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Isetan roof beer garden

Reservations, inquiry

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Telephone03(6890) 0199 direct communication time: From 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
※Please refer for the business situation of the day with the phone number mentioned above.

※As limit is in seat, you may have to wait for entrance when it is full.
※Companion of pet has you decline.
※As smoking is completely prohibited in the meeting place, please use smoking at appointed place.
※Meeting places include overpass or slope partly. In the case of arrival, please be careful about steps.
※By circumstances of weather and diversity, we may change business cancellation or business day, Store hours.
※When you are called off by weather aggravation including rainy weather after entrance, please note that you cannot refund charge.
※Drinking of visitor that motorcycles are driven visitor younger than 20 years, car has you decline.
※Contents may be changed by circumstances.
※We use personal information that we acquired only for reservation duties and cancel by appropriate method after use. In addition, we perform necessary and appropriate supervision so that the security is planned about privacy policy.


  • Hot drink appearance

    Hot drink that both heart including hot Sangria and amaretto tea and body warm in Isetan Shinjuku Main Building roof "sky paradise beer garden" of Currently held until Sunday, September 24 is appearance. We can order even free drink MENU. September began, and cooled down; nowadays. We seem to be able to spend a happy time in the urban roof while feeling autumn arrival.           Hot Sangria, each amaretto tea tax-included 702 yen        ※In addition, of hot Woo Ron, tea is offering.

    Hot drink appearance

Asahi Super Dry extra cold BAR

For person who wants to enjoy one cup casually, "Asahi Super Dry extra cold booth" is recommended. Super Dry of below the freezing point (-2 degrees Celsius - 0 degrees Celsius) where we can drink only at limited store. Why don't you enjoy while seeing night sky in roof special booth?

  • Extra cold

    680 yen

  • Extra cold Dry Black

    680 yen

  • Freezing highball

    450 yen

  • 0 bottles of dry (alcohol-free)

    580 yen

We offer other food soft drinks.

※Price is all tax-included.
※Image is image.

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