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Commencing with the latest glasses frame information, we send conference and event information such as lenses and contact lenses, hearing aid quickly.

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■Period From Wednesday, October 18 to Tuesday, October 31
■Place: Shinjuku Store Main Building 7F = OPTICAL salon

We feature eyewear <AKITTO> for woman.
Front finishes soft shape in simple to adapt itself to expression of woman without sense of incongruity and treats colorful rhinestone or Shippo luxuriously and adds activeness.
In addition, frames which were particular about quality as glasses are produced all in OPTICAL production center, Sabae, Japan. In high technique and traditional manual work, we hang and care about feel of a material and the feel as well as feeling and finish by one carefully.
During fair period, we offer New Item or popular model abundantly.

Saturday, October 21 22nd (Sun) both days from 12:00 to 17:00
Designer Akihito Kawakami comes to the store and chooses OPTICAL of suitability.

Next-generation hearing aid otikon

Next-generation hearing aid otikon

■Period Available
■Place: Shinjuku Store Main Building 7F = OPTICAL salon

It is introduction of Danish hearing aid <otikon>.
We analyze sound around 360 degrees. We distinguish undertone and noise from sound exactly and make it easy to hear words under the noise while measuring Balance of volume of one one. In addition, we can easily operate volume adjustment and program change of hearing aid by exclusive application in iphone.
"Hearing" As you perform no check at any time, please drop in casually.
Authorized hearing aid certified technician is registered.

otikonopun OPN mini-RITE
One ear 550,000 yen (tax exemption)
Both ears 1 million yen (tax exemption)

Far and near for two uses kontakutorenzuwandeakyubyumoisutomaruchifokaru

Far and near for two uses kontakutorenzuwandeakyubyumoisutomaruchifokaru

■Shinjuku Store Main Building 7F = OPTICAL salon

"Focus is hard to match" in these days and "is hard to be able to see price" at the time of shopping, and eyes are easy to dry, and do you not feel? Eyes change in the same way as skin with time, too. It is "wandeakyubyumoisutomaruchifokaru" to be recommended in such one. Not only we support power of focus alignment, but also can see near in what cope with pupillary size that is different in 171 kinds of lenses designs individually naturally far. We carry out free trial. Please talk.

One 30 pieces 5,400 yen (tax-included)
Ophthalmology information from 13:00 to 18:00 (we close the office on Tuesday)
Fee charged for a patient's first visit 1,000 yen

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