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Jewelry & Watch Information Floor Guide

<PIAGET rose> Collection

■From Friday, February 10 to Tuesday, March 14 ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / PIAGET

Bracelet latest than <PIAGET rose> Collection which assumed existing rose, Eve PIAGET rose motif is appearance. Beside rose representing beautiful outline such as lace knit finely, pearl and pink sapphire which are symbol of love are posted each and can use for daily like Lucky charm. When you spend irreplaceable time with Valentine and important person including White Day, you bring <PIAGET rose> in the body, and please spend a wonderful time with brightness.

"PIAGET rose" bracelet
(K18PG/ diamond about 0.01ct/ Ako and pearl)…140,400 yen
(K18PG/ diamond about 0.01ct/ pink sapphire)…145,800 yen


■From Wednesday, February 22 to 27th (Mon) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

From Hong Kong, wearable art piece <Carnet>. Source made of <Carnet> which designer Michelle on deals with is imagination. Life is recorded on jewel by reproducing minute design image which she drew faithfully. If "it works on skin of woman without cease and breathes, jewelry is brilliant. We find perfection and continue making piece of dream."
We show many art piece of predominantly bold jewelry <Carnet> full of originality.

<Tasaki> "refined rebellion"

■Currently held ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / Tasaki

"refined rebellion" which let two senses fuse with "polish" "the anti-orthodox school" (re-F indri be Rion). Refined form is attractive to the ultimate that is stylish which worked of edge.

"Refined Ribery on signature garnet"
Ring (K18YG/ Ako and pearl / garnet)…248,400 yen
Pierced earrings (K18YG/ Ako and pearl / garnet)…194,400 yen

<Mikimoto> jewelry

■Currently held ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / Mikimoto

Welcome to the world where pearl is beautiful.

We introduce brightness that we want to recommend to person having pearl necklace in the hand for the first time. It is "Étrenne" (etorennu) with meaning of "present" "to use for the first time". As there is Pierced earrings which we made set with necklace and color and luster together, we harmonize with the chest beautifully. We would like to send Elegance of Mikimoto to present to person reaching graduation and entrance to school, marriage.

<monikkendamu> LADY GARLAND

■Currently held ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / monikkendamu

2017 monikkendamuiyajueri.
We feature the theme of "lifestyle of high society which controlled gaudiness" in motif in swag -Garland (Garland) used for decoration in building of "swag of peer" peer and accessories to wear for a long time. In addition, design concept brings on noble noble dignity by linking Festoon, design work of swag such as Garland.

Necklace (Pt/ diamond 0.5ct)…410,400 yen
Ring (Pt/ diamond 0.4ct)…302,400 yen
Pierced earrings (Pt/K18WG/ diamond 0.23ct *2)…388,800 yen

<FRED> Bridal ring of force 10 to join the life of two people together

■Currently held ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / FRED

Bridal ring first than icon collection of <FRED> "force 10" comes up. It is symbol of passion and love that came out of wish that son of founder FRED Samuel wants to send wonderful bracelet to wife. Strength to confront storm of the life is expressed to "FORCE 10" meaning StormWind such as storm Collection. We offer <FRED> original gift during exhibition period and wait.

Adult market <Fuller Jaco> carbon ring fair

■From Wednesday, February 1 to 27th (Mon) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / Fuller Jaco

Carbon material superior in lightweight that it is used for racing cars what Swiss noble family Fuller Jaco with the history more than 150 years paid their attention to in durability. It is one article that art of the highest rank of craftsman producing using forging material in carbon fiver varying in one point of one point expression and the ring body because of rolling by hand shines. We provide ring of adult from Fuller Jaco.

Flowers festival <ISETAN exclusive high jewelry>

■From Wednesday, February 15 to 27th (Mon) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / basic jewelry

From stone which we offered, we have visitor choose favorite stone and suggest design especially. Please enjoy product of visitor and only one to make up including the trip. Ruth of various colors and forms blows up image of design.

Clock strap to enjoy with KOLOR

■From Wednesday, February 1 to 14th (Tue) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

We can change atmosphere at simple price completely than we buy clock newly, and colors of not only material, KOLOR but also stitch are your preference, and order is possible, too. As there is event including demonstration of sale of new product "waterproof alligator" of high-quality leather accessory, clock strap manufacturer <Jean Rousseau> and sewing by craftsman, please arrive at by all means this opportunity.

Clock Collection which enjoys adult market time

■From Wednesday, February 15 to 20th (Mon) ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

Clock which is familiar with watch in our life. We focus on this clock by promotion from Wednesday, February 15 and introduce clock which adult who was particular about design and material, precision appreciates and can enjoy. We have robot type clock "Sherman" (Witch Doctor) of well-established clock manufacturer <repe> and wait for visit.

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Jewelry & Watch Information
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