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Isetan Shinjuku art exhibition guidance

Main building 5F = art & frame

≪>> uyaakiryobankaku Collection exhibition for a limited time

uyaakiryoshi which plays an active part as illustrator on behalf of Japan now in the front line from the 1960s.
We sell approximately 70 kinds of print works including print of 18 kinds of posters and print of pattern of cat and girl which we used for stage advertisements this time to all the people here for a limited time.

[Akira Uno]
■Title insect mezuru princess two
■Technique canvas diclay
■Picture mounting size 31*31cm
■Price 35,640 yen

Main building 5F = art & frame

World ... of ZARA Rosen exhibition - beeswax image

Beeswax image uses paint which we dissolve beeswax and mix color and made with one of the classic picture technique, and the unique paint expresses feel of a material with heaviness.
Putting together called flowers drawn soft and fruit and background painted with abstractly brings about reality and mysterious space such as the non-everyday middle.
Please see many beeswax image works which ZARA Rosen of Polish writer creates by all means.

[ZARA Rosen]
■Technique beeswax image
■Picture mounting size 89.5*89.5cm
■Price 399,600 yen

Main building 5F = art & frame

verrier's collection -verrier handcrafted-

Ashley verie founds brand <verie> of oneself in San Francisco birth, 2006 in 1981.
We deal with various art products in brand <verrier handcrafted> which we launched with mother, Jude and display and sell special art print which decorates bright Neon and glitter to base, and finishes hand writing in cathedral in meeting place.

■Art print with technique glitter
■Picture mounting size 37.5*30cm
■Price 28,836 yen

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