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Phone number
It is located now


Contact Main building 6F = TOKINOBA telephone :03-3225-2811 (directly)


Space that comes in contact with new discovery.
Through concrete promotion, we suggest scene of various livings.

... outdoor living ... to enjoy in thoramon Teena

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd (Tue) ■Main building 6F = TOKINOBA / promotion

Kitchenware "thoramon Teena" of Brazilian No1

We see in detail

We introduce "thoramon Teena" proud of the history more than 100 years from home Brazil of meat dishes brand widely for the first time in store in Japan.


We offered "tiger mon Teena" who was many high sense which we did commencing with barbecue Item at this happy time of outdoor product. "Thoramon Teena" who attracts attention from professional of hotel restaurant with steak knife of the outstanding sharpness. Please thoroughly enjoy charm of the product.


●17 points of barbecue set…51,840 yen
(for each six steak knife Fork Xs, meat thong, meat Knife, carving Fork, cutting board, CALEE case)



●EU-style Knife & Fork pair set…8,424 yen
(for each two steak knife Fork Xs, original wooden box)
※There are three colors of nachunaru dark Red.


OTOMANA X thoramon Teena

We do a time of Brazilian culture, music, wine in Brazilian embassy and explanation of Brazilian culture. Furthermore, is home Brazil, but first Store in Japan of churrasco specialty store "barubakkoa" of high evaluation, Brazil dishes which are delicious using steak knife of tiger mon Teena in "barubakkoa Aoyama Main Store", churrasco dishes of satisfaction can thoroughly enjoy until go.


■Time & Date: Wednesday, July 19 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
■Lecturer: Mega Brasil chief editor Masato Aso
■Meeting place: Brazilian embassy and barubakkoa Aoyama Main Store
■Attendance costs: 12,960 yen
(as for tasting of Brazilian wine and Brazilian dish, churrasco dishes, the drink, with souvenir from) /< tiger mon Teena> including Freestyle (alcohol)


◎ It is advance order inquiry
Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 6F = TOKINOBA / promotion
Telephone: 03-3225-2811 (from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)


We enjoy world scenery in "Atmoph Window"

■From Wednesday, May 24 to 30th (Tue) ■Main building 6F = TOKINOBA / promotion

Digital window which world beautiful scenery flows through

We see in detail


It is digital window which we only put Atmoph Window on wall and desk, and world scenery spreads through. We can feel being totally there by beautiful picture and sound.

For example, we can taste camping illusion while being in room if we project picture of open fire.

Project video of high-resolution 4K photography in panel and is preparing for live streaming which can sense that we are up in the world bodily as if we are there at all now.

As we utter not only picture but also high-quality sound, we can experience real sense.


Design which matches any room


What kind of room looks good with Atmoph Window in good-quality design made with simple frame and fabric power supply cord. Color is available from Orc, walnut, white, four colors of black.


atomofuuindo (27 inches of /H64 X W38 X D5 .5cm)…75,384 yen


We understand necessary information at first sight.

In addition, not only let display picture, but also time and calendar,
We can display information of the Internet.


It is home in the noise of New York close

Longed-for town New York! In atomofuuindo, it only makes image New York, and it is possible even to make atmosphere of home New York instantly. To high-resolution 4K image of atomofu, several kinds of in scene of New York; offer.
※There is paid image to offer image, too.



From daily life to turning point, we snuggle up to lifestyle of visitor,
We suggest discovery more than imagination so that everyday life improves.

Isetan Meal Deli

Taste that was particular about relief and quality to dining table. "Isetan Meal Deli" to cook fresh ingredients in morning of the day, and to send by exclusive refrigerator car. We finish characteristic for ideal meal which controlled calorie and salt which are most suitable for weight management to prevent lifestyle-related disease in nutrient balance and calorie calculation, 7,000 kinds of MENU wearing well

We see in detail

Isetan Meal Deli

●Healthy club standard…3,456 yen (one set)

It is two meals course of dinner and breakfast, the following day. It is meal that calorie and salt in consideration for health were controlled every day in rotation every day.


●Healthy club PREMIUM…4,536 yen (one set)

It is dinner, breakfast, the following day, three meals course of lunch, the following day. We supplement iron content and calcium which are apt to be short by meal mainly on "ingredients dakusan soup" for lunch.


●Meal Aya club…3,456 yen (one set)

It is two meals course of dinner and breakfast, the following day. It is Sunday-limited Japanese set meal which valued the beauty of meal and seasonal sense of the seasons.


※We accept the product price by payment in advance.
※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.

