ISETAN house

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About "FUN"

Password of this new place "FUN."
We want to send shopping original "FUN" in thing and thing to enjoy fashion and expression freely.
In such thought from Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the first basement of new Landmark "large Nagoya Building" in front of Nagoya Station on 2F above the ground
"ISETAN house" opens. House (HAUS) is "house" in German.
The whole building where likened various shops in floor to room, and those rooms were gathered as HAUS,
We introduce higher-grade lifestyle.

  • Kohei Nawa
  • "ISETAN house" art direction: SANDWICH Inc. (representative Kohei Nawa)

    Platform for creation that "SANDWICH" was that renovation did sandwiche factory sign along Uji River of Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi in 2009, and was born.
    Sculptor, the cause, Aristrist and designer of direction of Kohei Nawa, creators of various genres including architect gather and develop collaboration in open network. Various projects are in progress for all-at-onceness including Residence program that ULTRA SANDWICH PROJECT where student plays a key role and domestic and foreign creators stay.
    • Main project

      "KYODO HOUSE" design of a house (Tokyo)
      "NEMIKA Hiroo Store" interior design (Tokyo)
      "IMA Concept Store" interior design (Tokyo)
      "FUTURE CURATION" Isetan Shinjuku (Tokyo)
      "KOHEI NAWA | SANDWICH exhibition (Tokyo, Kanazawa)
      "White Pulse" DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza (Tokyo)
      "INTERIEUR 2012 Design Award" receiving a prize (Belgium)
      "COMME des GARCON 2012 S/S Collection" (Paris)
      "ANTEROOM | SANDWICH (Kyoto)
    • ISETAN HAUS X SANDWICH/ Kohei Nawa campaign site starts!

      Site mainly on artwork by creative platform "SANDWICH.Inc" which Kohei Nawa leads in charge of art direction of ISETAN HAUS for a limited time is open.
      We regard "crystal" which is concept of store design as "kind", and "MONOGATARI" (show) is developed by wall paper which is one of interior erementsu of ISETAN HAUS so that bud appears from kind.
      In addition, by number style of handwriting made from real chandelier layout, the time elapsed is counted up graphically by site establishment. Kohei Nawa interview is published, too, and site itself becomes art work.


  • [Currently held] Perfume X ISETAN<br>     MAISON PERFUME
  • [Currently held] Perfume X ISETAN

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 13 to 19th (Tue)
    ■Place: First basement ladies' shoes

    If "Perfume is buyer."
    This collaboration plan began with this theme.
    Since the first collaboration member of Perfume from plan contents to product
    We take a look at all and exchange opinion, and customer is pleased like true buyer,
    We produced pleasant thing, things.
    Opinion of such a member was reflected, and even collaboration to become the fourth was selected
    New Item forms a line.
    New fashion project "Perfume Closet" where Perfume sends to again
    Selling fashion item that we start, and thought of member was jam-packed in Isetan
    Decision. To select shop "MAISON PERFUME" of Perfume,
    Please come to the store.

  • [Currently held] <ALEXANDER WANG> 18SS SHOES & BAG
  • [Currently held] <ALEXANDER WANG> 18SS SHOES & BAG

    ■Exhibition period: It is going to be received in the middle of December
    ■Place: The first-floor international designers
    ※Because of import product, the arrival may be mixed up.

    Espadrille which adopted sporty taste <Alexander Wang>
    Representative Item that "yugo of street and luxury" which we featured the theme of was reflected
    We do in this.
    In addition, tote bag of 2WAY specifications that came up newly from this season is Item to be for trip, and to be usable from trainer in point that brand logo that we garnished the front with is casual in usual times.
  • [Currently held] <LULA MAE> POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <LULA MAE> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 13 to 26th (Tue)
    ■Place: The second-floor Ready for the Weekend

    <LULA MAE (ruramei)> This of main character horigoraitori of "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
    The name of girlhood.
    Activeness of is beautiful, making and costume jewelry of jewelry by handmade product,
    We mix trendy feeling.
    We introduce Item to send to adult woman with feelings smartly.
  • [notice] <flirt Paris> POP UP STORE
  • [notice] <flirt Paris> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 20 to 26th (Tue)
    ■Place: The first-floor ladies' goods

    European lovely mature Accessories flocks.
    Base of Bill Skinner brand is feeling for creativity, craftsmanship, quality.
    After graduating from art in Sir John Cass College of Art, Bill of designer plays an active part as many brand designers and we launch Bill Skinner in 2012 and are praised worldwide and are up-and-coming brand in the U.K.
  • [Currently held] <CAST JAPAN> POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <CAST JAPAN> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 13 to Tuesday, January 9
    ■Place: First basement concept shop

    POP UP STORE of <CAST JAPAN> dealing with game Toy of the world
    It is come up by ISETAN house.
    Brain TRES game brand <giga Mick> and world of France vary
    We get prize <Think Fun>.
    Item to be able to enjoy from small child to adult mainly on board game
    We introduce.

    ●<giga Mick> katamino 6,048 yen
  • [Currently held] <Disney | KIDEA>POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <Disney | KIDEA>POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 13 to Tuesday, January 9
    ■Place: First basement concept shop

    <Disney | KIDEA>Characters that this has high quality story of Disney
    High-quality wooden Toy series which you can enjoy more than generation.
    We sell Christmas set of Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited package this time.

    ●Disney | KIDEA <CHRISTMAS> (Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited package) 2,268 yen
  • [Currently held] <SOMARTA> 2017AW Amrta Collection
  • [Currently held] <SOMARTA> 2017AW Amrta Collection

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 13 to 26th (Tue)
    ■Place: The second-floor Ready for the Weekend

    <SOMARTA (SOMARTA)> Of this the meaning of a word in Sanskrit from branch of ball of mugwort greens
    Of drop "AMRTA" (amurita) and "SOMA" (soma = month, moon God) of born God
    Month and star which get inspiration from myth amurita, and symbolize brand,
    It is collection that expressed thunder and flower by lace and embroidery of amurita blooming in night sky.
  • [Currently held] <petite robe noire> POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <petite robe noire> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, December 13 to 26th (Tue)
    ■Place: The first-floor re-style

    <YOSHIYO> Of this than 17 Autumn/Winter Collection as for the stoles of fake fur,
    Item to make this seasonal clothing fun is received.
    As for the accessories of <petite robe noire> which is most suitable for gift in total
    It is prepared in variation richness.
  • ■News of the year-end and New Year business
  • ■News of the year-end and New Year business

    ※Sunday, December 31 is from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    ※Monday (holiday) should be store holiday on January 1, 2018.
    ※Tuesday, January 2, 2018 is from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


ISETAN house


3-28-12, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi University Nagoya Building Shops&Restaurants B1-2F

TEL: 052-224-2222 (main switchboard)

Store opening hours From 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Always without holiday (we follow large Nagoya Building Shops&Restaurants)

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