<discord Yohji Yamamoto X GLOBE-TROTTER>

<discord Yohji Yamamoto X GLOBE-TROTTER>

■Currently held - Tuesday, April 4
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

We memorialized Isetan Shinjuku opening of <GLOBE TROTTER>,
Collaboration Collection with <D cord Yohji Yamamoto>
Limited release!

Yoji Yamamoto that in late years what was treated by lining makes efforts in art activity,
Of femme F tar (= femme fatale characteristics) which we drew by handwriting for this time

With case that philosophy of Yamamoto was condensed,
Please enjoy the refined middle of a journey in ejjii.

<D cord Yohji Yamamoto X GLOBE TROTTER>
TRUNK case…299,160 yen

<discord Yohji Yamamoto> POP UP SHOP

<discord Yohji Yamamoto> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 4
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag

We have saddler in the origin and deal with saddle of world-famous jockey and carriage tool of Imperial Household Agency,
With <SOMES SADDLE> presenting leather Item against a backdrop of harness technology
We open Limited Shop which we featured for double name Item.
With design that is high to base in "GETA" of popular <D cord>,
It is Collection that technology guaranteed by Japanese Crafts Manship fused.

<D cord Yohji Yamamoto>
Bag (cowhide)…186,840 yen



■From Wednesday, April 5 to 11th (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

To "metropolis" and breast wallet which are icon limited design
It releases Collection of the 90th anniversary of the founding that we adopted.
We did collaboration rate with paper-cutting writer, Mikito Ozeki who played an active part at home and abroad
We introduce item featuring cutwork only in Japan.
In addition, POP UP STORE has six kinds of unique animals
Other than "the metropolis jungle," print was taken by the entire surface
It keeps colorful lineup.
Special bag which accentuates of styling
Check it out!

In photograph:
"Japan-limited Collection metropolis of the 90th anniversary" bag…From 73,440 yen
"Japan-limited Collection wallet of the 90th anniversary" wallet…From 43,200 yen
Photograph bottom:
"Metropolis jungle" bag…For each 58,320 yen

<RUE DE VERNEUIL> mini-promotion

<RUE DE VERNEUIL> mini-promotion

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 18th (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag

We develop canvas bag which is chic which we feel like collecting just carelessly
Brand <Rue doyu verunuiyu> from France.
We introduce brand first Leo soft-headed doh printed ya stripe print for a limited time.

<Rue do verunuiyu>
2WAY bag…17,280 yen



■From Wednesday, April 12 to 25th (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag

"ELLE" Very much up-and-coming brand <TILA MARCH> which Mr. Tamara taishuman where we turned into than fashion editor for France deals with.
New Item of "THE SIMPLE BAG" which makes the debut as NEW icon bag of the tenth anniversary of the brand in winter in season, and won great popularity in the autumn of 2016 is appearance. Other than the most popular light graige X champagne, we add to bright KOLOR such as new color white X white, navy X navy, coral X navy, yellow X gray, and stripe print appears in the summer in the spring of 2017, too. Outing introduces bag becoming fun.

Bag (H38 X W31 X D15cm)…30,240 yen
Bag (H32 X W25 .5* D13cm)…24,840 yen



■From Wednesday, April 19 to 25th (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

Denim material by prominent Crafts Manship of Japan met flowers which bloomed in source "GUCCI garden" of inspiration of creative director Alessandro mikere of <GUCCI>, and new CAPSEL Collection was born.
With precedent sale of Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited Item, Japan-limited Item, you can see the latest collection of popular line quickly, too.

Bag…214,920 yen
Wallet…43,200 yen

<Roberta pieri> mini-promotion

<Roberta pieri> mini-promotion

■From Wednesday, April 19 to 25th (Tue)
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag

Bag brand <roberutapieri> from Italy which had functionality and design.
We lead and release leather accessory of development from this season.
As for the color variations that renovated without passing over.

Bag…39,960 yen



■From Wednesday, April 26
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag

In JET SET COLLECTION which won popularity as winter CAPSEL collection in the autumn of 2016
New color "NEW WHITE" comes up. With "NEW WHITE" characterized by clean white
Series which affinity of studs is good, and is refreshing.
New model and bracelet of bag increased and renewed

<J&M Davidson>
Carnival M…153,360 yen



■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 2
■1st floor of the Main Building = handbag / promotion

Customized plan "My GHERARDINI" which became extreme popularity since Rebel of season in an instant in the summer in the spring of 2016. New design which it is easy to match with any style appears in 2017. We can regulate the length of the handle, and even crossbody is available in shoulder.
You select white, yellow, beige, blue, all pink five colors than ① body, ② handle two, ③ charm and can enjoy combination of all 625 ways. What we can take to go on the spot is attractive. It is recommended in gift.

"MY GHERARDINI" customization bag (H38 X W31 X D15cm)…For each 39,960 yen

※Price is all tax-included. ※Forgive gnarl out of stock. ※Contents of event may be changed by circumstances. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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