Akiko Kikuchi and denim four sisters

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Profile of Akiko Kikuchi

It was born in Gifu for 1,982 years. Actress, model. We play an active part in movie, drama, the stage while we play an active part in women's magazine as model. There are books such as "Akiko Kikuchi mook MASH" "grass by the roadside" series (Shogakukan), "good kiyo, cafe" (Magazine House).


They make live using picture and pianica of VHS, and MV production, VJ, DJ continue carrying out various activities. We are going to announce 3rd Album "ON THE AIR" on October 25.

Design team which continues manufacturing from various forms without establishing graphic, space, domain including product. We deal with bag brand "SOAK".

Collaboration with brand and company including magazine and advertisement, Photo exhibition and product production often sends, too. It is going to release collection of indie photographs on the end of November.

Charming denim which Akiko Kikuchi thinks aboutCharming denim which Akiko Kikuchi thinks about

Comfortable Balance.
Charm point which wants to look hard.
Four types of denim pants were completed when we collected "we like" of Akiko Kikuchi.
We continue wearing for years, and let's chop wrinkle together. How is such denim life?

We introduce denim four sisters!

In people of steady, is amiable, and one's own pace.
And it is free!
The name is lily, MARIE CLUB, With Thee, cedi.
Though all character is different, it is four pleasant sisters who was full of stylish hearts.

※Product of publication is available in Isetan online store.

Eldest daughter LILY

Character: Person of steady. We love beautiful thing. Reasonable.

"Blue denim which was almost white limitlessly" was realized by bleaching processing. Button and rivets are unified with silver. Movement of silhouette pleases by having given wide tuck back and forth. Design which impression that was mode wore.


Second daughter MARY

Character: Amiability perfect score. Existence of idol of all. Boyish.

Silhouette that femininity appears and disappears in line of waistline although rise is unhurried deeply. It is selvedge (with ear) denim which complete distinction writes finish method of cloth itself called washing in water + sun drying, and was particular about texture.


Third daughter WHIZZY

Character: Hard worker who is one's own pace. There is enthusiastic research feeling.

Model which came up with the idea, and was named by sound that "Lee WHIZIT" (we Jit) which was born in 1929 closed zip of the front section. <Lee> gave traditional jierutodenimu navy stitch, and finished in refined impression.


Four girls CEDDY

Character: Freewheelingness. It is glutton in romanticists.

It features unique volume silhouette that work pants became base. Wash processing and large back pocket, charm point with omission including cropped length giving texture of yuzudo are studded with everywhere.

CEDDY 21,600 yen (Lee)ONLINE STORE

Until "denim four is sister with Akiko Kikuchi", and collaboration denim pants are done

Having made "desired denim pants" of Akiko Kikuchi form
Honzawa of <RED CARD> which is expert of denim world and Hosokawa of <Lee JAPAN>.
We send "denim four sisters" production inside story with two.


Akiko Kikuchi
Though apparel brand and a lot of collaboration experience, attempt first as for the product production with jeans manufacturer. Is not eager, denim pants with habit are liked a little bit.
Hiroharu Honzawa
<EDWIN> We are engaged in setup of "EDWIN 503" in this. We are in charge of model change of "Levi's 501®" afterwards in <LEVI STRAUSS JAPAN ®>. We become independent in 2005 and start original brand <RED CARD®> in 2009. We deal with denim consulting and produce of company and brand.
Hidekazu Hosokawa
<Lee JAPAN>, as director, <EDWIN> marketing director, is in charge of various plans and direction. We are engaged in contribution to society program including Ugandan "Born in UGANDA ORGANIC COTTON" and Indian "Pre-ORGANIC COTTON" "Tohoku cotton project".

This project that started in January of Kikuchi this year, "denim four sisters" were completed at last!

When Hosokawa noticed, we became four sisters (type 4).

hon* is true, four is sister all too soon.

As Kikuchi I did not know cloth called denim so in detail, it was image as for "we make usual wardrobe and good denim pants of affinity" first. But while you hear story of two, image swells out, and gradually become discerning daughter.... We had you go together till the last, and thank you very much.

hon* was interesting unwillingly. As for Kikuchi, it be revealed that you have considerably enthusiastic hobby if we hear favorite denim pants concretely though we said, "charming denim wants to make" first. When we do not change so that we like me and Hosokawa.

It was gray fabric (it is not doing kibata ※ processing at all) denim that Kikuchi wore at the time of Hosokawa meeting.

hon* seems to be so. When do not know "the world of denim" (laugh). Then when idea that which had you see from the spot producing cloth is interesting may not be born. So we suggested visit of denim factory of Okayama.

Business trip to Okayama of Kikuchi bullet (laugh). It was valuable experience.

