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Ma Lingerie Information

"Relax time wants to enjoy fashion which "we want to put on pretty thing in the body" which "it wants to be beautiful", too"
Ma Lingerie, To meet various thought of visitor,
We suggest Lingerie, Nightwear as fashion.

2017.05.15 update

WELLNESS is NEW LUXURY - global green campaign ...

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = the stage

It is indispensable to spend 1st pleasantly.
Skin care which is kind to wear and skin which it is comfortable, and are stylish, food good for the health vary. SHIHO of model selects thing necessary for comfortable living and suggests. SHIHO is always lineup with housedress from Accessories such as collaboration Item, towel or eye mask with <nanadeekoru> of habitual use from Ma Lingerie. We introduce comfortable space on the stage.

※A part of the product is available in Isetan online store.

Isetan online store

Forest - global green campaign ... of PRISTINE

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd (Tue)

We introduce Item to snuggle up to living not to cut corners in that we do not work too much hard on for comfortable every day. We choose eco-friendly method in all processes without using chlorine bleach, fixer, fluorescent brightener, shrink-proofing agent by no dyeing and are suggestion of lifestyle which <PRISTINE> which is kind to human being naturally deals with. Including popular Nightwear and housedress, towel, we introduce ALL Item of baby and <PRISTINE> including men's. In addition, we paid our attention to deer which damaged mountain, and led to natural destruction and wrestled for environmental problem including leather products and pet food of doggy which did not waste life from the extermination to thing these days.

※A part of the product is available in Isetan online store.

Isetan online store

<skinware> POP UP SHOP - global green campaign ...

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd (Tue)

It is popup shop of <SkinAware (sukinauea)> suggesting Lingerie and housedress using good cotton of skin jar at good quality. We introduce yoga, fitnessware in addition to Lingerie, housedress. During period, we give hair band to the first 30 people of Purchase more than 10,800 yen.

The tank Bra top: 7,776 yen
Leggings: 8,640 yen
※Others are not for sale

<Wacoal> semi-order Dublevé experience-based campaign

■From Wednesday, May 17 to Tuesday, June 20

During period, we introduce with special price in Design style3M series of target article number, Design style9G series to visitor of order with brassiere in Dublevé for the first time.

The photograph left: 3M: With a sense of stability wear; kegokochito knitting lace group.
From special price 9,720 yen
The right: 9G: Simple style which is hard to sound refined in stylish.
From special price 7,344 yen
Cup: AAA - F cup equivalency, under: 62-92cm

<Wacoal >SUHADA MOTION try-on is fair

■From Wednesday, May 17 to 30th (Tue)

Active, beautiful "SUHADA MOTION" which fitted movement and skin debuts. During period, we give Lion hadakara (body soap) to 50 one first arrival that had you try on SUHADA MOTION.

From brassiere (BRA171(CR)) 5,184 yen
(size: AB65 - 80 CD65 - 80 EF65 - 75)

<Wacoal> clover fair

■From Wednesday, May 31 to Tuesday, June 13

It is ribbon Bra chest plumply clearly the side.
The support is the turnback disposal that is hard to cut, and back is performed smoothing of clearly by the side. We finished silhouette in cup shape that it was easy to match with natural roundness.

From brassiere (BRG473(PI/OR)) 7,236 yen
(size: QC - QF (85-100))

Lingerie Concierge Lingerie CONCEIRGE

"Lingerie concierge" who acquired wide knowledge about Lingerie looks for Lingerie along request of visitor. As it needs reservations, come to shop after inquiry in Time & Date convenient beforehand.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie
Telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard) / time in: From 10:30 to 8:00

※Price is all tax-included.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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