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Isetan Shinjuku art exhibition guidance

Main building 5F = art & frame

DRAWing 2 HEARTs Hajime Anzai exhibition

  • Hajime Anzai "the looks" acrylic picture mounting size 36*36cm 64,800 yen

Artist Anzai world delightful in pop
Many works that it is fun in pop that face melts unintentionally of Hajime Anzai playing an active part as illustrator, art director, SORA Mimi strike. In addition to works such as the original picture, print of popular music series and creature series of the sea, we sell the original picture which we drew only in Isetan Shinjuku.
[writer visit, autograph session] Sunday, February 4 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00
To customer of 50 first arrival that can participate in autograph session by the purchase with work, we put sign in original sign sheet.

Hajime Anzai Hajime Anzai

It was born in Tokyo for 1,953 years. We are doing various activities including production of character design of JAL "rizotcha" and NHK "happiness news" title image. We handle appearance of design and voice of original characters in animation "me" who am broadcasting in E tele. As well as again art direction about music, "we are abnormal" is receiving a prize in prize judge by Tomikawa international Fanta stick film festival in Korea movie which we supervised particularly. We appear as "SORA Mimi strike" in "Tamori club" affiliated with TV Asahi than '92 mishearing hour. Member of Tokyo illustrators league.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Aiko Yokota exhibition

Paysage in light light described limitlessly abstractly. We hit view of the world that color that Yokota draws is fantastic easily, and is unique and can enjoy as both paysage and abstract picture. Both fresh sense that we saw for the first time and good old sense that we have seen somewhere are the world of image scenery felt both.
[writer visit, autograph session] Saturday, February 10 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

  • "Open space" oil painting 46*46cm 59,184 yen

  • "Summer rain" oil painting 40.5*35cm 44,064 yen

Aiko Yokota Aiko Yokota

It was born in 1980
2000 Joshibi University of Art and Design leaving school in midcourse
We start private exhibition in 2009 in Tokyo

Main building 5F = art & frame

Form ... of new Japanese doll having you feel to be eyes not hina hina - words
by espiegle - esupieguru -

You produce hina doll which espiegle (esupieguru) where Takashi Asakawa acts as representative deals with in pattern same as what make kimono using discerning cloth such as cloth of vintage or cloth of Japanese traditional dyeing technique and can see many various hina dolls. We produce Espiegle with design such as accessories or fashion Accessories and arrange Japanese traditional hina doll in contemporary style and we take in taboo and done design daringly and suggest novel hina doll.
[writer visit] Wednesday, February 7, 10th from Saturday to 12th (Mon/substitute holiday) every day from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00

  • Female doll representing the empress "kimono check Oshima"
    ABS resin such as clothes part pure silk fabrics, body part foaming Polyurethane, small tools
    About W24 X D18 X H12cm

  • Male doll "kimono check Oshima"
    ABS resin such as clothes part pure silk fabrics, body part foaming Polyurethane, small tools
    About W20 X D16 X H13cm

Takashi Asakawa Takashi Asakawa

It was born in Tokyo for 1,981 years
We begin production of Japanese doll with influence of puppeteer of acquaintance by self-education in 2014
We start production of espiegle establishment hina doll, Japanese hairpin, accessories fashion Accessories in 2015

Main building 5F = art & frame

Cat weather bamboo side Linen batter exhibition

Daily life of cat overflowing in surprise and discovery and prettiness
We spend cats which Mr. bamboo side Linen batter draws noisily together vigorously on rainy day on fine day.
We exhibit illustration which we used for blog of writer treasuring this time to the public first and we draw others and we display and sell a lot of works.
Please see many warm, warm works only by Takewaki by all means.
[writer visit, autograph session] 25th (Sun) from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

It is "landing black and white 28*17cm 42,120 yen gently"

Bamboo side Linen batter Mai Takewaki

It was born in 1973. Aoyama Gakuin University law department graduation. Set mode seminar graduation.
We begin illustrator with Flea during attendance at school. We describe daily life of willful adult in motif with animals. Illustration is provided mainly by advertisement, magazine, newspaper.
"We will speak of Face in furrow - abandoned cats ember together tomorrow" and publish (soomoisha) 2011.

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