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2016.03.16 update


KOLOR consulting service

Currently held
■Main building 3F = Colored formal

Special colored races reply to choose by KOLOR diagnosis

"KOLOR diagnosis" that we carry out at each store of Isetan
The staff with qualification of color analyst is service supporting selection of color looking good on customer.

Strong friend when we were troubled with selection of dress, KOLOR diagnosis by color analyst. When we try by all means?

KOLOR diagnosis: Service to support selection of color that oneself by sales force of Isetan with qualification of color analyst looks good with most.
Time required approximately 30 minutes, reservation required.

※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive gnarl out of stock.

※Contents of event may be changed by convenience. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Rule of formal

There are time and wearing by high formality to Colored formal wear. We distinguish at noon and night after time for sunset at time.
We put together in each time and we follow and approximately call wearing changed most with formal dress associate formal dress in original formal dress, it.


Original formal dress
Grand wedding ceremony, banquet, official event and party

Associate formal dress
General wedding ceremony, banquet, party

Abbreviation formal dress
Casual wedding ceremony and second party


Long dress which assumed French court dress "robe montante" model. As for the neckline, narrow thing is official. Please choose accessories which you wrote down luster in. Sleeve long sleeves or 7 for eight minutes thing of length. It is basic to suppress exposure of skin. It is long whether length is normal. Long shot becomes more formal impression.

Wide formal of application range to adopt trend in design or silhouette which are not changed too much moderately, and to be able to feign. But it is important not to become too much showy as it is daytime formal dress. We choose Item for preference including ensemble suit and dress, and even thing enjoying coordinates is all right.

Item and style do not have limitation. Let's be dressed gorgeously.
In "ordinary dress…As ordinary dress is not everyday wear when guide-formed, you should match accessories, accessory for formal with ".

At night

It is dress-style called "dress decollete dress" which exposed chest and back, shoulder. Length is floor length or heel length that shoes point peeps at. To wide dress of neckline, we wear gorgeous jewel. Gloves are gauntlets to the elbow top. White satin or kid (kid) material is official.

We wear cocktail dress and dinner dress (like evening dress without neckband thing with sleeve). Silhouette is free, and it is point to choose material letting you feel trend with good paillette, taffeta, satin, bloom including chiffon at night. Costume and jewelry which shine in light being conscious of night.

※There is product without the handling partly.

Rule of formal

We go for trip of cruising with large passenger ship…

It is characteristic of this sea voyage that enjoy trip in long term called three months relaxedly from one month.
It is common that "welcome party" by Captain sponsorship is held on the day of the embarkation. In addition, party for the friendship that we made "casual party" and dress code such as "cocktail party" for almost every day is planned. In limited baggage, it is one of the pleasure how you realize the clothing.
We can enjoy Change when we add dress varying in length such as dress of long length, dress of midi length to change by coordinates. In addition, in addition to jacket which we assumed dust, it will be useful when you have stole of large size to be able to enjoy arrange.

For garden wedding…

The clothing that we put together in held time is expected if invited to banquet held under the solar light outside.
It will prevent you from showing skin more than required if it is daytime time.

Wearing with sense of the seasons?

As indoor party is equipped with air conditioner, there will not be problem even if not conscious of heat and cold in venue very much. But the clothing that adopted sense of the seasons is wonderful to be dressed in a slender way. It is stylish to direct sense of the seasons early ahead of the season.

What should banquet in marriage ceremonial hall and hotel wear?

Regardless of time when banquet of Japan is held, most are parties in the room where they burnt of lighting including chandelier.
Such a party is said to be night person, and bridal couple becomes the clothing of style in evening, and it is said that attending guest does not mind by the clothing that was conscious of night. But there should be haori thing covering bolero and jacket, shoulder and arm including stole as ceremony should not produce skin in the case of attendance very much.

When we attend banquet as "friend?"

You are apt to choose dress of color such as black and dark blue, but please dress bright color well with feeling adding bloom to party vividly.

In the case of ordinary dress designation, can we wear knit?

"Ordinary dress" is never "everyday wear". Please keep in mind so that it is not just left for sponsor.
Sweaters suggesting arrival at daily life are not preferable, but will not mind if it is elegant atmosphere.
It is important we think about overall Balance, and to be dressed.

What kind of clothes are good for party of work return?

If it is business suit, we are dressed in either including blouse accessory bag, shoes replacing with thing of formal sense.
We shine beautifully at night when we treat glittering thing.

How to choose colors

There is not limitation by color, but it is in impression that was changed more when dressed one tone.
In addition, you should avoid white in consideration for white of bride on wedding ceremony, banquet.
Furthermore, in the case of wedding ceremony at church, we are careful not to become all in black.
With feeling adding bloom to felicitous event, let's keep the vivid clothing in mind.

Please tell difference in daytime clothing and night clothing.

It is point the daytime clothing is modest, and to finish the night clothing more gorgeously elegantly.
Noon and night use are important for accessories like wear.
As for thing, the night when luster including pearl is modest, material wears brightness and thing which is shiny, and shines in lighting at noon.

Point of selection of bag?

As for the formal bag, small thing is official.
Thing of calf that the daytime clothing is small, and there is not luster and fabric simple design,
The night clothing is small; thing with luster.
Rhinestone or metal lace create activeness, too.

How to handle corsage?

There is no rule in position and direction to attach corsage to.
Let's attach by thing to wear in a good balance.
In the place to acquire other than chest hair and neck, WEST or wrist
Please enjoy various arrange.

What kind of clothes is Colored formal?

From seat of invite that it was called formal dress in Japanese, and was changed a little to grand party,
It is the clothing appropriate for various scene.
Wearing that matched each place and viewpoint is important at all to do the neighborhood as well as oneself pleasantly.

How should we dress Colored formal well?

Colored formalware includes time and wearing by high formality.
We distinguish at noon and night after time for sunset (in the summer as for 6:00 p.m., the winter about 5:00 p.m.) at time.
We put together in each time and we follow and approximately call wearing changed most with formal dress associate formal dress in original formal dress, it.


Original formal dress Associate formal dress Abbreviation formal dress
The daytime clothing

Afternoon dress with a little exposure of skin.
Material which held collar moamarikurazu, light in check is desirable. In grand ceremony and taking a seat-type party.

Semi-afternoon dress by cloth with patterns of plain fabric and plain sense. In general celebration and buffet-type party.

There is hardly limitation by free wearing.
We do color and design elegantly and direct a feeling of formal. For meetings with ordinary dress designation.

The night clothing

Evening dress which greatly consumed skin.
Thing with luster and solid feeling and transparent material are desirable. In party of dinner and taking a seat of official.

Semi-evening dress and cocktail dress using material with glossiness and brightness. In general banquet and buffet-type party.

There is not limitation in particular, but feeling formal with accessories. We put strong things of light together and create time at night. For easy meeting including concert and dinner party.

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