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Jewelry & Watch Information Floor Guide

<FRANCK MULLER> ... that this "Bloom for This Moment "... moment, beauty found flower

■From Wednesday, January 11 to 17th (Tue) ■Main building 1F = the stage

We pass more than 20 years and bring many grand advanced technologies for history of high-quality clock, and FRANCK MULLER called "great master of complexity clock" appears in Isetan 1st floor of the Main Building = the stage. We adopt pink mother of pearl to clockface and we lead and sell Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited model which treated cherry blossom petals to position at 6:00. On stage where bizan number reflecting the image of cherry blossom is in full glory in full bloom, we wait for visit of all of you.


■From Wednesday, January 18 to 24th (Tue) ■Main building 1F = the stage

Dignity and beauty that Japan produced

We express traditional sense of beauty that Japan cultivated for a long time as "THE SENSE OF BEAUTY" which <Mikimoto> thinks about on the stage of Isetan Shinjuku. Please enjoy springlike space including installation of meeting place reflecting the image of jewelry and cherry tree which adopted motif of cherry tree.

<ISETAN original pearl> JAPAN SENSES

■From Tuesday, January 3 to 10th (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

In <ISETAN original>, we take maid toe order of pearl oyster pearl necklace during the period mentioned above. I have you choose color, size, length, clasp and make.

In addition, craftsman sewing necklace for two days of (Wed) for .4 days on Tuesday, January 3 comes to the store. You do sewing on the day and can take to go. What we can order from while talking directly is attractive.

<Chopard> The Only One Story

■From Wednesday, January 11 to 24th (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

In Chopard boutique, we start Chopard "The Only One Story" on Wednesday, January 11 to (Tue) on 24th.
Customized watch ticking away happy moment only for you can form. For happy sports with moving stone initial motif.

In addition, we offered customization of the first happy diamond watch in Isetan Shinjuku. Please obtain "only one story" of you and Chopard watch at this opportunity.

<SHUDO> Decorative Collection fair

■From Wednesday, January 18 to 31st (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch /SHUDO

Osamu Shuto who produces jewelry of gem as "modern master craftsman." Decorative Collection which adopted Cannetille technique shop style gold technique brightens beauty of jewel to the maximum. Commencing with decorative collection of New Item, we offer attractive work this time. Please enjoy the world of <SHUDO> at this opportunity.

<jewelry studio> My Favorite One

■From Wednesday, January 18 to 31st (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry studio

We have you choose favorite Ruth of visitor and put in favorite design frame, and jewelry can make with full order. We offer 100 ring frames, pendant necklace sample 40, 18-karat gold, platinum chain including New Item a lot in Isetan Shinjuku jewelry studio.
At this opportunity, please obtain original jewelry only for you.
※During period, we give gift to visitor of making a promise in full order, Remake (loose, frame).

<Tasaki> "danger" (Bolt jar)

■Currently held ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / Tasaki

"danger" which creative director, takun panikugaru dealt with under the theme of the beauty that nature charmed series. Fang's (tusk) peeps out inside of delicate Haat modelled in diamond and lets dangerous flavor lie hidden.

<Tasaki> "Bolt jar Haat diamond"
Ring (18KYG, diamond)…226,800 yen

<SEIKO> Fair

■From Wednesday, January 18 to 31st (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

"36000" is number of vibrations of "attachment" to decide precision of mechanical watch of one hour. If this is clock of 8 vibration, this number becomes "28800". Because oneself is high-speed, and precision moves when number of vibrations that is why increases whether it becomes higher, this is because influence of outside movement decreases. However, commencing with processing precision, high vibration cannot be realized if parts quality is not high. It is proof of these 10 vibration Grand Seiko being manu F COUTURE.
Grand Seiko which was made with will to mend the best watch. Let alone precision, we pursue clear molding, absolute confidence, dignified presence in prominent visibility, simple.

<Grand Seiko >SBGH001
(stainless steel case (diameter: 40.2mm, thickness: 13mm/fold sa: 151 g of), band, see-through screw back, dual curve sapphire glass (inside irreflection coating), reinforcement waterproof (10 standard atmosphere) for daily life)
…648,000 yen

<SEIKO> Fair

■From Wednesday, January 18 to 31st (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

"CRET D'OR" is meaning called "golden mine" in French. CREDOR is good for this name and is brand leader of domestic production clock which poured technique and sensitivity of modern master craftsmen into material selected carefully from design, movement to one one of the small parts only using material selected carefully mainly on noble metals such as money, platinum.
Design motif "water." Though it is the orthodox school with feelings though it is simple which we designed under the theme of flexible strength and freshness that woman has to shine soft in origin of arm of woman, it is model with sense of fun.

(stainless steel case (some 18-karat gold pink gold / diameter: 27.0mm, thickness: waterproof for with 6.7mm), band cylinder sapphire glass (inside irreflection coating), blue sapphire Lew, daily life)
…432,000 yen

New spring festival special plan

■Tuesday, January 3 .4 days (Wed) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch

We offered special novelty only by New Year's sale to celebrate the threshold so that 2017 became for visitor when in wonderful one year. I would like patronage not to change to Isetan Shinjuku clock shop.

<object brand>
※As there is target brand as well as the above, please refer to person in charge in detail.

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Jewelry & Watch Information
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