ISETAN house

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About "FUN"

Password of this new place "FUN."
We want to send shopping original "FUN" in thing and thing to enjoy fashion and expression freely.
In such thought from Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the first basement of new Landmark "large Nagoya Building" in front of Nagoya Station on 2F above the ground
"ISETAN house" opens. House (HAUS) is "house" in German.
The whole building where likened various shops in floor to room, and those rooms were gathered as HAUS,
We introduce higher-grade lifestyle.

  • Kohei Nawa
  • "ISETAN house" art direction: SANDWICH Inc. (representative Kohei Nawa)

    Platform for creation that "SANDWICH" was that renovation did sandwiche factory sign along Uji River of Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi in 2009, and was born.
    Sculptor, the cause, Aristrist and designer of direction of Kohei Nawa, creators of various genres including architect gather and develop collaboration in open network. Various projects are in progress for all-at-onceness including Residence program that ULTRA SANDWICH PROJECT where student plays a key role and domestic and foreign creators stay.
    • Main project

      "KYODO HOUSE" design of a house (Tokyo)
      "NEMIKA Hiroo Store" interior design (Tokyo)
      "IMA Concept Store" interior design (Tokyo)
      "FUTURE CURATION" Isetan Shinjuku (Tokyo)
      "KOHEI NAWA | SANDWICH exhibition (Tokyo, Kanazawa)
      "White Pulse" DOVER STREET MARKET Ginza (Tokyo)
      "INTERIEUR 2012 Design Award" receiving a prize (Belgium)
      "COMME des GARCON 2012 S/S Collection" (Paris)
      "ANTEROOM | SANDWICH (Kyoto)
    • ISETAN HAUS X SANDWICH/ Kohei Nawa campaign site starts!

      Site mainly on artwork by creative platform "SANDWICH.Inc" which Kohei Nawa leads in charge of art direction of ISETAN HAUS for a limited time is open.
      We regard "crystal" which is concept of store design as "kind", and "MONOGATARI" (show) is developed by wall paper which is one of interior erementsu of ISETAN HAUS so that bud appears from kind.
      In addition, by number style of handwriting made from real chandelier layout, the time elapsed is counted up graphically by site establishment. Kohei Nawa interview is published, too, and site itself becomes art work.


  • About Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon X ISETAN period-limited event <br> <Let' s Have a "Moonlight" & "Starlight" Party!> <br>3 28 days a month (Wed) entrance lottery
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon X ISETAN period-limited event
    <Let' s Have a "Moonlight" & "Starlight" Party!>
    About Wednesday, March 28 entrance lottery

    ■From 10:00 before Wednesday, March 28 opening
    ■Place: First basement concept shop / ladies' shoes
     ※For details, we improve in this site NEWS later.

    The day is no other than customer of I CARD, MICARD, Mitsukoshi M CARD member and card member
    We distribute lottery in customers.
    Following card member, we do lottery of customer except card member.
    Other than card, take certificate for person confirmation. In addition, certificate is card
    Please note that it should be effective thing chisel at the time of making.
    (as for Basic Resident Register card, the alien registration card with driver's license, Passport, health insurance card, photograph.)
    Person who does not have certificate for person confirmation cannot participate in lottery.

    ※Procedure (we include temporary card) of the card enrollment in being lottery before opening by the day before mentioned above
     Please finish. For more details, please contact person in charge.
    ※There is not entrance rearranging ticket distribution by the first arrival.
    ※We would appreciate your refraining from wait or the line formation from early morning.
  • [Currently held] <Alexander Wang> 2018SS main Collection
  • [Currently held] <Alexander Wang> 2018SS main Collection

    ■Exhibition period: From the middle of March
    ■Place: The first-floor international designers

    Edge which seems to be <Alexander Wang> in trendy sporty taste
    We introduce Item that let you work.
    Graphic X layered-style of bright coloring is suggested from men's.
    Popular daypack is available with unisex.

    ●T-shirt 44,280 yen
    ●Longus Reeve T-shirt 83,160 yen
    ●Bag 83,160 yen
  • [Currently held] <gemme! (Jemmie)> POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <gemme! (Jemmie)> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 14 to 27th (Tue)
    ■Place: First basement concept shop

    <gemme! (Jemmie)> "Enjoy the glistening life!" with this
    Glitter select brand with all feeling called this.
    It is bag accessories ・ from gemme! store in Minamiaoyama
    Various Item including apparel decoration
    We send in high quality.

    ●mini leather COMBI bag 17,280 yen
    ●Various tassel charm 3,456 yen
  • [Currently held] <sloggi (sloggi)> POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <sloggi (sloggi)> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 14 to 27th (Tue)
    ■Place: First basement concept shop

    <sloggi> Through innovative body wear that this is comfortable, it is true
    We support all women in pursuit of quality of oneself.
    Under the theme of "comfort of the one and only," we have not sensed bodily so far
    Comfortable Item comes up.
    Comfort to become captive in seam zero.
    Inner wear of feeling zero that there is neither hook nor wire and puts on
    We introduce.
  • [Now in store] <Chloe> Nomad eau de parfum release
  • [Now in store] <Chloe> Nomad eau de parfum release

    ■Exhibition period: Wednesday, March 7 release
    ■Place: First basement cosmetics

    <Chloe> A certain sense of quality New Item on rashii roundness comes up.
    Fresh flavor of furorarushipure with the softness and strength,
    It is fragrant as if we let wind of freedom totally blow and stands.
    How about wearing impressive flavor for spring new life?

    ●Chloe nomad eau de parfum 12,420 yen (50mL)
  • [Currently held] <verudino> POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <verudino> POP UP STORE

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 7
    ■Place: The first-floor ladies' goods

    From Paris, spirited bag brand.
    KOLOR and print that form varies in spite of being simple as for the tote bag,
    We adopt material and are popular Item.
  • [Now in store] <JURLIQUE> UV defense lotion release
  • [Now in store] <JURLIQUE> UV defense lotion release

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 7
    ■Place: First basement cosmetics

    UV lotion of Triple defense that paid its attention to sunlight to shut out, and to protect, and to fix is appearance.
    Of soft texture and Forest citrus which are not liquid with cream either
    Gentle flavor.
    As humidity retention power prepares skin smoothly highly, it is available as base.

    ●UV defense lotion (SPF50/PA++++) 50mL/5292 Japanese yen
  • [Currently held] <GTA> 2018 SS Collection POP UP STORE
  • [Currently held] <GTA> 2018 SS Collection POP UP STORE

    ■Place: The second-floor men's closet

    Factory specialized in Italian pants founded in 1955.
    We start original brand <GTA> in 1999.
    We wear and, with feeling and beauty of line, are Italian outstanding pants brand.
    With silhouette which was conscious of beautiful leg which we cultivated by the making of longtime dress pants, beautiful buttocks, legendary man with long legs effect,
    Using clean cloth of good-quality thing and coloration that wear, and have a good reputation for feeling, and are full of texture,
    Manufacturing that was particular about detail is characteristic.


ISETAN house


3-28-12, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi University Nagoya Building Shops&Restaurants B1-2F

TEL: 052-224-2222 (main switchboard)

Store opening hours From 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Always without holiday (we follow large Nagoya Building Shops&Restaurants)

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