We looked back on state at that time with photograph.

Until cloth for denim is done

<Japanese cotton cloth> that I would like production of cloth for denim at Hosokawa this time is founded in 1917. As it is 1955 that have begun to make denim, since the age of the Tokyo Olympics. We succeed to traditional dyeing with vegetable dyes and indigo dyeing, thread plying technology consistently here and perform all processes of the making of cloth for denim until sewing, processing.

As there are a lot of weaving machines which are hon*kiju, and work regularly, do not consider to bring person of foreign countries manufacturer; is excited.

Hosokawa denim is indigo blue. Indigo spread out mainly on India and Europe from B.C. and seemed to be used as medicine only as dye as we provided antibacterial.

We love color of Ai Kikuchi. Deep, mysterious blue. Is it great work to dye?

Hosokawa is so. It takes trouble and time very much. Dye called indigo dyeing pure what sonnanoyatterannaize is thing, and German company developed in about 1900, I mean synthetic indigo dyeing. Then, as for the difference between natural indigo and pure indigo dyeing, te thinks. In fact, thing that it has exactly the same pure indigo dyeing as ingredient to color into blue of natural indigo. But tannin and impurities are included in natural natural indigo made from plant and are dyed together when they dye. As color omission is early, those impurities wear denim of natural indigo if they wear, and color of indigo plant is blue, and they shine. We say that we lend, and natural indigo is dyed and put thread which we did in the pot (tortoise) to be able to lend, and reduction dissolves with alcali. What infiltrate dye until the middle of Web by we let you touch air after having ranked solution and squeezing features.

We had you show Web before lending Kikuchi, and doing sen. Though is soft softly, weight heavily!

Rope dyeing becomes mainstream after Hosokawa pure indigo dyeing was developed, and efficiency of work is planned more and more. With as rope dyeing does not have process to narrow down Web to, the middle of Web being white. Though it is hard to discolor as skein dyeing contains dye to the inside, we rub when we continue wearing denim which we wove by Web of rope dyeing, and hit appears, and it is accepted as "good taste".

When hon* is when "we say your jeans and discolor", it is guy.

Even if Kikuchi rubs, and hole is vacant, it is endearing, and there are jeans which are not thrown away.

As for that model, pure indigo dyeing was selling whether you had heard model called "Double X" of hon* Levi's.

It is rare jeans which Kikuchi boy is pleased with.

Shuttle weaving machine dakarakosono taste

By the way, as for the next, it is talked about texture Hosokawa. It has warp and weft to weave cloth. As denim is figured cloth, thread dyed into indigo is the warp, and white exposure to public ridicule Web is used for weft. Well, we point what kind of machine you weave them with.

Though most of cloth for denim made in hon*ima, the world wove in high-speed weaving machine called gripper weaving machine and air jet weaving machine, cloth which they wove in shuttle weaving machine liked Kikuchi, and they thought what it was not. This is called old weaving machine used before high-speed weaving machine, and characteristic is reciprocating. While shuttle (shuttle, hi) which wound up weft commutes between warps, we weave. As for "Khan Khan" making a frightful sound, hammer is pound in shuttle.

We saw Kikuchi a, shuttle. A feeling of analog is good!

Hosokawa shuttle weaving machine suffers from both time and trouble more than double in comparison with weaving machine that straight foundation can weave denim that the 1m following is almost wide.

hon* speed is slow, and tension of cloth is loose, too. But a feeling of irregularities and unique texture that nobody knows appear. As there are a lot of people liking it, we do not decline.

Kikuchi key point, we know. With taste to be able to show only to shuttle weaving machine though is not effective it means.

We have heard Hosokawa Kikuchi, serubijjidenimu.

Kikuchi crawls. It is denim having "ear" which person of jeans enthusiast appreciates.

hon* is so. Though we call partially so-called "ear" of the edge of cloth which seamed jeans together with selvedge, it is in shuttle weaving machine and cannot weave serubijjidenimu of cousin.

It is ... Kikuchi indeed. When thing which we wove has texture to cloth in shuttle weaving machine, and product called selvedge comes, too. Roll-up vanity of lining when we had is surely important. It is charm point that MARY of "denim four sisters" gives a glimmer of selvedge.

From expression that there is number
We choose the best process of manufacture

<Nishie denim> that hon* <RED CARD> is always taken care of is specialized factory of washing processing of denim. Bleaching which was charenjingu very much of LILY had you be this.

We asked Kikuchi Honzawa a favor, "it is blue denim limitlessly near white", but are right exactly like that if we see the finish. As it is cool to blame last-minute place, we want handsome woman to wear.

hon* was title that was very high level, but tried hard somehow.

