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ISETAN Park Floor Guide

Wearable Delicacy

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 18th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = Center Park / the stage # 4

<Yohji Yamamoto> which cloth drew characteristic to have and built and built up to delicate clothes. We introduce Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited package using traditional print and sengiho only in Japan this time. Please sense "delicacy" (delicacy) that Yohji Yamamoto which we made wrinkle processing, shirring technologies on expresses bodily.

<Yohji Yamamoto>
Dress 99,360 yen


■From Wednesday, April 5 to 18th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = WEST park / promotion

Collection which expressed the discerning rich color in blue color. The state that color fell out and was dyed worked hard, and, as for the unique taste that depth of color brought on, vat dye (suren sen) was graphically designed one point of one point in process that spent time than usual by craftsman whom we knew well. We introduce such Item to be able to enjoy until aerial feeling between person and the cloth to wear like <Y's>.

<Y's> dress 110,160 yen

<ISSEY MIYAKE>microcosm

■From Wednesday, April 5 to 11th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 4F = Center Park / promotion

Theme of <ISSEY MIYAKE>SPRING SUMMER 2017 "microcosm."
We expressed that manufacturing began from small opportunity in primitive design and texture that small kind became tree and was realized. Including "Cut & Stick characterized by architectural form which is born by laminating geometric piece this time," we offer event-limited product mainly on "steam stretch" only by <ISSEY MIYAKE> and "baked stretch" series.

From <ISSEY MIYAKE> dress 91,800 yen

※Price is all tax-included.
※Event contents may become change, cancellation without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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