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Ma Lingerie Information

"Relax time wants to enjoy fashion which "we want to put on pretty thing in the body" which "it wants to be beautiful", too"
Ma Lingerie, To meet various thought of visitor,
We suggest Lingerie, Nightwear as fashion.

2017.09.20 update

<FLORALE by Triumph> New Item is fair

■Currently held - Tuesday, October 3

Theme winter in the autumn of 2017 flower - "of" La Fleur (la fururu) - one. At a glance with that alone "one flower" seems to be lacking. But we have both beauty and strength, presence which we hid in heart. With one piece of same petal, there are various expressions. Different expression that totally recites story by gradation appears one by one when we repeat. We get inspiration from such "one flower" in winter in the autumn of 2017 and develop Collection.
During period, we present burizabudofurawa to the first 40 people of Purchase more than 20,000 yen with <Triumph> product including <furorarebaitorimpu>.
※Present is finished as soon as we disappear.

Brassiere (B - F: 65-75)…From 8,424 yen
※Development size varies according to KOLOR.

The "Lingerge catalogue" publication

■From Wednesday, September 20

By this "Lingerge catalogue," we feature relax & Nightwear healing Lingerie attracting and tired day. KOLOR, mode, sexy are cute…We suggest Lingerie charming woman in various forms. In addition, two kinds of brassieres of Mitsukoshi Isetan original are unmissable! Reversible specificaion to be able to enjoy non-underwire jar of silk material with one piece twice. More than limit of underwear, New Item of brassiere designed assuming "charming" as fashion Item comes up. Comfort of "Japan fit" which matches with Japanese woman, and was made is attractive.
We distribute "Lingerge catalogue" with Shinjuku Store Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie. A part of the publication product is available in Isetan online store.

In photograph: <BASARA TYO silk Lingerie>
1. (S - L)…15,120 yen
2. (S - L)…16,200 yen
Photograph bottom: <Lilli peer Che>
Back open Bra (S M)…9,180 yen

Digital catalogue

Isetan online store

Introduction of <PARFAGE> New Item

■From Wednesday, September 20 to Tuesday, October 3

New Item of 2017 fall and winter "Lingerie which grants rin and sexy who worked." as We image jasmine which ranged. By one point of Swarovski crystal which we added to applique, we add casual glitter. Though it was neat and clean, we expressed image with some fascination. We had oriental KOLOR to main KOLOR in fascinating fishapinku which was fragrant, and drifted.

Brassiere (BCL479)(C - F: 65-75)…From 8,964 yen
Shorts (PCL479)(M)…4,212 yen


■From Wednesday, September 27 to Tuesday, October 3

"Styling inner" who can show comfortable material and body at good quality beautifully <aromatikkukasuka> has a good reputation from many actresses and model. So that exquisite grip said to that which we touched from time when we do not touch underwear is comfortable comes to must keep an eye on without letting you feel unpleasantness of wire though wire enters if we bring once. Please sense the comfort bodily. "Red" of KOLOR is appearance in season when KOLOR did collaboration with Mr. suzuki takayuki to black, beige, gray, basic KOLOR four colors of navy this time.

Brassiere (Shell front short) (size: S2, M1, M2, L1)…16,200 yen
High waist shorts (M - LL)…9,720 yen

<Trefle> autumn New Item

■From Wednesday, October 4 to 17th (Tue)

Goddess of chosen ballet.
We expressed elegant dignity that Etoile gave off and gorgeous presence that overwhelmed people with three-dimensional corsage. Put one piece of delicate petal on top of one another by handwork carefully. It is luxurious design only by <Trefle> that craftsmanship breathes.

Brassiere (BBF438)(C - F: 65-75)…From 27,000 yen

<Studio Five> autumn New Item

■From Wednesday, October 4 to 17th (Tue)

Original pal fan to wear on special day. Flavor that shut in secret metaru thought that remained in memory of person as lifetime carved seal. While there is modernity, it is dignified and suggests collection full of a feeling of luxury beautifully.

<Studio Five>
Brassiere (IB4089)(B: 70 - 75. C - F: 65-75)…From 20,520 yen
Shorts (IP4089)(M)…9,180 yen

Fascination Dubleve New Collection [Shinjuku Store limited plan] of <Wacoal Dublevé> adult

■From Wednesday, October 4 to 10th (Tue)

... sensuality-like flavor ...
Like refined elegant flavor, it is series which expressed double dahlia in full glory boldly. We introduce in main display space of Isetan Shinjuku 3F = Ma Lingerie.
During period, we present brand original "snap lock purse pouch" to the first 100 people of Purchase more than 21,600 yen with target product (Design Style 6N series).
※Present is finished as soon as we disappear.

<Wacoal Dublevé>
Brassiere (BGI6N)…From 16,200 yen
Shorts (PTP6N)…5,940 yen

Lingerie Concierge Lingerie CONCEIRGE

"Lingerie concierge" who acquired wide knowledge about Lingerie looks for Lingerie along request of visitor. As it needs reservations, come to shop after inquiry in Time & Date convenient beforehand.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie
Telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard) / time in: From 10:30 to 8:00

※Price is all tax-included.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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