<russet>POP UP

■From Wednesday, January 25 to 31st (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

We establish "valuable thing is beyond time" as Japanese brand in concept
<russet> comes up. Vintage-style nylon tote bag which it is light and is easy to use
Including by KOLOR of "THE CLOUDS", we finished in material mixed with leather
We offered Mitsukoshi Isetan limited item including "CUBE" where cube type was pretty.

As for the special event that color and print you like can customize "CUBE" more during period!
At this opportunity, please come to encounter new <russet>.

In photograph
A: "THE CLOUDS"…Large) 24,840 yen, small) 22,680 yen [Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited]
B: "CUBE"…23,760 yen [Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited]
Photograph bottom
"CUBE" pattern order…31,320 yen
Pattern order is the front district: Six colors of leather, side part: Ten kinds of nylon,
Handle: You have a choice between six colors of leather. (handing over: approximately three months later)

<FENDI>STRAP YOU -Personalize Your Strap-

<DOLCE & GABBANA> "Marina" Collection

■From Wednesday, February 1 to 7th (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

We introduce bag and bits and bobs of canvas material than "marina" telling arrival of season Collection in the spring and summer. It keeps colorful, cute Item with dot and the sea including Mitsukoshi Isetan limited item as motif.

Bag…117,720 yen
Wallet…85,320 yen
Pouch…43,200 yen


※We link to online store of NOREN NOREN ISETAN MITSUKOSHI (noren noren ISETAN Mitsu waist). Sign-in is necessary separately from Mitsukoshi Isetan online store.


<LONGCHAMP> rupuriaju ® customization

■From Wednesday, February 8 to 17th (Fri)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

"rupuriaju ®" where features functionality and KOLOR foldable small.
You put 15 colors, the length including new color of the handle together in selectable bag type from 4 size and can make original design. Embroidery increased mark this time, and variation spread.

Handbag…From 19,440 yen
※Price varies according to size.
※KOLOR of photograph is image.
※It becomes handing over approximately 11 weeks later.


<Valextra> Shopping bag

■From Wednesday, February 15 to 20th (Mon)
■1st floor of the Main Building = the stage #1

Inspire is done architectural form from building
<Valextra> which attracts fasshonisuta of the world.
New Item in design which was graphical from "ISIDE" of icon bag
We appear as limited Item a lot.

The left: Bag…464,400 yen
The right: Bag…375,840 yen
※All are Isetan Shinjuku precedence

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock. ※Contents of event may be changed by circumstances. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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