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Ladies Shoes Shop Information Floor Guide


We introduce event & fair information performed in each corner.


■From Wednesday, August 9 to 15th (Tue)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 2F = ladies' shoes / promotion

Sneakers of design which worked of Esprit and <PATRICK> bringing on presence that coloration is overwhelming. As for the universal design, feelings born in France and mind of manufacturing of Japan are inherited ceaselessly. In addition, we give novelty to the first 30 people of Purchase during period.
※Forgive on absence of goods.

Sneakers…14,040 yen


■From Wednesday, August 9 to 21st (Mon)
■Shinjuku Store Main Building 2F = ladies' shoes / promotion

Shop for a limited time which had style which was Aiko Nic of <miu miu>. Variation-rich, during period, New Item using design element full of senses of fun that seem to be brand such as pearl and bijoux, glitter and logo appears in style which is Aiko Nic such as Mary Queen Jayne, jewel heel, sneakers.

<miu miu>
Sneakers…123,120 yen (planned price)


Thought to shoes which designer producing shoes of global high quality high brand which anyone longs for talks about.
We introduce including message to precious Isetan.

Catherine and Francoise SARTORE

Inherited will, value not to change.
Welcome to the world of SARTORE.

※Price is all tax-included.

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※Price is all tax-included.
※Forgive gnarl out of stock.
※We may be changed by circumstances for contents, exhibition period of event. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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