Periodical door-to-door parcel delivery service "of" natural water

Door-to-door parcel delivery service of natural water. It is service to send to home in periodical period wanting natural mineral water which we gathered than 273m below ground of 1,000m above sea level point that is development limit area of Mount Fuji.

We see in detail

●Germfree airless water Facial mask

Exchange is comfortable 7.2ℓ Facial mask in woman and elderly people. We adopt germfree airless Facial mask which is hard to touch fresh air. We fold small if we finish using, and poi is not just bulky like plastic bottle and Gallon bottle to trash box.



Design which is stylish with compact which is nice as interior of house. Color variations available to interior.

Siphon: Rental for free. We automatically save electricity to light of room with optical sensor.
Cold water: 3.5-8 degrees Celsius
Warm water: 80-90 degrees Celsius

Duo: It is rental 540 yen / month. The first moon is free. When the number of the purchase boxes of the last month is more than two, server rental of the next month is free.
Cold water: 4-10 degrees Celsius
Warm water: (normal mode) 80-90 degrees Celsius (eco-mode) 65-75 degrees Celsius


One fureshasu Fuji (7.2ℓ *4 Facial mask)…4,668 yen


※We match monthly delivery in period (as for every 1-4 weeks) when visitor hopes and send by delivery by box unit for automatic fixed period.
※Payment becomes only MI CARD.

Isetan royal housework representation service

It is service to act for housework of creation "days of" time regularly. We support me style time of adult living splendidly. As well as housework, we offer "a space of heart" to live.

We see in detail

●Periodical housework representation service…23,400 yen

(it includes .1 times of two hours, transportation expenses twice for one month)


●Use is exclusively for the first time

Royals pot trial plan…10,700 yen

(it includes two hours, transportation expenses)


●For the use only for 1st

Spot plan…18,720 yen

(it includes single-engine transportation expenses three hours)


[work MENU example]

Dish, shopping, place equipped with a water supply cleaning, windows glass cleaning washing, ironing


Charge manager asks home of visitor and suggests plan that is most suitable for visitor.


※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.
※Payment should be the MI CARD settlement.


It is maid home delivery easily

We offer custom-made housework service that the same staff matched with request of visitor every time. Detergent to use is eco-friendly original detergent.

We see in detail

[one work MENU]

Place equipped with a water supply cleaning, windows glass cleaning washing, ironing

Charge manager asks home of visitor and suggests plan that is most suitable for visitor.


●Periodical housework representation service…23,976 yen

(one month twice .1 times 150 minutes)


●First one-limited

Trial plan…11,988 yen

(weekdays 150 minutes)


※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.
※Payment should be the MI CARD settlement.

Bear - "house cleaning (cleaning specialized in general cleaning /) service"

We make full use of dirt of cleaning point and exclusive detergent and shikizai which were in a state, and house cleaning is cleaning service of "specialized model" that the professional cleaning staff finishes thoroughly. We offer Item to beat, and to be able to clean the whole widely.

We see in detail

●Home wall hangings air conditioner (there is cleaning robot function) …20,314 yen

●Ventilation fan (sirocco fan)…16,416 yen

●Kitchen (U-shape)…27,394 yen

●BATH ROOM (to high pressure cleaning /2 cho)…23,700 yen

●Toilet…9,644 yen

●Bathroom circumference three points Facial mask (BATH ROOM + toilet + washroom)…38,124 yen


In addition, we have MENU.


※Other than the service price, in 23KU, 2,000 yen, other areas are expected to pay the parking lot price for 1,000 yen. (when you can offer parking lot, the parking lot price does not incur.)
※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.

Give acting Isetan housework free, and take the ease, and take the ease; beat; rice

We cook dinner for one week in once in a mass in visitor's house and cryopreserve. I make delicious dish to taste of each family and, by healthy diet, support pleasure of home life of family.

We see in detail

●Five days plan (five articles of five articles of main + vice-greens)

Periodical service (twice a month .1 times of four hours)…From 24,776 yen

Spot service (four hours)…17,316 yen


●Seven days plan (seven articles of seven articles of main + vice-greens)

Periodical service (twice a month .1 times of five hours)…From 30,520 yen

Spot service (five hours)…21,420 yen


※We charge ingredients purchase costs in the actual expenses separately.
※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.


Service "rearranging ing" to arrange and store

Scholar of qualification of the Adviser first grade to arrange and store calls at home and is service to perform putting in order together. Comfortable room cleared up clearly, storing that thing which we want to use is found in immediately, family can realize cozy space.

We see in detail

Rearranging ing service…5,400 yen

(staff one .1 hours)

※We accept from three hours.

