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Ma Lingerie Information

"Relax time wants to enjoy fashion which "we want to put on pretty thing in the body" which "it wants to be beautiful", too"
Ma Lingerie, To meet various thought of visitor,
We suggest Lingerie, Nightwear as fashion.

2017.03.01 update

We published 2017spring "Lingerge" catalogue.

■From Wednesday, March 1

Spring gorgeous image, new season including encounter, graduation, the threshold, change produce Lingerie catalogue of theme this time. We direct woman with "sinter" that flower bloomed in profusion.
In addition, "we show and introduce Bra" from Mitsukoshi Isetan original product <ONLY MI>. Fashion that the present trend adopted Lingerie factor. Therefore we publish non-underwire jar which we want to show which devoted itself to design of lace errand and back for season when exposure increases.

"Lingerge" digital catalogue

※A part of the product is available in Isetan online store.

Isetan online store

<ONLY MI> "we show Bra" beginning to sell

■From Wednesday, March 1

"We show Bra" which can enjoy brassiere as fashion what we show, and <ONLY MI> of Mitsukoshi Isetan suggests tops skin including off shoulder and material with translucency in trendy this season. In sports and festival when yoga is usually light let alone errand as is mobile in non-wire ideally! It is brassiere of new sense that loses nothing by having one piece.

Brassiere…From 9,180 yen

<Wacoal >SUHADA fair

■From Wednesday, March 1

New Item which a feeling of bare skin improved more from <Wacoal >SUHADA which made its debut comes up last year. Please try at store. We give <Lion> body soap "HADAKARA" sample to the first 100 people who had you try on target product.

Brassiere…From 6,048 yen

<Triumph> ONLY MI POP UP

■From Wednesday, March 8 to 14th (Tue)

New Item comes up than <Triumph> ONLY MI series of favorable reception only in every Mitsukoshi Isetan in season. Under the theme of "TRIVAL FUSION," it is sense of quality and series which there be, and was particular about feeling using delicate, refined leaver lace this season while being simple which expressed national TRIBAL tattoo. Please see by all means at this opportunity.

<Triumph> ONLY MI
Brassiere…8,100 yen
Shorts…3,780 yen

<KID BLUE> spring fair

■From Wednesday, March 8 to 21st (Tue)

2017 to send "Grand Ping" spending time in nature luxuriously to image. Do you not go to feel spring refreshing Wind? In life Item favorite in trunk. Time for slightly special relaxation with <KID BLUE>.
During period, we give original tote bag to the first 80 people of Purchase more than 19,440 yen with <KID BLUE> product.

Nightwear (M)…16,200 yen
Camisole (M L) with cup…12,960 yen

The fair first of the 40th anniversary of <Wacoal> Trefle

■From Wednesday, March 8 to 21st (Tue)

We hold fair in commemoration of the 40th anniversary from release of <Wacoal> Trefle.
During period, we give shopper for a limited time to the first 100 people of Purchase with target product.

<Wacoal> Trefle
Brassiere…From 19,440 yen
Shorts…8,640 yen

<Wacoal >UNDER WEAR BY CW-X X <minäperhonen> Try-on bodily sensation campaign

■From Wednesday, March 8 to 22nd (Wed)

With comfortable underwear supporting body, we make usual "moving" scene special
<Wacoal >UNDER WEAR BY CW-X. The special design second of <minäperhonen> comes up as limited plan.
We give <JINS>SCREEN (OPTICAL for PC) to 30 whole country from <Wacoal >UNDER WEAR BY CW-X which had you try on brassieres during period by lot. Please try at store at this opportunity.

Brassiere…6,156 yen

<Wacoal> semi-order Dublevé experience-based campaign

■From Wednesday, March 8 to 31st (Fri)

We introduce "Design Style 9G" where it is hard to sound through which wears, and was refined in "Design Style 3M" series, stylish characterized by kegokochito knitting lace more solid-looking than <Wacoal> Dublevé which is available for order of abundant size series.
During campaign period, we introduce with special price in target "Design Style 3M" series, "Design Style 9G" series to visitor of order with brassiere in <Wacoal> Dublevé for the first time.

<Wacoal> Dublevé
Design Style 3M brassiere…From 9,720 yen
Design Style 9G brassiere…From 7,344 yen
※Photograph is Design Style 3M series.

<essence by Triumph> POP UP

■From Wednesday, March 15 to 28th (Tue)

Theme summer in the spring of 2017 "Spirit of glassy green."
We put delicate leaver lace and stretch satin with a feeling of soft drape together and express crystal glass art.

<essence by Triumph>
Teddy…18,360 yen

<Wacoal> TSUMORI CHISATO spring campaign

■From Wednesday, March 15 to 28th (Tue)

It is information for spring New Item from <Wacoal> TSUMORI CHISATO. We suggest casual fashion on pleasant theme including "The Wizard of Oz".
During period, we give original clear file to the first 100 people of Purchase more than 5,040 yen with target product.

Pajama…14,040 yen

<PRISTINE >2017spring campaign

■From Wednesday, March 22 to 28th (Tue)

<PRISTINE> spreads for a limited time and sells. Under the theme of "Pristine with Love," spring new products including product of print of motif of Haat are received, too.
During period, we give charm "cotton Babe" of Lion using cotton to 20 people of Purchase more than 16,200 yen.

Short-sleeved wing-collared shirt (M)…21,600 yen

<nanadeekoru> Spring of 2017 summer NEW ARRIVAL

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

■From Wednesday, March 22 to Tuesday, April 4

A lot of pretty Item including inner series that is plane of feminine Lingerie and rib with lace in stripe are appearances. We offer nightdress that lace is gorgeous or popular lily of the valley nightdress and suggest comfortable Sleep.
During period, we offer mini-bottle detergent to the first 25 people of Purchase more than 21,600 yen.

The fair second of the 30th anniversary of <Wacoal> PARFAGE

■From Wednesday, March 22 to Tuesday, April 4

We hold fair in commemoration of the 30th anniversary from release of <Wacoal> PARFAGE.
During period, we give original Lingerie pouch of BARBIE collaboration to the first 100 people of Purchase with target product.

<Wacoal> PARFAGE
Brassiere…From 8,748 yen
Shorts…From 4,212 yen

<Katakura silk> POP UP SHOP

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

■From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 11

We provide valuable product at good quality while natural fiber including cotton and silk is reviewed for sensitive skin. <KATAKURA SILK> of manufacturer which acted as the private last honor of the Tomioka Silk Mill from 1939 through 2005 needed one year before plan production. We have a meeting with buyer many times in manufacturer and repeat trial manufacture and are product which it is easy to use for daily that it produced using good-quality silk carefully in Japan.

Lingerie Concierge Lingerie CONCEIRGE

"Lingerie concierge" who acquired wide knowledge about Lingerie looks for Lingerie along request of visitor. As it needs reservations, come to shop after inquiry in Time & Date convenient beforehand.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie
Telephone: 03-3352-1111 (main switchboard) / time in: From 10:30 to 8:00

※Price is all tax-included.
※Contents of event may be changed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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