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Ma Lingerie Information

"Relax time wants to enjoy fashion which "we want to put on pretty thing in the body" which "it wants to be beautiful", too"
Ma Lingerie, To meet various thought of visitor,
We suggest Lingerie, Nightwear as fashion.

2017.07.12 update

<raze> Autumn of 2017 winter New Item

■Currently held - Monday, July 31

New Item comes up in winter in season in the autumn of 2017 of "looking thinner refreshing Bra" having favorable reception. As for the theme, "modishness is elegant". Of youthful design and back receive, and perform smoothing of meat, and is refreshing in the side and back figures! ni paid its attention. We can dress outer which line appears by design to reduce step of back under part which is hard to notice well neatly by oneself.

Brassiere: BFA460
(B/70 - 80, C - F/65 - 85, G/70 - 85)…From 8,964 yen

<Incaic civilization rat> Autumn of 2017 winter New Item

■Currently held - Monday, July 31

It is the first in winter in season in the autumn of 2017 of inner wear <Incaic civilization rat> brightening every day of woman looking good with casual elegance.
Theme is "Maria" (Maria) - Virgin Mary (Buddha) ... Reflecting the image of veil covering the real face of bride promising eternity, antique lace-like leaver lace which we knit begins to bring on mysterious beauty.

<Incaic civilization rat>
Brassiere: BAB476
(B - F/65 - 75)…From 9,180 yen

<PARFAGE> "Ribbon Bra" for 2,017 years in the fall and winter New Item

■Currently held - Monday, July 31

Sale in winter precedent the autumn of 2017 of cute underwear <PARFAGE> of loved adult in season in the first. Theme is expression ... with transparent innocent flavor that starlit sky of "Rose horoscope" (rose horoscope) - perfect score shines with.
Shower of light that shooting star glitters as having been studded with jewels is expressed with delicate walk print using lame Web. Applique of rose such as constellation shines beautifully.

Ribbon Bra: BCL777(B - G/65 - 75)…From 9,288 yen

Isetan summer clearance sale

■From Wednesday, July 12

On "July 12, it will become ideal day for clearance nationwide."
Time of clearance sale did it this year! It is introduction at affordable price including crack kana unpleasant shorts in popular underwear and pajama playing an active part in summer, brassiere and outer which we arrive and hate one of feeling. It is chance of bulk buying.
※There is product excluding partly. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Mitsukoshi Isetan group summer clearance sale

<Dublevé> Autumn Dublevé fair

■From Tuesday, July 18 to 31st (Mon)

New Item in <Dublevé> autumn to put delicate lace and overlapping applique together, and to have mysterious brightness is appearance. During period, we present original "pouch" to the first 70 people of order more than 21,600 yen with <Dublevé> product.

Brassiere: BGI7N…From 21,600 yen
Shorts: PTR7N…From 9,180 yen

<Dublevé> Triple point campaign (new state-limited)

■From Tuesday, July 18 to 31st (Mon)

Semi-order <Dublevé> which line is beautiful, and health is comfortable, and grants "beauty to want to become". During period, we hold campaign to multiply <Dublevé> point by three to visitor of order for the first time, and to present <Dublevé> brassiere.

Brassiere…From 8,424 yen
Shorts…3,564 yen
※Photograph is 9G: Simple style which is hard to sound refined in stylish


※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

■From Wednesday, July 19 to 31st (Mon)

We publish "WACOAL OF ISETAN MA LINGERIE leaflet" which stylist of Ma Lingerie <Wacoal> introduces recommended Item of this summer to. We perform measuring, try-on to request of visitor, design suggestion and introduce correct brassiere to visitor each one. During period, we present night B gel sample to measuring, 300 one first arrival that we had you try on at store.

<HANKY PANKY> 40th Anniversary Fair

■From Tuesday, July 18 to 31st (Mon)

We introduce New Item of "Summer" which is the second from <HANKY PANKY> reaching the Rebel 40th anniversary in 2017. We have new print Item such as floral design or Star-Spangled Banner print like new color and brand such as coral pink and sunset orange like summer, new bottom "string bikini" a lot and wait.

Brassiere…From 7,992 yen
Shorts…From 3,240 yen

<L'Angélique> Autumn/Winter Collection

■From Wednesday, August 2 to 21st (Mon)

Collection image winter in <L'Angélique> autumn of 2017 is scenery of the 1870s of Japan. British plant painter Marianne North created Japan 140 years ago from Japanese diary which we drew when we came to be similar and expressed smooth beautiful Shangri-la. Line which expressed scenery of Tokyo rich naturally to see her vest show of New Item which became the Autumn/Winter Collection first from the car window. Cloth reflecting the image of wheat ear woven with cotton and thread of Linen, leaver lace of simple, elegant floral design are characteristics.
During period, we give original Japanese fan to 40 Purchase first arrival more than 21,600 yen.

<her vest show>
3/4 brassiere…From 19,440 yen
Shorts (M L)…10,800 yen

Lingerie Concierge Lingerie CONCEIRGE

"Lingerie concierge" who acquired wide knowledge about Lingerie looks for Lingerie along request of visitor. As it needs reservations, come to shop after inquiry in Time & Date convenient beforehand.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie
Telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard) / time in: From 10:30 to 8:00

※Price is all tax-included.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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