※We charge plan design report expense separately.
※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.
※Payment should be the MI CARD settlement.

Secom home security

Sensor attached to visitor's house catches various abnormal outbreak immediately. We watch home 24 hours a day, every day, and, in the case of emergency, member of original trained urgent coping hurries in visitor's house and is introduction of appropriate coping service "Secom home security" depending on the situation.

We see in detail

●Secom home security (apparatus purchase / rental)

It is recommended in such one!

There is much going out in 1 hobby and learning, trip

We want to protect the body from 2 fires and Earthquake

We are anxious about poor physical condition that 3 is rapid and chronic attack

We are anxious about parent living 4 apart


<during free security consultation enforcement>

We diagnose crime prevention free after security adviser of Secom calling at home of visitor, and having let see. In addition, in consideration of family constitution and lifestyle, we suggest the most suitable security planning free.


●We offer various services to provide "security, relief" including safe for surveillance camera system and security glass, homes.

ALSOK home security

The threshold of introduction is low, and security is high thoroughly. Home security of ALSOK which continues watching from this of visitor all the time. We suggest service that can always feel relieved.

We see in detail

Security plan including service that selected only function necessary for plan begun with initial expense 0 yen and elderly person is enhancement. We suggest security plan that professional ALSOK of the guard is most suitable for visitor free.


●Home security (apparatus purchase / rental)

We can perform set, cancellation of state confirmation and the guard of the guard, and the latest security is offered by smartphones. We watch 24 hours a day, every day.


●We watch HOME ALSOK and give a service

We watch, and elderly person gives service specialized in emergency call that it is easy to use in simple, too. It is available even if we do not contract home security.

3D figure "1/10JIBUN"

The first experience to meet oneself of 1/10 size.

We see in detail

1/10 JIBUN (jubunnoichi oneself) is figure of your 1/10 size according to the name.

We make full use of latest 3D scanner and 3D printer and, let alone expression and pause, reappear up to the details including texture of clothes faithfully. Furthermore, face pursues reality using image mapping technology. It is the finish that present you were just reduced to 1/10 size. Until moment to begin for whole body scanning in studio, and to meet finished one's other self. We send experience beyond limit of past photography that was full of surprise and Waku Waku, mysterious senses.


One adult…108,000 yen, child one (under 12 years old)…86,400 yen

(with 3D whole body scan, the 3D printer output, individually packaged box)

Sell distinction; acrylic case for 1/10JIBUN…10,800 yen


※Product offer, photography is photograph studio hollyhock Tokyo midtown.


Collection of tabloid size original photographs
GraphBook Look (graf book look)

Collection of original photographs GraphBook Look (graf book look) of tabloid size designs by one book every visitor.

We see in detail

Art director supervises "we do individuality of visitor more vividly and enjoy" in concept, and GraphBook Look (graf book look) is collection of deluxe photographs which designer spells. We adopt big size called tabloid and design photo book such as mode magazine which put the size and feel of a material, trimming and graphic of bold photograph not to be able to bring on together for you with conventional photograph album.


tabloid size 300mm X 380mm/24 page

One book…66,960 yen, three set…120,960 yen


[option] We accept at road rate according to dressing, hair makeup.

※Product offer, photography is photograph studio hollyhock Tokyo midtown.



Photograph digitization service

There are not bulky album and film projector and converts video worried about 8 millimeters of film, aged deterioration not to be seen into DVD.

We see in detail

●From album to DVD…10,800 yen (none of less than 60 pages of albums)

It is DVD for TV, photograph image DVD, three-piece set of photoalbum.


●From 8mm film to DVD…Base rate 2,160 yen, conversion rate ten minutes 2,160 yen

※Kind of film which we can convert is single 8, Soo par-8, double 8 (regular).


●From video to DVD…3,240 yen (less than 60 minutes)

※We make DVD1 piece on one video. I cannot connect several videos.

※We cannot accept conversion of beta tape.


※Picture against copyright and copyrighted picture and public order and morals cannot accept TV recording.
※The price of indication is indication of budget. Rate and delivery date vary according to state of negative plate to have.


Baby-sitter introduction service

Request of visitor is information for custom-made Nannie (education baby-sitter) service to age of child. Nannie is education baby-sitter becoming national qualification in the U.K. In baby-sitter service that there is number, it is only popinzu that can call "Nannie" in Japan.

We see in detail

●Nannie service (education baby-sitter)

From 0 years old to 18 years old

Enrollment fee…37,800 yen (Mitsukoshi Isetan special price)

Annual convention costs…10,800 yen (one child)

Base rate…From one hour 2,376 yen

※We accept from three hours.


