• [MI CARD use campaign]
    <the first> From Saturday, November 18 to 26th (Sun)
     MI Point 10 times!
    <the second> From Friday, December 1 to 17th (Sun)
     We present ISETAN KAIKAN use ticket (500 yen equivalency) every 3,000 yen (tax-included) use!
    *We offer recommended Trickster MENU in each shop at this time.
  • [recommended Trickster MENU]
    <Utaandon> Winter banquet dishes "party" one portion 3,600 yen
    <AEN> Seasonal blessing plan (two hours all-you-can-drink) one portion 5,000 yen
    <Grill Mantensei> Winter party plan B (two hours all-you-can-drink) one portion 6,000 yen
    <*jijushisei> Course dish "takumi" one portion 4,320 yen
    <raranjiekafe> Petit Beaujolais party one portion 3,000 yen
    <Ginza Hageten> Specially selected elegant kosu one portion 3,024 yen
    <paths of Aki drunkenness feeling> Oysters and vegetables boiled and served in a pot year-end party course (two hours all-you-can-drink) one portion 7,000 yen from Hiroshima belonging to
    *Please refer to each store for the details.