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  • Wednesday, January 25 issue

    City / ISETAN MITSUKOSHI THE FOOD / food special sale seasonal new sen

  • Wednesday, January 18 .25 days (Wed)

    Hokkaido Fair / Isetan in all facilities winter clearance sale second / handmade laboratory / Ladies' Clothing, clothing sale
    Dig semiannual gift final & food sale /; is long-sleeved kimono Formalwear Rental display Reservations fair / gentleman measure maid soiree / bedrock price sale to young lady to pick up by coming-of-age ceremony in kimono sale / ISETAN MATSUDO NEWS / Valentine gift fair 2017 / [notice] 2018

※By circumstances of diversity, we may change exhibition period.
In addition, we may not offer some publication products. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

NEWS���m� point

  • We take "sexagenary cycle ring" order

    We take "sexagenary cycle ring" order

    ■Reservations period: From Tuesday, January 3, 2017 to 31st (Tue)
    ■Isetan Matsudo new building 4F = accessories repair & Remake
    We make Reservations of ring which assumed sexagenary cycle "tori" of 2017 motif.
    ※Price changes by size.
    ※It becomes handing over approximately one month after order. ※K18WG, production in Pt are possible, too.

    From K18 kintori ring 54,000 yen

  • A lot of "discerning gourmet club" from September, 2016 to February, 2017 issue course acceptance begins

    A lot of "discerning gourmet club" from September, 2016 to February, 2017 issue course acceptance begins

    ■Application reception desk: Until from Wednesday, August 24, 2016 to Wednesday, February 15, 2017
    Delicious thing arrives once a month.
    "Discerning gourmet club" is amusement of meal of party-style sale form to provide selected "feelings are delicious" by one kind every month every month in rotation for six months or three months.
    Order takes order at telephone, FAX, the Internet, store (except Shinjuku Store) of each Isetan shop.
    ※"Discerning gourmet club" is joint plan of Isetan Tachikawa, Matsudo Store, Urawa Store, Sagamihara Store. Isetan Tachikawa discerning gourmet club charge performs acceptance.

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  • Formal wear

    Formal wear

    ■Matsudo Store new building 4F = Ladies formal wear
    We introduce New Item Item of this season and Item various to component suit which can choose black formal, design and size of Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited, size-rich ensemble, underwear. We introduce by various assortment of goods such as bridal guestware and occasion wear which can have sho at place of ceremony, introduction of suit of interview. In addition, we hold event & fairs for a limited time.

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  • Heartful Station

    Heartful Station

    ■Regular acceptance ■Matsudo Store new building 9F = Heartful Station
    We heard introduction of product to do daily livings more wealthily and order over telephone "more wonderful" of visitor "is more comfortable" and to meet feeling in Heartful Station "happily". We put true heart and help with the "daily life of smile" making of.

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