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Cocoiku [inquiry] Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 6F = Center Park / cocoiku park telephone 03(3225) 2728 (directly)

About PROGRAM program

About program

A lot of experiences that learning is deepened while playing

Children prepared for four program that cocoiku was different so that "oneself thought, power to challenge, and to open up the future" were acquired.

・Custody "cocoiku baby park" to find interest of baby (six months - 2 years old)
・Time "kokochino forest" of parent and child widening the most moving passage (0-6 years old)
・Research feeling and play of child pushing "cocoiku park" (3-12 years old)
・"ISETAN lifestyle workshop" to learn from professional of Isetan (3-12 years old)

It is high specialty and program by the staff with the abundant results which experienced all workshop design and administration.

For more details, please see cocoiku homepage.

cocoiku homepage
Isetan cocoiku official facebook page

Making STATEMENT serious matter

What cocoiku (cocoiku) regards as important

Create environment to learn by oneself by oneself

  • We discover kind of interest and support that we come in contact with the world actively.
  • We provide encounter, environment to think by oneself, and to concentrate on, and to take during many dreams.
  • We learn new viewpoint and increase power to be able to move by oneself in any environment.

Environment of cocoiku bringing up power to learn by oneself

Person who deepens 1 fashiriteshon = interest, and supports single-mindedness

We focus on process of thought of children so that children can find kind of interest by oneself in cocoiku and do support which greatly brings up the kind. What we continue doing so as to lose the eyesight of forgetting the food and sleep, and wrestling, eyes of the circumference. We think that such continuation crazy about increases power = imagination to learn by oneself.

Power to link more flexible relations to 2 media sense = society

In cocoiku, we call skill to conclude more flexible relationship with society with "media sense" using tool (the media) without analog digital discrimination. We snuggle up to growth of child and, in environment with original playground equipment, teaching tools, increase the skill.

3 professional = genuine articles and place to be able to come across

In Isetan Shinjuku which suggested new lifestyle, professional of every field always plays an active part. We provide place of genuine person and encounter with thing to be possible simply because it is Isetan Shinjuku and bring about learning place where is adjoining to society.

For more details, please see cocoiku homepage.

cocoiku homepage
Isetan cocoiku official facebook page
Cocoiku cocoiku
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