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Pierre Herme Paris
horendisshie kakaoshutube [Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited brand]


Henri Le Roux
Julian gujian

We continue succeeding to craftsman spirit of Bretagne from now on
<Henri Le Roux>

Mr. founder Henri Le Roux is brought up to talk about <Henri Le Roux> and must not forget hometown, Bretagne which spent time as craftsman. In France, Breton (Breton) inherits old tradition carefully and is known for thorough craftsman spirit, but brand called <Henri Le Roux> right inherits Bretagne mind.
Bretagne which contacts with the U.K. across the English Channel located at the peninsula which stuck out of the northwestern part, Atlantic of France. It prospers as Bretagne dukedom until we are incorporated in France in 1532, and French number is unique existence even today in district which there is in original culture and area where color is dark, and manners and customs remain. We call oneself "Breton" (Breton), and temperament of Breton valuing that we succeed to the culture to defense, the next generation is passed to blood of Mr. founder Henri Le Roux. As for the thought for his recipe, technique that we spend time and were informed carefully carefully and cake, Julian gujian of chef Chocolatier e kyaramerie is inherited well in the first on the list for the second generation by all craftsmen.
<Henri Le Roux> begins to still spin "perfection" and praised good flavor by hand of craftsmen in succession to blessings of nature and maison mind from now on.

Sebastien Bouillet
Sebastien Bouillet

Sebastien Bouillet authorized as member of international association "rure dessert" of cake craftsman comprised of the most famous patissier in the world is one of patissier which just attracts attention and Chocolatier. We set up store in France and Japan to base now in main store and store specializing in chocolate. Including Japan, we offered baked confectioneries gift or soft fresh sweets which were correct in Japanese culture until now while leaving French Esprit based on a great variety of inspiration and know-how that we cultivated visiting various countries. Under the theme of “ Simple et bon (delicious in simple), we have by lineup that you can include friendly feeling in.

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris Sadaharu Aoki

Through Aoyama "beautifulness Don," we visit France alone in 91. Paris "Jean Millet," "resutorammediterane" repeats careers in Swiss "resutoranjierarude". In 96, we win the championship in French Charles Proust cup taste section. In 98, we establish Atelier in Paris. Provide petit four and cake mainly on entremets in Salon de The and restaurant, hotel in the Paris city, and provide cake by Paris collection more in many first rank Grand maison; in big topic. We open long-cherished store "Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris" to Paris six wards Saint Germain in 2001. We open corner in five wards of Paris in second shop, gallery Lafayette of nine wards of Paris in 2003. We open the fourth store in 15 wards of Paris in 2008. Popularity as French patissier that we bathe in cheers to taste and hometown kid of traditional traditional assent with modernity of the product, and anyone admits now is fixation. Japan sets up 2 stores in Taiwan now 6 stores. In 2007, we become French member of rure dessert (organization of cake craftsman of the world's highest mountain). For 11 years, it is the best patissier receiving a prize in France, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries dish master receiving a prize, winning salon du chocolate Award, Paris city hall prize receiving a prize. We are elected by French top 5 Chocolatier. For 15 years, we win prime "LES INCONTOURNABLES" in competitive show of salon du chocolate following the last year. One of Japanese patissier attracting attention most now in the world.

It is Masato Motohashi in 365 Loriod re-by anniversaries

The first person of decoration cake which gentleness is transmitted through.

As for Masato Motohashi who pulled Japanese Western confectionery world, the 1980s says. "Japanese Western confectionery thinks that taste, design, color evolves by advance of sweets boom and European patissier. It thinks that there is always even temperamental outcome like Japanese to pay more attention to new thing. Cake which cake of brand which we named from seasonal "cage cage" examines material closely, and is pretty, and colors all memorial days on o theme 365 days in total visually deliciously in the four seasons. Like cake which has been cooked at home from old days, we send taste that is kind to mind and body.

Pick Up Brand

Henri Le Roux

One microcosm where surprise turns into joy
Pom-pom chocolate that the world is in love

Mr. founder Henri Le Roux which said, "we love to give pleasant surprise to various people" with full of playfulness. Thought of such him is inherited by current craftsmen, and idea of fun taste done inspire by spice and herb, tea, fruit, vegetables is still kept alive to chocolate. Match with cacao original taste and flavor, and they are reborn to one chocolate with exquisite Balance.

