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Season to enjoy "bitterness" in spring

Season to enjoy "bitterness" in spring

■Grand curve
※Sale period: From Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Monday, February 27
As number includes limit, on absence of goods, forgive.
※Drinking of one younger than 20 years is forbidden by law.

 We immerse roots of dandelion in distilled liquor using potato. Exhilarating feeling and rhythm of bitterness to aperitif.

 <Oslo hunting Burk D stila Lee>
   MARCA bitter
     (/500ml/35 degree made in Norway) 4.050 yen

Season to enjoy "bitterness" in spring

Season to enjoy "bitterness" in spring

■Sweet no taste
※Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited
※Sale period: From Wednesday, February 15 to Monday, February 27

 "Tang rice-flour cake flavored with mugwort" using fan-tailed warbler mugwort. We wrapped bean jam containing whole beans and pushed branding iron of arabesque design.

   Arabesque rice cake
     (1 piece) 186 yen

kitchen stage kitchen stage

Ginza <six wild geese> chef Akiyama ability Hisashi

Ginza <six wild geese> chef Akiyama ability Hisashi

■From Wednesday, February 15 to Monday, February 27
16 seats of from 10:30 to 8:00 (last order: at 7:00) / seat every day

Japanese restaurant <six wild goose> which provides "Tokyo Style in front of new Edo" in the ground of Ginza that is the place of dispatch of culture. We visit Akiyama chef oneself Noto this year secondary to last year and prepare thought of producer who touched there to dish only by chef. We began with hors d'oeuvre and expressed dish that view of the world of Akiyama chef spread through one plate in set meal-style. Above all, Shiitake mushroom which "depths Baraki, Noto shiitake activation meeting" that producer and Ishikawa create raw wood shiitake "nototemari" of depths Noto pushes forward branding. Involution has good form more than 1 centimeter, and thickness is circular more than 3 centimeters, and diameter of umbrella authorizes only thing which met severe standard such as being near more than 8 centimeters as "nototemari". Including single dish using this "nototemari", we introduce gorgeous course to feel season this time.

Hors d'oeuvre + main dish + vice-greens + meal thing + soup (per person) 2.916 yen

[hors d'oeuvre]
・Salad dressed with white sesame, tofu and white miso of apple monaka persimmon and apple

[main dish]
・Low temperature cooking roast beef

・Puree and chip of nototemarino saute sunchoke

[meal thing]
・Kudzu style of crab and root grilled rice ball

・Thin soup wooden bowl of sea bream

[MENU from 2:00 p.m.] 1.728 yen
・Thin soup wooden bowl and crab of sea bream and mini-plate made with kudzu of root grilled rice ball

※We become sales people from 12:15 for seminar holding on Sunday, February 19 on Saturday, February 18.
※Kitchen stage stops for store holiday on Tuesday, February 21, too.
※A part of the MENU may be changed by circumstances. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※As you are available in limited quantities, forgive gnarl out of stock.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Shop info

  • Fresh market

    Fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruit. To dining table seasonal with having a practised eye ingredients.
    The staff with abundant technical knowledge introduces fresh ingredients which were particular about the freshness and quality.
    From domestic and foreign careful selection material kept on choosing with certain eyes, delicious dining table opens.

  • Kitchen stage

    Eat-in which first-class chef recipe can eat.
    We have much-talked-about chef devise recipe to seasonal material and theme for from two weeks to three weeks, and kitchen stage exclusive belonging cook reproduces.
    We can learn art of dish while eating.

  • Chefs selection

    Discerning material which professional performed having a practised eye of in a row.
    We offer "taste" and "reliable" "satisfaction".
    We provide safe ingredients in high quality which meets professional eye.
    In store specializing in olive oil and cheese, tofu, rice, miso, we have discerning material.

  • derieburanjuri

    We take topic in advance. Western-style Prepared Foods and shop of bread which were particular about the subject matter.
    Dish of topic including <rebure> to introduce deli of "French bistro" which matched wine and bread to with ingredients which we were particular about in production center and season, <Be Organic> of Mr. chef Jennifer Waris Shah man of California style and boo orchid Julie of popularity were prepared whether variety show was rich.

  • Grand ARTISAN

    Boutique of world great great master here.
    You can still enjoy masterpiece of great masters who continue playing an active part full of creativity while having limitless fame in the hand.


    Grand curve

    Finest wine and Western liquor to send in ideal condition.
    Selection of wine is approximately 2,400 domestic highest-level models.
    Champagne and hard liquor (Western liquor) are batting order of enhancement, too.
    In thorough quality control, we are available in peace.

    ※Please refrain from drinking, sampling of visitor and one of the minority that car (including two-wheeled vehicle) is driven.

  • Plastic Doe piss Lee

    To tea and jam, salt, oil vinegar.
    Truth, world special dish are soroi ibumi.
    It is editing shop which gathered the best of world special dish so that meal having feelings toward style chooses more freely and is put together.

  • kafeeshukure

    Global patissier, work of Isetan-limited brand one after another.
    Including editing shop such as gallery of sweets which attracted the first global patisserie in department store, the most New Item which examined trend, taste closely appears one after another.

  • Way kannomi, sanomichi of sweet no taste, tea

    Taste of Japanese-style kept on choosing. Tradition and elegant articles in cathedral.
    Corner which conveys long-established store with soft fresh sweets, editing shop of Japanese sweet, now of Japanese sweet on season.
    From taste of Japanese-style which master of tea ceremony likes to sweetness, snacks, we have tradition and elegant articles.

  • Low dining table suinoza, unozen of seat, the effect of the best

    New Japanese hospitality including suggestion of dish including well-known store.
    Sake of each place that is unique including four restaurants conveying Japanese good flavor, popular Chinese food restaurant.
    Let alone Prepared Foods, lunch of well-known store, MENU which featured the theme of healthy conscious is substantial.

  • Food Collection

    Much-talked-about "delicious thing" gathers more than genre from the whole country.
    It is special food event space to change every week, and to hold for a limited time.

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