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We send fair information and event information to be performed in Living floor quickly.



Guidance of Living floor tour guide

In main building 5F Living floor, we hold Living floor tour guide for visitor coming to floor.

The person in charge guides visitor along course on the day of the tour. We explain point and assortment of goods Item, various services every each shop. Apply casually.

■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = CONCEIRGE Counter
■Tour acceptance time:
Weekdays ① 1:00 ~② 2:00 ~③ 3:00 ~④ 4:00 ~⑤ 5:00 ...
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ① noon ~② 1:00 ~③ 2:00 ...
■Entrance fee: Free of charge
■Capacity: One set of once-limited
■The time required: About 20-30 minutes
※We accept as soon as it becomes capacity in each time and are finished.


Kitchen studio which makes cooking advisers who knew everything about expert, tools such as people of chef and dish lecturer. We can learn recipe which we put together every day in rotation in recipe and season using discerning cooking tool, hospitality art.

■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = kitchen dining / kitchen studio
■Entrance fee: From each time 1,620 yen
■Capacity: Each six time first arrival
■The time required: Each time approximately 60 minutes - 120 minutes
※Entrance fee varies according to event.

Look at the event details, application for kitchen studio from this

Ruler product project of living

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = Living floor

PRODUCT PROJECT is new "constant seller" for living that "ruler of living" which Mitsukoshi Isetan suggests is of good quality. Towel which becomes discerning prolonged bestseller in the feel and design. Bedclothing which is indispensable to good-quality living. We introduce various Item to daily livings to kitchen item, tableware, slipper, apron of outstanding performance.

※We are available in Isetan online store.

Isetan online store

Showroom special sale

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<EKORNES> Stressless ® showroom special sale

■Saturday, May 13 .14 days (Sun)
■3-7-5, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi square 5F (Store hours: for from 10:00 to 6:00)

Stressless ® is famous brand of reclining chair which continues pursuing finest comfort and functionality. Including classic reclining chair sofa, we offer various products coloring relaxation to exclusive ottoman, home theater sofa which can customize number of color and sheet of leather, Kibe, accessories for coordinates widely. All stressless ® products are produced on an assembly line in company factory of Norway and are loved in higher than of the world in 50 countries.
Visitor of making a promise during period accepts with special price. We wait for arrival of all of you.

Contact Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = living room / furniture
Telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard)


The world of handmade miniature

■Currently held - Sunday, May 14
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = personal room / promotion

We introduce this Toshio Sawa producing doll's house, appetizing miniature of miniature food association becoming Shinjuku Isetan first to go out shop this time. We hold workshop of back charm by association of miniature food during period.

[association of miniature food workshop]

■Time: Acceptance occasional in every day for from 11:00 to 3:00 during / period
■Entrance fee: From 2,484 yen

Mother's Day

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Mother's Day station 2017

■Currently held - Sunday, May 14
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = Living decoration

On theme main in "is pretty forever time to spend with mother of dazzling" among ... flowers is stylish; live; is suggestion in ...
We hold workshop making Item to be available as present to important one again as reward gift of oneself during exhibition period. Come to store by all means.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Best 2017 of stripe

■Currently held - Sunday, May 14
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = WEST park

Brand <Kokura stripe stripe> which restored "Kokura textile" cut off once, and was born as "Kokura textile" of the new times. We introduce mainly on gift suitable article this time on Mother's Day including apron, furoshiki, eco bag.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


■Currently held - Sunday, May 14
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = Center Park / the stage ♯ 5

Everyday thanks to mother. We introduce good gift from "gift" wanting mother to spend to "gift" which experiences with mother, and shares memory on various Mother's Day.

Information for workshop

<octobre. of small box writer> We invite Satoe Saito as lecturer and are workshop making small box "bon bon box" of palm size that can hire candy or petty person using fabric of petitpan (petit bread) of <Lido>.

■Saturday, May 6 .7 days (Sun) every day 1:00 p.m. ..., 3:30 p.m. ...
■The time required: Approximately 120 minutes
■Capacity: Each time four people
■Entrance fee: 3,240 yen

[Reservations, inquiry]
We start Reservations acceptance at 10:30 over store or telephone on Thursday, April 27.
Phone number 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard)

Global green

Urban outdoor style

■From Monday, May 15 to 30th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = Center Park / the stage ♯ 5

We express urbane, comfortable outdoor in two scene. We suggest style spending style that direction of light is individual like oneself freely in <DVELAS> which uploads sail of yacht in "terrace library", and cycled in Spanish furniture brand <VONDOM> in "rooftop bar".


■From Monday, May 15 to 30th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = Center Park / the stage ♯ 5

We feature the theme of "hotel and trip" including food, cosmetics Nightwear home wear bag sneakers from <BIO HOTEL> having health and severe standard about environmental consideration toward agreement and introduce Item to suggest healthy, rich lifestyle by total. Item to snuggle up to living becoming everyday vitality is surely found.

[PREMIUM Friday] Natural hair care seminar

■Friday, May 26 from 3:00 to 4:00
You invite hair salon "Laughful" (ruffle) of north approach to a shrine representative Takuo Nakamura as lecturer, and please talk about problem and measures of hair and scalp, importance of right shampoo, choice, usage of hair care to be worried about. In seminar, trouble of daily hair care can ask a question, too.

Summer is ... Maki textile studio exhibition ..., too

■From Monday, May 15 to 30th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = WEST park

From Himalayas foot of a mountain gangamaki studio which reached summer earlier, we send comfortable cloth & batter in early summer. Texture that "living in the same place cape" which we wove was flexible, and was smooth in mixed yarn of Eri silk X Linen X yellow cocoon. It is one piece that is most suitable for awning of early summer. And as shawl and stole. We made pants of short length with cloth of large lattice pattern print to weave in Linen X tassashirukugitcha. Stole of amorous glances that are good in fascinating "KINU" others with tussar silk which we dyed in marigold, early summer including indigo plant X ecru, pink, light green is various.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Quaint Design>

■From Monday, May 15 to 30th (Tue)
■Shinjuku main building 5F = personal room / promotion

<Quaint Design (quint design)> which means "old-fashioned flavor, oddity." We value "idea to create 1 from 0" and produce in various original design. Which "we are used and disappeared" introduces charm of stationery which was born from "paper that it was not possible to continue using" newly.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Indonesian Sumatra orangutan coffee by brook coffee

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd (Tue)
■Shinjuku main building 5F = kitchen dining decoration / tasting Counter

Sumatra orangutan which the number of the habitation decreases with decrease in tropical rain forest by forest fire, illegal felling year by year. It is "orangutan coffee project" that was brought for doing protection of natural environments that such Sumatra orangutans inhabit and life of local coffee producer wealthily. <brook coffee> of Kyoto started sale of this "orangutan coffee" for the first time in Asia. You can enjoy sweetness such as caramel and coffee of body that you did well by tasting Counter.

Rainey creation

Coloring of adult

■From Wednesday, May 24 to Tuesday, June 6
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 5F = personal room / stationery

How to spend rainy days in room. Adult introduces form "scratch series" of "coloring" that delicate design to be able to enjoy gathered popular writers and new illustration, and pens for exclusive use of scratch that matched them introduce.

※Forgive gnarl out of stock.

※Part of image is image.

※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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