●Use is exclusively for the first time

Trial course…One hour 3,000 yen (enrollment fee unnecessary)

We charge transportation expenses 1,000 yen.

※We accept from two hours.

※This service becomes direct contract of visitor and popinzu.
※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.


VIP care care service

"popinzu VIP care service" taking care of important one carefully is custom tailoring-shaped caring at home service to be smooth, and to meet request of the person and family. We have physical care such as life support or bathing, excretion, too and can use care insurance, too.

We see in detail

Coordinator and the charge care staff make the team system and make warm care plan that thought about rhythm of life of visitor.


[main service contents]

Company to ・ walk and shopping, going to hospital, trip

Help of ・ hospitalized attendant and family

・ * jo and overall housework including dish

Physical care such as ・ bathing or excretion assistance


●VIP care service

Enrollment fee…75,600 yen (Mitsukoshi Isetan special price)

Annual convention costs…64,800 yen

Time unit price…3,780 yen

※We accept from three hours.

※Transportation expenses charge the actual expenses.


●Visitor course…22,680 yen

(three hours, the one-shot use, enrollment fee unnecessary)


※We can use care insurance, too.
※This service becomes direct contract with visitor and popinzu.
※There is service offer Aria. Specifically, please refer.


<Nishidai clinic> video diagnosis center

"Nishidai clinic" which has the inspection results of approximately 70,000 people from the opening of business as cancer general examination facilities. Using the latest diagnosis apparatus, we aim at early detection of three major lifestyle-related diseases by high-precision video diagnosis. When disease is found, through medical network, we introduce most suitable doctor and medical institution.

We see in detail

[course example]

●Heart, grand course (course to check three major diseases thoroughly)

Grand course + heart MRI (Friday enforcement /1 day two people limit)…361,800 yen


●Grand course

Cancer synthesis course (PET/CT, MRI, supersonic waves) + brain dock (MRI, MRA, supersonic waves)…253,800 yen


●Cancer synthesis course (general course of video diagnosis of cancer)

We use PET/CT, MRI, supersonic waves together…189,000 yen


※In addition, there are "brain dock course" 59,400 yen, "heart screening" 32,400 yen.
※The course mentioned above "completely needs reservations". It becomes medical treatment free to do all.
※After having asked about day you like, we coordinate schedule.
※This service becomes direct contract of visitor and Nishidai clinic.


Self-publishing support of book

Thought supports publication of one book clogged up <the illusion winter building Renaissance>. Without manuscript, we accept from consultation. The cause, writing of advice by editor who is professional after contract. Professional designer is in charge of the binding and builds up together.

We see in detail

We make books of high quality with editing power only in illusion winter building group.

After completion, we support not only distribution to bookstores of the whole country but also public relations to the media.


[price example]

<the illusion winter building Renaissance> book (twelvemo / approximately 200 pages)

2,160,000-2,700,000 yen (an example)

(circulation: 1,000 copies of bookstore distribution, sale sample 50 copies, author complimentary copy 100 copies / royalty: in the case of 4% of sale number of copies X list prices (reprint 6% of list prices))


※Rate changes in size and pages of book, state of manuscript.
※This service becomes direct contract with visitor and the illusion winter building Renaissance.

Original movie production by professional

The life for "movie" of impression. We picturize history of oneself, memory of family, the history of company based on photographs.

We see in detail

As well as record of the life, professional scenario writer expresses to thought and personality of main character thoroughly. You give person having you watch impression and sympathy and can leave as lifetime memory. Please use in various scene such as the sixtieth birthday and celebration of retirement at the age limit of the workplace, memory of silver, golden wedding anniversary, live proof of the important deceased.


<nesupa pictures entertainment>

Life Theater full version version…311,040 yen (from photograph 150 pieces /25 share)

Life Theater Standard Edition…213,840 yen (from photograph 100 pieces /20 share)

Life Theater light version…127,440 yen (from photograph 50 pieces /15 share)


※This service becomes direct contract with visitor and nesupa pictures entertainment.

Catering service

We help scene of various meetings "day not to display" on "day to display". We cope with all kinds of Trickster. Please feel free to consult.

We see in detail

Including Mitsukoshi Isetan original MENU, we send MENU of famous restaurant.

●Various parties, Buddhist memorial service dinner meetings

●Graduating students' party to honor teachers that is a graduate year-end party, class reunion new annual convention

●Foundation memory, completion, completion ceremony, rakukei, becoming the chief priest type

From ten people…From 108,000 yen


※Delivery area short distance suburbs of Tokyo (as a general rule, from June to September should be less than 30 minutes than Isetan Shinjuku than Isetan Shinjuku for less than one hour.) in 23 wards of Tokyo
※Please order advance order up to ten days before.

