Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 7F = KIMONO

We send kimono information including information for course of dressing classroom, Japanese-style which we turned to members.

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ISETAN KIMONO CLUB summer activity report ISETAN KIMONO CLUB summer activity report

[the taste plan first of Japanese-style!] <Nippon Kodo> Ginza incense smelling experience-based report

We performed experience-based plan of Japanese-style, "incense smelling experience". We had you participate in 16 visitors and compared to hear various flavor and had you actually experience. Person who participated with kimono had you gather in rain, and thank you for participation. We introduce voice of visitor who had you participate.

◆We experienced incense for the first time and we mentioned numerousness, depth of the kind and were very fun. Difference of the first round and the second round was felt and way of feeling was different by person and was discovery. Story of teacher was fun, too.

◆It is experience that is valuable in flavor of nature in good room. We listened to rare thing directly and were very happy. We think that we listened until story of the back happily.

◆Let see precious raw materials. Flavor is profound and wants to adopt effect to live as it varies. If there is the second, we want to participate by all means.

◆It was the first incense smelling. We mentioned story of teacher and many flavor and became interested in "flavor" very much. Impression of story deepened more by having you tell historic background.

ISETAN KIMONO CLUB newcomer member registration
ISETAN KIMONO CLUB newcomer member registration

Coordinates recommended in March Coordinates recommended in March

Coordinates recommended in March

■Shinjuku Store Main Building 7F = KIMONO / Exclusive Kimono

Nagoya style sash which caught inspiration from tile of Islamic architecture. We reproduce weathering, uneven Nuance of tile and we stencil and are artistic Nagoya style sash utilized technique. It is a recommended ray in the casual scene including fine pattern and pongee.

<fujiishibori> The pongee standard length of cloth for kimono (100% of silk): 270, 000 yen
<Yukiharu Nihei> Nagoya style sash "tile of Islam" (100% of silk): 356, 400 yen