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Almost summer! Food feature to want to eat on the summer solstice

Almost summer! Food feature to want to eat on the summer solstice

From Wednesday, June 21 to Tuesday, June 27

Solstice is June 21 in this summer. Popular meal introduces with this food Collection a lot in ingredients and Isetan associated with on the summer solstice. Please enjoy at this opportunity.

■<French delicatessen Kamiya> Soft thick slice roast pork sand
1 Facial mask 1,080 yen

■Other exhibition brands
<and we do commander> We grasp Oedo
<have carry Mie Kuki> Eel steamed rice
<skewer crane> Pork fried on a skewer, imokempi
<hayarimishioku> Seared Noto globefish
<fresh pasta production & sale kona Rie> Peperoncino of summer vegetables and raw Tagliatelle
<fragrant olive> Homemade wheat okonomiyaki
<Tentatsu> Tide sea urchin made with Echizen
<both money soy sauce> Garlic olive oil
<Tsukino building> Bracken rice cake
<patisserie Strasbourg> Cheese in Baum
<shrike Kim> Mozuku
<sake*gankame> Sashimi salmon time illiteracy
<the Tamade Kimuras> benetiana ※Sale plans from 11:00. There is possibility to be mixed up by traffic condition.

  • From Wednesday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 4 ISETAN Osaka, Hyogo special feature

※Price is all tax-included.
※Forgive on absence of goods.

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