main] You can choose in two kinds of pasta, risotto, meat more.
・Deep red queen crab and Spaghettini of fresh tomato
・Spaghettini of meat sauce and radikkio of Japanese beef
・rizopirafu of eel tohanabira mushrooms
・This is duxelles sauce of mattone mushrooms of person regional chicken

・biankomanjare of Yoshimoto milk

※You can have pasta and DOLCE mentioned above in one piece of article.
 Pasta for each 1.836 yen
 DOLCE 540 yen

※We become sales people from 12:15 for seminar holding on Monday, January 15, Monday, January 22.
※A part of the MENU may be changed by convenience. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※As you are available in limited quantities, forgive gnarl out of stock.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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