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Jewelry & Watch Information Floor Guide

<Cartier> Watch Collection

■From Wednesday, October 4 to 17th (Tue) ■Shinjuku main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

We opened up the times when watch making was new, and, as for the "tank" which was born in 1917 watch, innumerable model has been brought about from the legend by the powerful form.
We introduce mainly on New Item model of "tank" during period.

"Tank Louis Cartier mechanical SM"
(K18WG case: 29.50mmx22mm, thickness: 6.8mm/ diamond about 0.39cts/ shiny fuchsia alligator strap / rolling by hand)
…2,106,000 yen

<PPEARLL (pearl)>

■From Wednesday, October 4 to 24th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

Image of ceremonial occasion is strong pearl, but introduces head jewelry to be able to use for daily. By collaboration Item with hair accessories brand <serial number>, we finished in yellow gold and good-quality pearl. You remove pearl moiety and can enjoy as necklace. We offer Item and Japanese hairpin to attach to hair elastic.

Hair jewelry
(K18YG/ pearl oyster pearl 4.0mm ball .4.5mm ball .8.5mm ball)
…324,000 yen

<Chopard >L.U.C fair

■From Wednesday, October 4 to 24th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Chopard

Timepiece that "L.U.C" equipped with complete company production movement that was born in 1996 Collection gives hommage to founder Louis - lilies Chopard. Above all, "L.U.C XPS" of the most New Item adds new D tale to new clockface and is full of polish more than before. We complete elegant, modern gentleman-style.

(K18RG case: for 40mm/ power reservation approximately 65 hours /3 atmospheric pressure waterproof / self-winding watch)…2,041,200 yen


■From Friday, October 13 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Mikimoto

Put the future on figure of butterfly dancing elegantly.
It is pin broach of impression that combination of silver and pink gold is kind to pearl.

Pin broach
(SV/K18PG/ diamond / pearl oyster pearl)…51,840 yen

<Damiani> "la belle poque" fair

■From Wednesday, October 18 to 31st (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / international selections

"La belle poque" when film of movie was designed by idea source. We let functionality and design modern beautifully which necklace which was Aiko Nic put each part together freely most, and were worn which represented <Damiani> coexist and sublimated to higher dimension. Look at "la belle poque" when you accomplished evolution by all means.

<monikkendamu> X Catherine bud

■From Wednesday, October 25 to 31st (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

Brand first British designer, Collection by Mr. Catherine Bud.
We make beautiful flower motif like chandelier called snowy bell "SNOW BALL" in the U.K.

(Pt/ diamond 0.5ct)…540,000 yen

<Tasaki> "chants"

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Tasaki

"chants" which drew outline of flower in simple in two-dimensional outline.
It is jewelry full of light, rhythmical beauty that there seems to be flower of one one for joy loudly in ei.

"chantsu" pendant
(K18WG/ pearl oyster pearl / diamond)…410,400 yen

<MISUI>Klar Collection

■Currently held ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / international selections

We devise jewel on the base of delicate money to be exposed to the maximum and set to individualize occultness that genuine stone is colored as for Klar Collection. Production process that produced <misui> original cuts with conversation with Slug, German jewel cut Aristrist Atelier Munsteiner becomes axis of inspiration of this Collection.

<FRANCK MULLER> model of the 25th anniversary

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / FRANCK MULLER

It is the origin of brand, and "2851" collection that is the origin of "tonoukabekkusu" where beautiful curve is elegant comes up as timepiece in commemoration of the 25th anniversary. Three-dimensional form which we seemed to cut and bring down overflows from globe in thymeless charm beautifully and has appearance classic at hand.

The top: tonoukabekkusu 25th
(K18WG case: length: the 45mm X side: 30mm/ Small second / Crocodile strap / rolling by hand)…2,430,000 yen

Average, the right: tonoukabekkusupapechuarukarenda 25th
(K18YG case: length: the 45mm X side: in 30mm/ eternity calendar / Crocodile strap / self-winding watch)…6,048,000 yen

It is tonoukabekkusuretoroguradosekondo 25th bottom, the left
(K18YG case: length: the 45mm X side: 30mm/ retro grad type Small second / Crocodile strap / rolling by hand)…2,700,000 yen

<ROGER DUBUIS> Excalibur

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch

Icon series "Excalibur" of <ROGER DUBUIS> symbolizing daring knights who kept on following kingdom of King Arthur legend. Dynamic form, powerful design give off overwhelming presence attracting person seeing.

"Excalibur 45 automatic"
(black DLC titanium case: 45mm/ rubber strap /5 atmospheric pressure waterproof / self-winding watch)…1,944,000 yen

<Raymond Weil>

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch

<Raymond Weil> is pro-independence to establish stronghold in Switzerland Geneva founded in 1976 clock brand.
Secondary to "maestro the Beatles limited edition released in commemoration of the founding 40th anniversary," we announced "maestro the bitoruzuabiirodorimiteddoedishon" for the collaboration-limited model second last year in this year. 4-member figure to stride along like famous album jacket "abiirodo" where we represented the Beatles walking pedestrian crossing in is described in clockface of design in imitation of disk.

<Raymond Weil>
(SS case: for 39.5mm/5 atmospheric pressure waterproof / self-winding watch / power reservation 38 hours 3,000 / world-limited)…199,800 yen

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Jewelry & Watch Information
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