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ISETAN Kumamoto, Oita special feature

ISETAN Kumamoto, Oita special feature

From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 4

Kumamoto knowing local person, taste to represent Oita, secret perfect gem are arrays. Please fully still enjoy lineup of meal of evolving Oita, Kumamoto.

■<cooking Heike>
Ryukyu roasting mackerel stick sushi
1,620 yen

■Other exhibition brands
<ASO maisutadorufu> Ham sausage
<Miyabe of meat> Cherry tree croquette
<bear purely> Kumamoto Ikinaridango
Than <wisteria store> Dirt beef deluxe lunch
<Takada Kamaboko> Salad tubular fish meat
<Higo one hermitage> See, and drip; dumpling
<bee shop Nishioka apiculture garden> Honey of domestic pure forest
<the Horiuchi oil manufacture> Company cultivation double roast gold sesame oil
<gankensuisan> Sea urchin croquette
<deep-fried chicken Taiko> Deep-fried chicken
<Hemejima where we put> Fantastic 2nd hijiki
<young Sakae shop> Tai-chazuke Ureshino
<Kyushu stewed foods dishes dirt Tiger> Pork kakuni

  • It is thanks green leaves rain delicious special feature for Megumi of water for from Wednesday, April 5 to Tuesday, April 11

※Price is all tax-included.
※Forgive on absence of goods.

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