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris

We try out macarons of all stores which spend time of 3 years in home, Paris of macaron, and are evaluated if delicious, and what is delicious macaron? What is world's best taste? We studied light and had macaron only by Japanese laurel by the combination ratio and the manufacturing method that we devised originally. However, it never occurs that we end the pursuit. We think that it is the secret to bring about delicious macaron we sometimes change the manufacturing method by adjusting the combination ratio facing material while talking to amande and egg white, and to build up throughout the year to offer same texture and taste. It is macaron that we can understand raw materials, or light appears clearly and is charm of macaron. Aoki continues always studying delicious macaron towards one of the world.

Bel Amer

Deep, various pom-pom chocolate.

<Bel Amer> which expresses sweetness, bitterness, exquisite balance of acidity for sense of the seasons carefully. It is assorted chocolate which we made use of the seasonal subject matter in.


Cheesecake which grew up in birth, Ginza in Ginza. With fragrant screw Cui cloth using Hokkaido flour, we wrapped up cream cheese from Denmark and baked. It is Cheesecake which is the heaviest, and is deluxe like cheese than cheese coming loose in mouth smoothly. We wrapped by one carefully.


From popular store of French cake special dish utilized tradition.

<clover> sends new sweets to all of you while taking in tradition of French cake and Esprit latest technically since its formation in 1932 (Showa 7).

Yoku Moku

Well-established Western confectionery shop sign product

Keep on choosing material of one one. Bake carefully. Cooky of <Yoku Moku> which does not change forever all the time. Cigar of meaning called representative product "cigar." We use butter abundantly and bake and can enjoy taste that we did quickly and delicate melting.

Yokohama Francais

The making of hearty cake.

It is sand with pie with praline cream which we added salt of bitter chocolate and gerando which are high in flavor to. Furthermore, we coated with sweet chocolate.

The Nihonbashi Senbikiya home office

Store specializing in fruit naradehano
Seasonal special dish which we made use of season in.

For founding 1,834 years, it is well-established <Nihonbashi Senbikiya home office> of fruit. It is tart which used vaunted fruit only in well-known store which knew everything about taste of fruit abundantly.


Taste that continues being loved since birth of 1976 more than 40 years

supesharite of store specializing in American homemade cakes <Flavour> is chiffon cake. Special dish which was finished plainly softly while valuing mild texture above all. Please enjoy simple taste that baked egg white which we beat softly carefully without using butter and margarine.


Akita <kafeozan> which is familiar in rusk. It is well-known store which produced "sweets which are delicious, and are good for the health, and are pretty" for a long time.


Brand <fika> specialized in North European cake. Brand name "fika" means coffee time in Sweden. We put simple North European cake in the original package which did colorful, stylish North European design in motif in simple and introduce.
"harrongurottoru" is familiar basic cake in confectioners of town in North Europe. We filled cloth with full of butter with jam and baked. The feature is that sugar uses powder sugar without using egg. We can enjoy soft and crumbling texture with moisture.

Yugoslavia and Victor

<Yugoslavia and Victor> was born in Paris in 2010. While yugu pujie of chef patissier makes much of material most, we continue providing many works which let innovative design sublimate in classic recipe. Please feel view of the world of sweets of <Yugoslavia and Victor> in Japan.

BAKED (baked)

In cafe culture of gorgeous New York, it is <BAKED (baked)> to attract attention recently. Cafe & bakery which is crowded with prevalent, sensitive NEWYORKER when this shop in Red hook of New York Brooklyn is the weekend. <BAKED> is mat Lewis and rhenate po in 2005 Rear feet aimed at cafe-style which spent time relaxedly such as Europe, and they opened. <BAKED> which became pioneer of cafe of Red hook attracts attention from celebrities such as Marth Stuart or Oprah Winfrey, and popularity will be widely known in an instant in the United States. We get many awards, and brownie of <BAKED> is with origami as one of taste commencing with the best desert prize of association of French food. We can enjoy very quiet rich taste of the home United States.

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