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Ma Lingerie Information

"Relax time wants to enjoy fashion which "we want to put on pretty thing in the body" which "it wants to be beautiful", too"
Ma Lingerie, To meet various thought of visitor,
We suggest Lingerie, Nightwear as fashion.

2017.11.08 update

<Katakura Industries> silk underwear fair

■Currently held - Tuesday, November 14

Private last owner, Katakura Industries of the Tomioka Silk Mill which is world's cultural heritage. Silk made with protein near skin of person is familiar with skin flexibly, and we support easily, and skin which is apt to dry can taste comfortable comfort. We cannot part with warm silk material throughout the year in winter coolly in the summer. Other than inner wear, please try feel only by 100% of silk including Nightwear, socks at this opportunity. During period, we give "silk belly-warmer tie" to the first 30 people of Purchase more than 16,200 yen.
※"Silk belly-warmer tie" is finished as soon as we disappear.

<Katakura Industries>
Orchid type slip (M L) 16,200 yen

"Lingerge" Christmas catalogue issuance

■From Wednesday, November 8 to Monday, December 25

Feeling that want to buy Lingerie for person each. As for the "reward to oneself" "luxury to part invisible for another person" purpose that "we want to spend the year-end and New Year holidays in new Lingerie", various. We suggest Lingerie and wear which we aimed at over one rank more than usual. For oneself to be higher-grade…. "Luxury" "It is design, good quality of material", , "challenge to cute kara mode" To there immediate as for Christmas of event which is special in one year. Please find over your one rank.

※Some products are available in Isetan online store.

Isetan online store

※You can see digital catalogue.

Digital catalogue

Brassiere (C - E: 65-75) 10,800 yen
Shorts (M L) 5,184 yen
※Lace gown is not for sale

<HANRO> fair

■From Wednesday, November 8 to 21st (Tue)

Luxurious knit that silk was blended with wool which is usable as both inner and outer is appearance. Luxurious knit is turtleneck which is good to winter wardrobe which does not get snagged on the fashion.
During period, we present original "stainless steel mug" to the first 30 people of Purchase more than 16,200 yen with <HANRO> product at Ma Lingerie store.
※"Stainless steel mug" is finished as soon as we disappear.

Underwear: UIH740(XS, S) 30,240 yen

<Simone pe rail> fair

■From Wednesday, November 8 to 21st (Tue)

Attractiveness that he/she gives depth on the delicate veil when motif which we put embroidery for by Web of gradation skillfully is rich in your body line is overflowing series.
During period, we present original "felt bag" to the first 30 people of Purchase more than 21,600 yen with <Simone pe rail> product at store.
※"Felt bag" is finished as soon as we disappear.

<Simone pe rail>
Brassiere: BIF304(85, 90/B - D) 22,680 yen
Shorts: PIF204 (1.2) 15,120 yen

<Trefle> New Item introduction

■From Wednesday, November 8 to 21st (Tue)

Dancers bewildering people with gorgeous review at night. We express the bewitching mood by applique and lame Web of velvet errand. Red which color turns into by angle to see should be seen with look of wish.

Brassiere: BBF439(C - F from 65-75) 19,440 yen:


■From Wednesday, November 15 to 21st (Tue)

Domestic brand <memai> which presents coquettish Lingerie in mysterious. It is dramatic and, by import-like looks and light Item that arrive, and was particular about feeling and the good-quality subject matter, directs daily life. Lingerie of brand first white which we want to wear on special day comes up for the first time.

Brassiere (M) 20,520 yen, tanga (M) 15,120 yen

Winter <Dublevé> fair

■From Wednesday, November 15 to Tuesday, December 5

Dark color that beauty of the bare skin stands out. Semi-order brand <Dublevé> which can come across size that is just fit. We introduce 8N series having dignity of elegant adult with beautiful color deeply shining in party.
During period, we present 8N original "blanket" to the first 70 people of order more than 24,000 yen with Dublevé product.
※"Blanket" is finished as soon as we disappear.

Brassiere: From BGI8N (cup AAA - F equivalency, under 62cm - 92cm) 18,360 yen
Shorts: From PTR8N 7,344 yen
※Size changes by brassiere-style.
Specifically, ask store person in charge.

"Lingerie addition" select brand POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, November 22 to 28th (Tue)

Popup store which joint exhibition "Lingerie addition" which accumulated good-quality Lingerie of all the countries of the world is world trend and original select, and does curation. From seasonal brand of Paris, London, Barcelona and Tokyo, it is <Akiko Ogawa Lingerie> <andoresaruda> <rejupondutesu> <knobless of ridge> We introduce <paromakyajiru>. We introduce styling which took in trendy body and lace outerwear.

Body suit 33,480 yen

<nanadecor> Italy knit Item fair

※Image is image.

■From Wednesday, November 22 to Tuesday, December 5

Feelings to Italian material are strong. Original experience is made use of in how to choose, texture, processing, how to weave of Web.
Only as for the thing that knit which <nanadeekoru> provides is of good quality warmly limitlessly softly. Cashmere is light and is airy and is surprised at feel and texture warmly when we wear once. Furthermore, we blended merino wool which was not inferior to cashmere in total either, and cashmere and woolen mixed spinning knit were born in needs to want to give strength that we wanted to wear in daily more. Feel is surprisingly soft. We suggest it with thought to want you to wear good quality at more reasonable price.
Cashmere palm Leeds with many repeat fans. Please realize quality only by from Italy.
During period, we present "knit tights of nanadecor constant seller" to the first 20 people of Purchase more than 30,240 yen.
※As for the gift, one point of per person is only for.
※Present is finished as soon as we disappear.

<PRISTINE> Christmas fair

■From Wednesday, November 22 to Monday, December 25

<PRISTINE> organic cotton series that heart becomes warm. It is recommended in reward to present to important one and oneself.

During period, we offer gift of "the finest feel" toward the Purchase.
We give "cape to the first 50 people of Purchase more than 75,600 yen with "cable knit hot-water bottle" to the first 40 people of Purchase more than 32,400 yen on fake fur holiday".
※As for the gift, either one point of per person is only for.
※Present is finished as soon as we disappear.

<adikuwatto> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, December 6 to 19th (Tue)

We were particular about attractiveness and comfort of adult woman including ribbon to wool, silk, material of gentle feel such as cotton, delicate lace. <adikuwatto> is inner wear roomware brand for adult who wears like oneself, and can be continued without getting tired.

Wool inner wear (one-size-fits-all) 14,040 yen

Lingerie Concierge Lingerie CONCEIRGE

"Lingerie concierge" who acquired wide knowledge about Lingerie looks for Lingerie along request of visitor. As it needs reservations, come to shop after inquiry in Time & Date convenient beforehand.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie
Telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard) / time in: 10:30AM to 8:00PM

※Price is all tax-included.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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