Craftsman made various processing on jeans in Kikuchi <Nishie denim>. Though there was not for this lineup, processing really inquired into stonewashed doh with stone and was surprised that damage processing was manual labor. And we did not know that we burnt the surface of denim with GAS and finished

It is with hon*mo* mushrooms. There is role to close color by work that singeing burns Wool such as downy hair in the surface of cloth and takes. It is good to leave coarse atmosphere daringly without doing singeing. By the way, gray fabric (kibata) means denim finishing weaving without processing giving singeing. There are a lot of people liking this, I am the one, too. Though we gave processing that MARY and LILY were special, singeing left texture of gray fabric without doing.

It is interesting that impression changes with Kikuchi stitch and tag, button, rivet completely. It was correct answer that made stitch dark blue to let you be familiar with cloth in jierutodenimu which you used in WHIZZY. Tag is blue to the black, too. Though it is workwear, it is attractive that there is mood which is city.

Workwear that Hosokawa was rustic was updated in ultimate standard. As weft is two-ply yarn, in jierutodenimu, strength is high. Therefore what refined fit and detail like this time is fresh though we got heart of Workman for many years.

We wanted to make tuck pants with denim by all means this time when we said on Kikuchi design side. Though LILY and CEDDY were so, we had you give totally different individuality.

Both hon* LILY and CEDDY contain tuck to both front and back, and volume comes to leave. Though it is considerably wide, place using denim is Kikuchi style in this design!

We want to fully wear simply because it is cloth liking Kikuchi (laugh).

Does width of coordinates open without Hosokawa CEDDY being to make cropped length, and becoming heavy?

We think that Kikuchi is exactly like that. Large pocket of buttocks does not collect to pocket enthusiast. Charming!

Count (thickness) of Web, twist of Web can choose the best method from strength, weaving machine, tens of thousands of combinations including amorous glances of indigo dyeing from the choice of raw cotton even if we say Hosokawa denim unconditionally. Denim thinks that fast fashion is pronoun of slow fashion of truth reverse. It is thing such as canvas which own live proof becomes "hit" and "mustache" "damage", and is ticked away.

We said hon* a, some good thing. I think of similar thing, too. Art to enjoy denim life does not fall into model. There is challenge...!

Kikuchi I think so, too. Not "beautiful leg" and Item that "is popular", and was conscious of toitta, somebody, how is expression of silhouette which oneself really likes and cloth which we want to wear? By this plan, we pursued such a place. We expect this whether it is some challenges when Item to feel snuggles up to nature and oneself if together for a long time.

Though we are stylish, and hon* is charming, large-boned blood streams down part of root (laugh). For us who made denim pants for many years, there was good manufacturing.

"Denim four sisters" who thank you, Kikuchi, and love that there was many was hung, and were completed. We are glad when he/she lives with everybody happily.

Factory which we observed

<Japanese cotton cloth>

Denim enters in earnest as weaver of Bicchu Kokura textile in founding, about 1985 in 1917 (Taisho 6), is already suggestion with added value denim of only one in thing that was mass-produced, and use in old weaving machine in high speed weaving machine in those days in other companies. It is the 100th anniversary of the foundation in this year.

<Nishie denim>

While, since the formation in 1976, we deal with production, processing of denim product having high standard, and spread in not only the country but also Zhejiang and Hong Kong, China, and we open market widely to the whole world, and production base develops.

Item, meeting that want to coordinate with denim four sisters!

Item, meeting that want to coordinate with denim four sisters!

Let's find partner of suitability to dear denim four sisters!
We introduce favorite brand which Kikuchi selected for shop for a limited time.

※Handling product varies according to stores.


    We want to wear to denim pants simply because it is brand which featured the theme of "clothes inherited with memory". Beautiful Item of color development raises coordinates.

  • ateliers PENELOPE

    Refined form, strong, soft canvas, wrinkle born by secular variation fade. Beautiful bags which breed in attachment more and more when we continue using are suitable with denim pants.

  • SOAK design by heso

    heso dealing with art direction of "denim four sisters" is produced. It is like furniture and is like art piece and is like clothes.... It keeps bag which overflowed for pleasure of design.


    You can show power of clothes by original expression including installation and show <potto>. Wear which had both feeling of relax and acumen in spice of style.

  • RoToTo

    So that socks made carefully in factory of Nara get sick if they wear once. Lineup that makes an outstanding performance for corner fashion of step from Natural color to vivid KOLOR.

  • The Park Side w1.5cn w2 .0cm

    Glasses and sunglasses are key to fashion Item, too. Please pay attention to collaboration sunglasses with Akiko Kikuchi based on basic Wellington type.

  • banyoku

    We had artist <banryoku> to attract in the alternative and girly world make eye pillow in the image of "denim four sisters". We seem to talk at any moment!

  • banyoku