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Jewelry & Watch Information Floor Guide


■From Wednesday, May 10 to 14th (Sun) ■1st floor of the Main Building = the stage

We hold "POSSESSION COLOR BLOCK PARTY" (poseshonkaraburokkupati) for a limited time this year. Icon of <PIAGET> which increased five new colors this spring, "poseshonkorekushon." In this event, interactive device which adopted the world of colorful poseshon and color comes up.

<mereriodimere> "mele Rio PAON Collection"

■From Wednesday, May 17 to Tuesday, June 6 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

As for PAON, it is meant peacock in French. Mele Rio dealt with high jewelry of many peacocks during history of 400 rest of life. Peacock motif is symbolic design of mele Rio. In the spring of 2017, peacock of mele Rio revives afresh.

"PAON" ring
(K18WG/ sapphire / green tourmaline)…745,200 yen

<bare SO> Rebel

■From Wednesday, May 17 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / international selections

New Made in Japan brand <bare SO> in pursuit of true mineral beauty in simple and minimal. We beat metal, and there are few scratches, and jewelry produced by compression, the forging manufacturing method to mold with die is hard to be broken, and one which is strong for transformation features. Sharp design which pursued quality is attractive jewelry.

Mothers day

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 16 ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

Did you decide gift of Mother's Day?
How about giving handmade bracelet this year?
It is Item to want daily to put on bracelet of pearl oyster pearl which can show money neatly in the body. We thank for being in wonderful mother forever, and let's give hearty handmade bracelet.

[SV pearl oyster pearl bracelet workshop]
■From April 29 (Sat/holiday) .5 three days a month (Wed/holiday) .6 days (Sat) every day 1:00 from 3:00 from 5:00
■Entrance fee: 32,400 yen (it includes material cost)
■Reservations: We accept over telephone from 11:00 on Wednesday, April 19.
Telephone: 03(3225) 2794 (directly)

Spring Remake is fair

■Currently held - Tuesday, May 9 ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry & watch studio

Do you not remodel to be able to use jewelry which we do not use, jewelry of memory regularly in future? We hold "full order Remake conference" to invite jewelry designer Takako Sugasawa in jewelry studio, and to make from design image.
During period, we offer a lot of looses such as genuine stone, pearl. Please use at this opportunity.

We give gift to visitor who had you make a promise during period.

[designer visit day]
■Saturday, April 22 .23 days (Sun) .29 days (Sat/holiday) .30 days (Sun), Saturday, May 6 .7 days (Sun)
Every day from 1:00 to 6:00

<BOUCHERON> serupamboemufea

■From Wednesday, May 31 to Sunday, June 11 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / BOUCHERON

"serupamboemu" where KOLOR stone glitters from <BOUCHERON> New Item Collection is born. Collection which symbolizes free, bold Esprit which <BOUCHERON> which is first haijuera where "serupamboemu" which expressed beauty of mysterious serpent (snake) set up boutique in VENDOME open space continues having from founding those days. This Collection which continues being loved for 50 years by thymeless charm increases New Item colored by five colors of KOLOR stone.

During fair period, we offer privilege that is special for visitor of the purchase with target product. Please see full collection to widen expression of style like oneself wealthily.

<FRED> force 10MM size stone buckle release

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / FRED

Bracelet which son of founder FRED Samuel fastens cable of yacht with metal fittings for beloved wife and made is opening of "force 10". furupavebakkuru of small-sized MM size that treated blue sapphire, pink sapphire, black diamond more newly than "force 10" to let you image luxury marine-style Collection is released. We hit presence as accent of summer coordinates.

<Mikimoto >Fortune Leaves Collection

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Mikimoto

Jewelry Collection which voluminous feel was plentiful, and finished beauty of clover which rustled in Wind by expression elegant softly only by <Mikimoto> gorgeously three-dimensionally.
It features beautiful molding that minded the backside of daiyamondopave which we buried luxuriously. Four-leaf clover said to be symbol of happiness hides.

<TASAKI> "balance note pave"

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Tasaki

"balance" representing <Tasaki> series. Form such as note that different pearl of size was arranged for rhythmically is unique.

"baransunotopave" pendant
(K18WG/ Ako and pearl / diamond)…280,800 yen

<Hublot> fair - HUBLOT 2017 New Collection ...

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 9 ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

Swiss high quality watch brand which attracts attention in innovative style in brand concept most now in "The Art of Fusion" (the different subject matter and yugo of idea)

By this <Hublot> fair, we have from Japan-limited model of New Item to constant seller abundantly. In addition, it is for a limited time and displays New Item Collection which was just announced in one of the world's largest clocks, jewels and ornaments Exhibition "Basel world 2017". We wait for visit of visitor heartily.

"Spirit of Big Bang titanium white"
(titanium case /51 X 45mm/ self-winding watch chronograph /10 atmospheric pressure waterproof / white alligator black rubber strap / Japan-limited model)
…2,635,200 yen

<Sinn> fair

■From Wednesday, May 10 to 23rd (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

We explain order society of New Item announced in Basel world in 2017 and display of historic watch of Sinn, Sinn's original technology than the Sinn Service Department staff.

■New Item order period: From Wednesday, May 10 to 23rd (Tue)
■Staff visit :Saturday, May 13 .14 days (Sun) .20 days (Sat) .21 days (Sun)
From every day 2:00 from 5:00
※We may be absent by time. Specifically, ask store person in charge.

<IWC> fair

■From Wednesday, May 24 to Tuesday, June 6 ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

"da Vinci" Collection was reborn in 2017. This model following from 1969 comes from genius Leonardo da Vinci of the Renaissance period in Italy. Design concept inherits characteristic of style (round shape, double bezel, dome type sapphire glass) which succeeded most in the 1980s, and notable things include enhancement of ladies' model. Please try strap made in sun toe two companies which were particular about variableness-type rag, fit which are grammar by all means.

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Jewelry & Watch Information
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