Walking bicycle

From youth to adult generation. nyuviguru which is kind to both person and environment.

We see in detail

Vehicle which is early than we walk, and is briefer than bicycle, walking bicycle. We advance smoothly just to merely step on pedal to walk.
Because is Miwa, is hard to fall down, and get on without sitting because there is not saddle; electric; because is belonging to assist; in the uphill slope easily. We use many aluminum casting and build beautiful line. We perform finish and installation of one one part carefully and use the high-quality painting, and manufacturing of Japan lives.


●Walking bicycle…313,200 yen
Full length: 1195mm
Overall width: 596mm
Total vehicle mass: 36.8㎏
Ride adaptation height: More than 140cm
The ride adaptation weight: Less than 80 kg


※As we are based on standard of common bicycle in Road Traffic Act, we can run in public road like general bicycle.

HUG all general reuse consultation desk

From fashion to household appliances, you can sell article of wide genre. Let alone purchase at store, please use even consultation about thing which you do not use casually.

We see in detail

At first please feel free to consult.

Though "we have not yet decided whether we shall sell"
"What kind of thing selling"

We give a service, and purchase to use for the first time is slightly uneasy because we have not used so far…too trouble. Exclusive duty CONCEIRGE about purchase every; guide. Please drop in at Isetan Shinjuku only by consultation casually in shopping occasion.

You can sell various articles.

Let alone bag, clock, jewelry, clothes and shoes, tableware, household appliances, sporting goods buy with wide genre. Article which I took assesses by specialist of each field carefully.

Depending on circumstances, you can choose purchase at store basket home.

Concierge accepts consultation of purchase by store purchase or visit purchase. In either case, I take article once, and professional staff of each field assesses carefully in our purchase center. We inform of assessment result later.

Store purchase [main building 6F = TOKINOBA reception desk] during permanent construction business


Bring article to store (consultation desk). You can sell even from one point casually.
※Take person confirmation documents (driver's licenses).



Visit purchase [possible Reservations over store or telephone] that it needs reservations


Concierge asks home directly. As the exclusive duty staff performs packing, shipment of article, troublesome preparations are unnecessary.
※Tokyo's 23 wards limitation

※Transfer account information of person confirmation documents (driver's license, health insurance card) and the person is necessary in reception desk.
※Purchase service gives service for visitors of (high school student is excluded) 18 years old or older.
※I take article once, and the staff of each product genre assesses carefully in our central assessment center and informs of result later.
※Bank transfers transfer after approval of assessment result three business days later. Concerning procedure, transfer day may be mixed up.


[inquiry, application]
HUG all general reuse consultation desk
Telephone: 0120-8906-56 (Toll free number) time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00


Medicine, health food

Pharmacist and registration distributor, dietician in response to consultation of visitor,
We work as maid aiming at health more beautifully from the inside.
[Herb, general practitioner medicine dealer]

Charge & Try Bar

It is simple and can try product to be worried about.

We see in detail

We had a lot of green soup which was particular about material and the manufacturing method.
You compare by drinking in CHARGE & try bar, and please find favorite Item of visitor.


●Lactic acid bacteria green soup (*40 3 g) of RICH 100 billion…5,400 yen


We combine two kinds of lactic acid bacteria "EC-12" and "hyaluronic acid lactic acid bacteria" with domestic barley young leave, green tea, marrow cabbage. We support diet and Balance which are apt to be partial. There is not habit and is continued green soup every day.
※We include dairy products.




●It's Green (*40 3 g)…3,780 yen


It is the simplest green soup. Green soup is recommended for powdered green tea flavor that was particular about easiness of drink in the first one.


Promotion of May

We offer new product and trendy product depending on season.

We see in detail

●Hawaiian Noni honey (280 g)…3,780 yen


It is Honey made from honey of flower of "Noni" inhabiting Hawaii. With thick sweetness in circle such as brown sugar is deep; have body.


Product made in honey United States (saimitsukoku: the United States)


We have wrapping paper of BOX and all the countries of the world where craftsman of well-established paper container manufacturer BOX & NEEDLE of Kyoto made up ichitenichitenshu* ride, wrapping paper of Japanese-style using Japanese traditional "mica printing" technique and introduce. While "we can choose" "touch", and "see" experiences pleasure, we do thought to to give in form in various lapping technique. Let alone article which had you purchase in Isetan, we accept article of jikomi.

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