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Jewelry & Watch Information Floor Guide


■From Wednesday, June 7 to 20th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / CHANEL Fine Jewelry

We introduce limited watch which Gabrielle Chanel tells about the time, New Item watch of CHANEL including "J12, XS" where diamond glitters in MINI K of 19mm "mademoiselle J12" quickly.

<BOUCHERON >Seeking elements of life
Trip to meet search of glitter, me who am new

■From Wednesday, June 21 to 27th (Tue) ■1st floor of the Main Building = the stage

Historical mezonjuera <BOUCHERON> of 160 years when we set up store in Paris VENDOME open space first. New Item consisting of five colors of colorful stone of icon Collection "serupamboemu" which assumed snake which is love and symbol of the protection motif, glitter of Japan-limited pendant invite to encounter with me who am new.

2017 watch collectors week

■From Wednesday, June 21 to Tuesday, July 18 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch

Theme of watch collectors week of this year "The Origin of Luxury Watches." We place that we enjoy clock as the origin of high-quality clock and introduce mainly on New Item of 2017 at cut end only in Isetan Shinjuku. As you can see kompurikeshonuotchi without usually lining up in store through exhibition period and high jewelry watch, please arrive at by all means this opportunity.

■We introduce watch trend of 2017 in clock promotion corner of the first week of (Tue) for from Wednesday, June 21 to 27th. We gather up trend of clock of this year when it became clear in New Item exhibition in Switzerland of January and March on four themes.

①Reinterpretation of vintage
②Moon Face watch
③Real ladies' watch
④Variation increase of KOLOR dial

The left: ②From moon Face
<Jaeger-LeCoultre> rendezvous moon medium
The right: ④From KOLOR dial
<PIAGET> arutipurano 60th anniversary

<MISUI> First landing Rebel promotion in Japan

■From Wednesday, June 7 to 20th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

<misui> is kontemporarijuera from Barcelona. We cross genuine stone of original cut that geometric, minimal expression-style and contrast of color are beautiful and break go and it is modern and is original and features artistic design. Please see <misui> which we match concept of luxury with prominent craftsman technology in the present age and interpreted again.

[designer arrival]
■Saturday, June 10 .11 days (Sun) every day from 2:00 to 6:00


■From Thursday, June 1 to 30th (Fri) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / international selections

<feh Delhi co-buchieratti> which artisan of Italian goldsmith dwells in. Design work of watermarks called Suffo rata brings elegant, delicate impression. Including Suffo rata work which took in olives which are symbol of peace as motif, we offer attractive work.

<mereriodimere> "mele Rio PAON Collection"

■Currently held - Tuesday, June 6 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

As for PAON, it is meant peacock in French. Mele Rio dealt with high jewelry of many peacocks during history of 400 rest of life. Peacock motif is symbolic design of mele Rio. In the spring of 2017, peacock of mele Rio revives afresh.

"PAON" ring
(K18WG/ sapphire / green tourmaline)…745,200 yen


■From Wednesday, June 21 to Friday, July 7 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / international selections

We introduce New Item jewelry such as love knot series which featured the theme of hoop pierced earrings and love that daily can enjoy than well-established gold jewelry manufacturer <Unoaerre> with the history more than 90 years in Italy. Reflecting the image of a variety of lifestyle of modern woman, we boast of wide variation and number of Item from high-class design jewelry to basic jewelry which it is easy to coordinate routinely while embossing mode sense like Italy on the entire surface.

During period, 1AR silicon watch is presented more than 108,000 yen by the first 20 people of Purchase.

OMEGA necklace (K18YG/WG)…For each 356,400 yen
Pierced earrings (K18YG/WG)…For each 59,400 yen


■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Mikimoto

Beautiful true Japanese yen, surface perfection, brightness, harmony of color of pearl next to each other. Only a few things which brightness especially resists are given the name of <Mikimoto PREMIUM> in pearl which met strict quality standard of <Mikimoto>. <Mikimoto> which continues being world top of pearl is always pearl necklace to place as top quality.

<TASAKI> "balance″

■Currently held ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch /TASAKI

"balance" of <Tasaki> representing Collection which creative director, takun panikugaru deal with by oneself series. Modern, clean design with a feeling of floating enhances beauty of pearl.

<IWC> fair

■Currently held - Tuesday, June 6 ■Main building 4F = jewelry & watch / watch promotion

"da Vinci" Collection was reborn in 2017. This model following from 1969 comes from genius Leonardo da Vinci of the Renaissance period in Italy. Design concept inherits characteristic of style (round shape, double bezel, dome type sapphire glass) which succeeded most in the 1980s, and notable things include enhancement of ladies' model. Please try strap made in sun toe two companies which were particular about variableness-type rag, fit which are grammar by all means.

<BEDAT & Co> fair of the 20th anniversary

■From Wednesday, June 21 to 27th (Tue) ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / jewelry promotion

Thymeless design for woman and <beda & company> that we arrive, and there are many fans of fashion business from good feeling, height of quality of 100% Swiss maid. We reach the 20th anniversary from 1st Collection announcement in this year and announce Japan-limited model which diamond glistens with at the center of clockface. During fair period, we introduce with wide lineup.

In addition, we give one point of original white leather strap to visitor of the purchase in Japan-limited model during period in watch collectors week.


■From Wednesday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 4 ■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / Jaeger-LeCoultre

Inversion-type clock, reberuso characterized by geometric form which can be called symbol of art deco. For Aiko Nic collection of this <Jaeger-LeCoultre>, we suggest engraving of ORIGAMI which we designed to motif in animals for 26 kinds including crane or butterfly brought about by paper of only one piece using Japanese traditional origami.

reberuso classical music large Small second Q3858520
(rolling by hand /SS/45.6 X 27.4mm/3 atmospheric pressure waterproof / alligator strap)
…691,200 yen

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Jewelry & Watch Information
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