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Isetan Shinjuku art exhibition guidance

Main building 5F = art & frame

marugo exhibition

Many works that deep hue was provided by unique touch which repeated pen many times, and was drawn.
We introduce work feeling story that we put away in surreal view of the world as kusu.
[writer visit] Saturday, December 2 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

  • "Mug cat" black and white size 33.5*27.5cm 66,204 yen

  • Black and white 44.5*35cm 103,464 yen that "morning came"


It was born in 1969
We are resident in Sapporo, Hokkaido
We learn the basics at art schools of communication and are describing painting in original technique now.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Chisato Hori exhibition
Christmas of ... Fanta stick Alice world - wonderland

  • Chisato Hori "pleasant teatime" oil painting picture mounting size 52*52cm 453,600 yen

We love Chisato Hori who plays an active part as voice actor since childhood and introduce work about "Alice in Wonderland" reading many times. You are individual, and please enjoy Alice world which you drew delightful familiar characters noisily.
[writer visit] Wednesday, December 6, 9th (Sat) every day from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

Chisato Hori Chisato Hori

Winning the association of 2010 40th art "junten" rookie of the year title
We hold private exhibition "Chisato Hori oil painting exhibition Alice in Wonderland" in 2011
Winning the 2011 37th modern picture by a child exhibition rookie of the year title
Winning the 2012 fifth modern picture by a child society Fukui District exhibition judge special prize
Winning 2013 sixth modern picture by a child society Fukui District exhibition Fukui Shimbunsha prize
We are resident in Chiba now

Main building 5F = art & frame

MARINI * montini and Christmas exhibition to spend time

Christmas that is happy in pop
The world of MARINI * montini which is pretty in pop that there are a lot of children and animals that we seem to hear lively voices and laughter noisily.
The coloration is small; describe, and is crowded, and is attractive, and characters who are full of expressions overflow.
We introduce many pleasant works which we are excited about which are good to Christmas that MARINI * montini gives.
[autograph session] 23rd (Sat/holiday) from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00

  • "Snowy bed red at night" picture in watercolors picture mounting size 43*33cm 216,000 yen

  • "Black rabbit and girl" shoe tree art object, acrylic size 13*11cm 23,760 yen

MARINI * montini marini * monteany

Creator unit of Tomohiro Noda (Nagasaki native place) and two Masahiro Shinozaki (Fukuoka native place) men and women.
We describe painting in style representing one piece of picture under the theme of animal and child and produce art objects of tree and cloth for two people. We display in gallery in each places of the whole country based in Tokyo.

Main building 5F = art & frame

Bowl dafuruato exhibition

Under the theme of "inu which is the sexagenary cycle of 2018," 13 artists express each dog.
From watercolor, Japanese painting, paper-cutting work to ceramic art work, please see dogs which are full of expressions by various technique by all means.

  • kemmikimegumi "small Sana flower perception unreasonableness" hempen paper, mineral colors, platinum mud
    Picture mounting size 23*22cm 69,012 yen

  • horime tougei "margin" earthenware
    H6.5 X W4.5 X D6 .6cm 3,240 yen

Exhibition Aristrist

Do not spread with Hiroshi Aono dream, Kasumi Suzuki, kemmikimegumi, Yusuke Shimomura, Natsuki Shibata, Sugimoto light, Takeuchi Atsushi, Minoru Tsuchida, Keiichiro Nakajima, Takeshi Hirashima, moat; /hori, horime tougei, Miyairi noa

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