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Popular taste feature to want to eat in midsummer

Popular taste feature to want to eat in midsummer

From Wednesday, August 16 to Monday, August 21

With food Collection of this week, we introduce taste whetting hot appetite even in the summer of popularity at one sweep! We are coming to an end in summer vacation and think that opportunities to eat rice slowly in house increase. How about finding dining table one article to perform help?

■<pole Italy Tatsuya> Stew hamburger with ox tongue
One portion 990 yen

■Other exhibition brands
<mulberry current stock raising> Black pork miso pickles
<Kurama Tsujii> Eel foods boiled with Japanese pepper
<Hamada fisheries> Beach dust (drying in the sun crepe)
<Asakusa sauce and a half> A5 rank Japanese black beef pole lunch
<anela> The chicken burdock Western
<the Iwasaki main office> Nagasaki Kakuni steamed bun
<nagahori farm> kenshi* dada tea bean
<Oguro temple> Yakitori
<smoked house Fine> Yonezawa beef corned beef
<young your> Hiroshima okonomiyaki
<story> Deep Sea Red Crab bisque
<deep-fried chicken father of the Imperial adviser> Deep-fried boneless thigh

  • From Wednesday, August 23 to Monday, August 28 Mitsukoshi Isetan popular store society size Thanksgiving Day

※Price is all tax-included.
※Forgive on absence of goods.

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