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Isetan Shinjuku art exhibition guidance

Main building 5F = art & frame

Osamu Watanabe exhibition Sweet Traveler

  • "Sugar World"
    Tree panel, modeling paste, resin, acrylic paints
    Picture mounting size 97*162cm
    1,620,000 yen

Osamu Watanabe of the first person who let art sublimate in sweets deko technology that whip did fake cream using material such as resin or modeling paste and decorated, and to make. We display and sell "pretty" sweets work using cream, candy, fruit based on lifelike pastel color in meeting place in meeting place.

[Osamu Watanabe visit workshop]
"The making of original photoframe"
■Sunday, August 6 ① 1:00 ~② 3:00 ...
■Each four time capacity
■Entrance fee: 3,240 yen

<< Reservations, inquiry >>
Telephone: 03-5379-2094
※Only one time of per person can participate.
※We accept as soon as we reach capacity and should be finished.

Osamu Watanabe Osamu Watanabe

We are from Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi for 1,980 years.
2009 "wife existence art Triennale of art festival Echigo of the earth" (Niigata) "metaphor Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. Biennale of non-/ reality" Shanghai art museum (Shanghai)
2012 "Osamu Watanabe OHARA-DECO" Ohara Museum of Art (Okayama)
2014 "Osamu Watanabe Sweets Sentiment" Pola museum annex (Tokyo)

Main building 5F = art & frame

tinosutefanoni exhibition

We express image scenery as simplified form with a certain solid feeling color. Please enjoy the world of poetic, nostalgic sutefanoni.

"Cypress tree and country house" silkscreen picture mounting size 64*150.3cm 207,360 yen

tinosutefanoni Tino Stefanoni

We are born in city rekko in northern Italy in 1937. After beato Angelico art graduation from high school, we learn from Milan science and technology university architecture department.
We hold the first private exhibition in city sondorio in northern Italy in 1963.
We exhibit at contemporary art birennare of Castile Franco Veneto in 1965.
S federe young picture Prize is won at the exhibition in 1967.
We are invited to Venice Biennale in the 35th in 1970.
We win the boratti prize second prize in Turin in 1974.
After 1984, we establish current idyllic poetic style. We express "the world of heart" provoking Italian homesickness.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Synchronicity Tsuyoshi Ogawa OGAWA GO Exhibition

  • "Foam prism" polarizing film, acrylic, wood
    Picture mounting size H23 X W23 X D5cm 194,400 yen

Tsuyoshi Ogawa who receives inspiration for phenomenon of light of galactic blink, natural world drifting in space, and produces solid work, installation in various material.
Particle of light that was broken up in plural colors by PRISM by applying refraction action of light to be caused rules over space. We let molding awareness of beholder be out of order, and please see work changing sight environment dramatically.
[writer visit]
■Sunday, August 20 .26 days (Sat) .27 days (Sun) every day from 2:00 to 4:00

Tsuyoshi Ogawa Go Ogawa

It was born in Kanagawa for 1,981 years. 2007 Tokyo art graduation from university.
2009 university academy completion. 2011 - Aristrist group C-DEPOT position.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Yosi exhibition Fanta stick world

  • It is acrylic in "the inside when it rotates"
    Picture mounting size 86*121cm 488,160 yen

Mr. Yosi receiving support from generation when we describe story-related work which there is in motif in pretty animals with acrylic and are wide. Please see fantastic world of Mr. Yosi to describe in with just small happiness, thought, wish that is apt to hide before daily life by all means.
[writer visit]
■Sunday, September 3
Live painting from 2:00 to 3:00
Autograph session from 3:00 to 4:00



We are born in Aichi in 1984.
Much chance is piled up in 2004 and they intend to become painter and begin activity.
With 2009 two a year department exhibition choice. New National Gallery display.

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